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L.A. Noire Walkthrough The Lipstick Murder

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You have finally made it to the best desk in this game, Homicide. Unfortunately your partner is a grumpy old man. After your case briefing, head out the station and drive to the crime scene.

Cross the police line and talk to the first responding officer. After acquiring the information from him, head inside towards the body and examine the shoe print on the ground.

Head towards the purse which is north of the shoe prints. Open the purse to find a lipstick, examine it further to find that it hasn't been used.

Leave the purse, then turn left and approach the golden globe on the floor. Turn the dials to form the correct pattern of Earth to gain the Bamba club lead.

Lastly examine the body. Examine her head injury, then the lipstick notes on her body and her left hand to find that a ring has been stolen from her.

Head back to your car and drive all the way to the Bamba club as that is your only lead. Enter the bar and talk to the bartender.

After talking to the bartender head to tha back of the bar and talk to the man that's sitting alone at the very back and interview him about your victim, Celine Henry.

"Suspect Seen with Victim" - Truth "Ring Stolen From Victim" - Doubt Knowledge of Husband - Doubt

Head over to the phone and run the plate number that the bar owner gave you, then get in your car and head for Celine Henry's home.

When you get there head for the dining room and pick up the women's shoe that is near the window.

Enter the kitchen and examine the broken window at the back to gain another clue.

Also in the kitchen, right in front of the window there's a small refrigerator. Examine it to find a note on the door from the victim's husband.

Leave the kitchen and head for the bedroom. Examine the table near the closet to find an empty ring box.

You have everything you need from the house now. Leave the Henry's place and turn right towards the blue house beside it. Follow the blue car and speak to the woman that's driving it.

Talk to Ms. Horgan to gain the last bit of information you need from this area, then get back in your car and head for Jacob's place.

Your partner will lead you inside Jacob's home and you'll have to search for clues while he's being watched. Head inside the kitchen and examine the notepad on top of the counter. Shade the paper to reveal the message that was written there.

Enter the bedroom and check the suitcase on top of the bed to find size 11 shoes. Now head back to the living room and interview Jacob Henry.

"Movement of Victim" - Lie/Evidence - Husband's Alibi "Last Contact with Victim" - Truth "Motive for Murder" - Lie/Evidence - Death Threat Note

Galloway will then open his big mouth and piss off Jacob. You'll have to beat him up before you can put the cuffs on him.

After you've contained Jacod, head for the telephone on the kitchen counter and call for a police car to fetch Jacob and some other information that are now available to you. After the phone call head back to Central Station and interrogate Jacob.

"Access to Murder Weapon" - Lie/Evidence - Husband's Alibi "Lipstick Markings" - Truth "Deterioration of Marriage" - Lie/Evidence - Marital Problems "Missing Jewelry" - Truth

Leave the police station and head for Mendez's apartment after interrogating Jacob Henry. Check the mail boxes on the side of the building entrance to find Mendez's apartment number.

Climb up to the 4th floor and open the last door in the hallway. Immediately head for the bedroom and check the size 8 shoes beside the bed and the bloody wrench, shirt and lipstick near the cabinet.

The suspect will then arrive at his home and make a run for it. Chase him on the rooftops until he gets into a car and starts to drive away.

Chase after him in your car and slam his car from the side until you damage it enough to keep it from moving. When his car breaks down, leave your car and run towards him to perform an arrest.