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L.A. Noire Walkthrough The Driver's Seat

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Your first case in your new department with your new partner! The previous cases were just a tutorial to get you started in this game. Now the real cases will start.

Enter your shiny new car and head for your crime scene near Industrial street. Also a cool new feature, if you ever find yourself struggling with looking for your crime scenes you can press X and your partner will tell you which way to go at every turn. Kind of like a human GPS.

As soon as you get to the crime scene, deal with the clues first. Examine the trunk of the car and open it. Inside you'll find a white piece of paper. Examine it further to find a name "F. Morgan" who bought a live pig the day before.

Now leave the trunk and head for the driver's seat of the car. Examine it to acquire your second clue, the blood splashes.

In front of the car you'll find 2 items. A wallet where you'll get your victim's name and home adress, as well as a pair of glasses which you can examine further to find out the which brand it is.

Now head to the left side of where the glasses are and you'll find a bloody pipe. Exmaine it further to find the maker of the pipe.

After finding all the clues that you need talk to the Coroner who's investigating the blood splatters in the car. He's wearing a moss green coat.

Now that you have everything you need, approach the responding officer, then talk to the man in the blue overalls who called in the abandoned car.

Answer the following to the questions that are in your notebook. "Purpose at Scene" - Truth "Knowledge of Adrian Black" - Truth "Contents of Wallet" - Doubt "Bloodstained Pipe Found" - Truth

Get back to your car after questioning the man who called in the car. Choose the Black Residence as your next destination and head over to Bunker Hill St.

Mrs. Black will let you inside the house, first off follow her and talk to her then head into the room with the orange carpet and white walls. Examine the photo of Andrian on the table, examine it further to find a secret note at the back of it. Now examine the glasses case beside the photo and open it to match the brand with the glasses you found at the crime scene.

Leave the drawer and head for the open cabinet in front of it. Examine the cabinet and you'll find a train ticket inside. Now leave the room, there's nothing more here.

Enter the other bedroom with the blue wallpaper. Examine Mrs. Black's picture to get a better idea of what's happening in the house. You don't need to do this but it does help you with understanding the story a little more.

Head for the dining room and you'll find a newspaper on the table as well as a matchbook from a bar that Adrian frequents.

After acquiring the bar's name, head for the phone and use it to call the KGPL for the address to Cavanagh's Bar.

Now that you have the address, head into the kitchen and examine the Instahead flyer and receipt on top of the white table near the door.

And lastly leave the house through the kitchen door and turn right all the way to the side of the house to find a half assembled Instaheat heater near the kitchen window.

The short orange pipe goes into the left most orange pipes, the long orange pipe goes into the shortest pipe on the right side which connects to the house. The "L" shaped black pipe goes from the ground to the heater and the last black pipe goes in between the two orange pipes. Leaving you with the missing pipe which you found at the crime scene.

All the needed clues have been collected all you need to do now is interview Mrs. Black and get more information. "Slaughterhouse Receipt" - Truth "Stenzel Glasses Case" - Truth "Location of Adrian Black" - Truth "Photograph signed Nicole" - Lie/Evidence - Concealed Message "Cavanagh's Bar matchbook" - Truth "Alibi for Mrs. Black" - Truth

After the interview with Mrs. Black head back to your car and drive over to the bar Adrian frequents, Cavanagh's Bar.

Enter the bar and talk to the bartender, he'll tell you that the man that you're looking for is drinking in the back room. Enter the room after acquiring the information.

You'll find Frank Morgan sitting near the door by the paintings. Interview him. "Link to abandoned vehicle - Lie/Evidence - Reciept for Live Hog "Location of Adrian Black" - Doubt

Leave the bar and get back in your car, then drive over to Morgan's apartment.

Inside the apartment look to the left side to find the mail boxes and acquire Morgan's apartment number, then head upstairs and knock on the door.

Adrian will make a run for it, chase after him but you don't need to aim your gun at all. Just keep running after him and your partner will come in and block his path.