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L.A. Noire Walkthrough The White Shoe Slaying

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After the mission briefing, get in your car and start driving to the crime scene. A police car will escort you up the trail and lead you right where the body was found.

Now much to go on at this point. Check her body and examine the neck for the laundry service tag.

Now examine marker B for the boot prints and lastly marker C for the tire tracks. Like I said almost nothing to go on.

After examining all 3 clues a police car will arrive carrying a possible witness to the crime. Speak to her and ask her the only question available. She's telling the truth, and you'll gain a new point of interest.

After questioning the lady, head for the telephone and ask for the laundry's address. Drive there and speak to the owner about the green dress.

He'll show you the log of every item that he cleaned. Look for the 1x Green Silk Dress and point to it to gain the victim's address.

Get back in your car and head for the address that's on the log book. You'll have an identity confirmation and you'll be able to check out the house.

Enter the first bedroom on the left and examine the turned photo and the matches that's sitting on top of the dresser.

Now head to the kitchen and out the opposite door and turn left to find the victim's purse on top of the sink counter.

Turn right and examine the muddy working boots in front of the door and the wet jacket that's hanging from the door.

Now head outside through the back door and turn right. You'll find a boat there and a triple braided rope hanging from the front. Examine it then head back inside. Time to interview the husband.

Ask him for "Possible Suspects" - Lie/Evidence - Bow Rope "Alibi for Lars Taraldsen" - Doubt "Victim's State of Mind" - Doubt "Last Contact with Victim" - Lie/Evidence - Muddy Boots.

After questioning the husband, approach the phone and get a car sent to the husband's friend to check his alibi, then head down to Baron's Bar.

When you get there, enter the bar and talk to the bartender. You'll have to interview him as well.

"Last Contact with Victim" - Truth "Vagrant Male Suspect" - Doubt "Yellow Cab 3591" - Truth

You'll immediately be made to run after one of the suspects, Richard Bates. Go after him and bash his vehicle to apprehend him. You will interrogate him after catching up to him.

"Contact with Victim" - Doubt "Account of Movements" - Doubt. Rusty during this interview was priceless.

Use the phone nearby after interrogating Bates, you'll receive some new info, then get back to your car. Please make sure that you ride a police car or else you'll miss the message about the cab.

Once you have the cab's location drive over there and speak to the driver about what happened last night, then head back to Central Police Station and head for interview 2 to talk to the sailor.

"Contact with Victim" - Doubt "Incident with Bates" - Doubt "Movements Prior to Murder" - Doubt "Cab Ride with Victim" - Doubt

Leave Central and now you have 2 choices as how to proceed. Either go to the Hobo camp or follow the bus lead. My recommendation is the bus lead.

Head inside the bus station and as the clerk at the counter about your bus. She'll give you a map and you'll have to follow that route until you find the bus you're looking for.

It's an extremely long drive before you can find that bus. Just keep your siren on and the driver will exit the bus when you get close.

Talk to the bus driver and you'll be informed about the last movements of the victim as well as clear your suspicion on the sailor that you previously questioned. Get back in your car and you'll have to go to your last stop. The Hobo Camp.

When you get to the Hobo camp you're gonna get attacked by the Hobos that are led by your now biggest suspect. Beat them up to take the disfuigured man into custody.

Enter Stuart's tent and examine the green purse on top of the desk. You'll find a ticket to the Crystal Ballroom inside.

Now turn around to find a blood stained rope on the night table beside the bed. You have everything you need from here. Leave the camp and head back down to Central Station.

Your suspect is inside Interrogation room 1. Head inside and start asking questions.

"Motive for Murder" - Doubt "Contact with Victim" - Doubt "Alibi for Stuart Ackerman" - Lie / Evidence - Purse. Ackerman will then be charged and your case will be closed.