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L.A. Noire Walkthrough Armed and Dangerous - Warrants Outstanding

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I'll squish these two missions together because "Armed and Dangerous" is pretty short and easy.

As the mission starts you'll have to go and drive to the corner of 3rd Avenue and Lucas Avenue to stop a robbery in progress.

Cole will reach for the Shotgun and hide behind a truck. Start shooting at the enemies from behind the truck. Be careful with getting shot back as you're a bit exposed.

After eliminating the thieves from the outside of the bank, head over to the entrance. I don't recommend using Blindfire on enemies unless they're approaching you since you'll never hit them anyways.

Keep aiming at the bank lobby and wait for those thieves to pop their heads up, shoot them when they do.

After killing the thieves that are on the front side of the bank, another one will pop-up from behind the counter. Kill him then aim up to the second floor and kill the thief that will come from there.

After the cutscene you'll be starting on the next mission. Chase after the man all the way through the alley.

Follow him up the ladder and onto the rooftop. Keep following him up the pipe and onto the higher rooftop on the left side.

Follow him across the rooftops until it seems like you've lost him. When you do just cross over the entrance of the building to the left side of the billboard.

The man will then assault you and you'll have to brawl him to get him to surrender.