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L.A. Noire Walkthrough The Golden Butterfly

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Leave the police station and head for your crime scene, which you will find is already being hounded by a bunch of reporters.

Pass the police barricade and talk to the policeman who's standing near the pole. He'll show you where the body is.

When you get to the crime scene area, check the marker B and find the victim's name inside her purse, also view the money for additional information. Then head to the other side of the tree to find marker C and the small men's shoes clue.

Now examine the body. First is the neck, examine it to find the rope marks. Her right hand will reveal she was tied up and the right hand will have the signs of a ring torn off from her hand and finally her chest for the stopping marks.

Mal will talk to you about case similarities and the police officer will get back to you about the name that you made him search for.

Get back in your car and head over to the Moller's home address which the police officer gave you. Knock on the door and the Mrs. Moller's daughter will greet you at the door.

Head inside the bedroom with green walls and examine the work boots that's underneath the window. Then head over to the dresser and examine the two jewelry cases to obtain more clues. That's everything you need, head back to the living room and talk to Michelle.

"Last Contact with Victim" - Doubt "Missing Watch and Rings" - Truth "State of Parents Marriage" - Doubt

After interviewing Michelle, her father Hugo will arrive at the house and you will be required to interview him too.

"Footprints at Crime Scene" - Lie/Evidence - Size 8 work boots "Missing Persons Report" - Doubt "Alibi for Hugo Moller" Lie/Evidence - Husband's Alibi "Movements of Victim" - Truth "History of Violence" - Lie/Evidence - Butterfly Brooch

As you leave the Moller's house the neighbor from across the street will call your attention and point at Hugo burning something.

Chase Hugo Moller and when you get close enough repeatedly press A to tackle him and take him down.

Back at the incinerator examine the boots that he was trying to burn. You'll find that not only are they size 8s they're also bathed in blood.

Use the telephone near your car and ask the operator to give you the address for Michelle's school then drive there.

As soon as you get to the school you'll find an odd man wandering around stalking kids. Chase him and take him down. You'll obtain the butterfly brooch from him.

The janitor will give you additional information about the Eli. You then need to open the car's trunk where you'll find a pair of bloody overalls, a wrench and a rope.

Use the phone and you can either go to the Morgue or the Central station. I would recommend going to the Morgue before closing the case.

Examine the body and a small cutscene will play. You'll then be asked to examine the ropes on top of the desk.

The rope that you need is the one at the bottom. Place the rope near the neck marks on the picture to gain more information.

Lastly examine the shoeprints that were lifted from the scene to gain more clues for this case. Leave the morgue afterwards and head for the Central Station to interview your suspects.

At the police station you'll need to interview your suspects. Eli is in Interrogation room 1 and Hugo is in Interrogation room 2. You should go to Hugo first.

"Disposal of Evidence" - Truth "Access to Braided Rope" - Doubt "Access to Tire Iron - Lie/Evidence - Bloody Tire Iron Victim's Vehicle Recovered - Lie/Evidence - Overalls

Don't charge Hugo. As much as it seems like it's him there are more information here that you need to find. Leave the room and head for Interrogation 1, which is by the stairs. You'll need to interview Eli when you get there.

"Place of Employment" - Doubt "Access to Braided Rope" - Truth "Motive for Moller Murder" - Doubt "Footprints at Crime Scene" - Doubt

Charge this guy for the heck of it. The whole case is pretty much a roller coaster of not knowing who is who and in all honesty it's pretty vague as to which of them actually did it, but since Eli got on my nerve I charged him. Seems like it was right choice as charing Hugo will give you less stars than charging Eli for the murder.