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L.A. Noire Walkthrough The Studio Secretary Murder

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Our doubts on the previous cases are now coming to light., but nothing to get excited about yet. Head over to the pawnshop and talk to the owner.

Examine the rings and get more information from the owner. He'll then give you an address and a vague description. Nothing helpful of course.

Get back to your car and head over to the railway which is your actual crime scene this time. A police car will once again escort you to the crime scene.

When you get to the scene, talk to Mal first and get his findings on the body. Of course, the same M.O. again.

Examine the body and check her head to gain the clue, vagrancy. Now check her right hand to find another stolen ring.

Leave the body and head over to the yellow blanket. Open the purse to find the upper half of a letter as well as a movie lot ticket. Examine the matches to get the bar's address and the receit beside it for your next objective, Levine's Liquor.

Time to talk to your witnesses. First up is the guy in the stripes. He'll testify about finding your victim and the first witness in... uhm... an awful way.

Now turn around and head for the guy who's wearing a green checkered shirt. He's the first one to find the body. Examine the lipstick that he's gonna give you and proceed with the questioning.

"Interferance with Evidence" - Truth "Discovery of Victim's Body" - Doubt. And yes we all love Rusty at this moment.

Use the telephone near the crime scene and get the address for Levine's Liquor, then jump in car and start heading there.

Talk to the owner and he'll confirm the identity of your victim as an acquaintance of his. He'll then show you to the back room where the victim was staying.

Inside the room, near the entrance you'll find a pinball and a trophy award as well as a nameplate with the victim's name.

Near the suitcase you'll find a book with the name of the owner in the first page and a photograph of Ms. Summers during better days. Nothing else to do here, head back to the shot and interview the shop owner.

"Contact with Victim" - Truth "Relationship with Victim" - Truth "Knowledge of McCaffrey" - Doubt

With nothing else to do at the Liquor store, get back in your car and head to Mensch's Bar this time. The bartender will immediately talk to you about Ms. Summers.

Well he says to ask anyone, but there's only one guy in the bar. The owner of the book you found at the Liquor store, McCaffrey. Interview McCaffrey.

"Criminal History" - Doubt "Relationship with Victim" - Lie/Evidence - Book

Get back in your car after talking to McCaffrey and you'll receive a call from Central. Head to the Central Station to meet up with your captain.

Once again you have to go down to Tech Services and a cutscene will start. More doubt will surface about the previous cases. But you'll be back on the Summers case soon enough.

Use the phone inside the station to get McCaffrey's address, then head for the bowling alley to meet the man Ms. Summers was with on the night of her murder, James Tiernan.

The old lady at the counter will give you some information about Tiernan and Summers's relationship. After speaking with her, enter through the door on the left side of the ailes and chase Tiernan.

He's gonna get in a car so you will have to chase after him in the streets. Stir him off of the road and arrest him.

After taking Tiernan into custody, get back in your car and don't go to central station yet. Instead go to McCaffrey's apartment to get more evidence.

Look at the mailboxes on the side of the entrance and find McCaffey's apartment number then head up to his room.

Inside McCaffrey's apartment you'll find the other half of the torn letter on top of the study table in the living room.

On the right side of the table you'll find a bloody tire iron and a bloody shirt which strongly suggests that McCaffrey is our guy.

After examining the bloody items a woman will come and disturb you/ She'll also inform you that McCaffrey is on the rooftop. Head upstairs and confront McCaffrey.

Of course he's gonna run from you. Figures. Chase after him until you get to the ground and try to catch up to him then mash the A button to take him down and bring him in for questioning.

Head back to Central Station after catching McCaffrey. Tiernan is in the room 1 and McCaffrey is in 2. I suggest talking to Tiernan first.

"Relationship with Victim" - Lie/Evidence - Victim Last Seen (McCaffrey's Testimony in the bar) "Victim's Book Found" - Doubt "Alibi for James Tiernan" - Lie/Evidence - Liquor Purchase "Access to Murder Weapon" - Doubt

Don't charge Tiernan, he'll give you more information about the ring that's missing from the victim, then you can go and interrogate McCaffrey afterwards.

"Alibi for McCaffrey" - Lie/Evidence - Torn Letter "Access to Tire Iron" - Lie/Evidence - Tiernan's Accusation. McCaffrey will then give you his version of the story.

Leave the interrogation room and use the telephone right outside the door. A message will be available for you and a new clue will be added in your list. After putting the phone down head back to Tiernan.

"Events Prior to Murder" - Lie/Evidence - McCaffrey's Accusation. Still, don't charge this kid. Leave the room and head back to McCaffrey.

"Military Service" - Lie/Evidence - McCaffrey's Criminal Record. After his outburst we are obviously charging this guy. Charge him and have a minor celebration for yourself.