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Kane & Lynch Dead Men Walkthrough Within The Walls

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Run up to the fallen tree and hide behind it.

Switch to your sniper rifle, and look up at the guard tower.

Shoot the soldier in the tower.

Moving forward you will see a soldier patrolling the area.

Use the silenced pistol to kill him.

Moving along the path, you will come across three soldiers. Throw some grenades at the soldiers. Then use the silenced pistol to finish them off.

Follow the path some more and you will see another guard tower. Snipe the soldier in the tower.

Take out the soldier near the front gate.

Move Carlos to the front gate. Wait until he disappears in to the house.

Follow the path around to the back of the house.

Climb the ledges.

Follow the path to the rappel point.

Kill the soldier below you.

When you have killed most of the soldiers, rappel down.

Start winding your way to the right.

Go up the ramp and look to the left. There is another guard tower. You know what to do.

Move forward until you can go left again.

Kill any soldiers you come across. Run to the end of the path and there will be a door in to the house.

Go through the door and up the stairs.

Turn to the left and follow hall to a door. There will be a soldier in the room.

Run back outside. To the right and to the left of the building is a path down. There is a sniper down there.

Take the sniper out and then proceed down the path.

To the right is an open gate. There will be like ten soldiers in here.

Take cover around the gate and shoot the soldiers. Move inside and to the right to finish the soldiers off.

On the right side of the left wall from where you came in is an arch.

At the end of the hall soldier will run to the left. Take cover in the hall and shoot the soldiers.

Move out to the wall near the stairs to the right.

Take out the soldiers in the windows.

When the courtyard is clear go to the house.

Go through the blue double doors. A cut scene will begin. When you can control Kane, shoot the mine near Carlos.

Take cover behind anything thatís close.

Kill the soldiers in the room before heading for the exit. The exit is on the left side of room.

This will bring Kane and Lynch to the end of mission 14.