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Kane & Lynch Dead Men Walkthrough Cracking Up

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This mission starts with Kane and Lynch arguing in the back of the van. A cop car will bump the van, opening the back doors.

Start shooting the cop cars until the van stops in a tunnel.

When the van stops, jump out of the van.

Kill the cops that get out of the cars behind you.

Now go down the tunnel in front of the van.

Kill any cops that get in your way. If you see the scope icon in the lower left corner of the screen, take cover behind a car.

Once he loses you continue down the tunnel to the barricade.

Kill all the cops at the barricade and the van will move up to you.

Jump back in the back of the van. Just like before continue shooting the cops/cop cars. Do this until you are knocked out of the van.

While the van is being repaired, you must protect it. Cops will come over the hill behind the van.

More cops will come from the road in front of van.

When all the cops are dead Lynch will ask Kane about a bag behind a pillar.

Retrieve the bag and jump back in the van.

When the van drives in to the subway, you will automatically jump out of the van.

Run down the stairs to the tracks.

When you reach the platform, hold off the cops that come after you. They will appear on both sides of the platform.

When the train arrives, run to the open door.

This will allow Kane and Lynch to escape. This will also end mission 4.