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Kane & Lynch Dead Men Walkthrough Reunion

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Climb out of the hole.

Attack the man with the pistol.

Kill the guard on Lynch.

There should be one more guard right here.

After the guards are dead pick up some guns. The first wave of guards will come from the ramp near the back hoe.

The second wave will come from what looks like a parking structure to the right of the pit Jenny is in.

The third wave will come from the left of the pit with Jenny.

The fourth wave will come from behind the pit.

A cut scene will begin. Right after the scene do not move. The dump truck will go right over you.

Turn around and kill the guards in the back of the dump truck.

When the truck turns around, shoot the driverís window.

When the window breaks the driver will die.

This will bring Kane and Lynch to the end of the mission 7.