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L.A. Noire Walkthrough The Black Caesar

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Vice desk, from bodies to drugs and your new partner is cocky Roy. Head over to your crime scene, climb up the stairs and turn right. Enter the only open door at the end.

First off is the body right in front of the door. Check his left pocket to find his ID card and a slip from a radio station. Then check his left arm for the injection marks.

Check the popcorn and wallet on the carpet in the living room. Check the wallet to find Lamont's ID and a betting slip, then check the popcorn to acquire the name of the popcorn stand.

Head over to the corpse on the chair to find 2 of the army issue morphine on the arm rest.

The the upper right of the corpse, near the table corner you'll find another pack from caesar and an unopened morphine syrette as well as a used one.

On the table you'll find a piece of paper with doodles on it. Remember those you'll need it later.

Inside the kitchen by the chopping board you'll find an empty popcorn cup. Examine it further to find a morphine pack underneath it. You have everything you need in here, leave and head for The Black Caesar food hut.

When you get there you'll immediately have to chase the fry cook which will run from you. Chase him up to the rooftops and beat him up.

Once you're back in the food hut check the huge box over by the counter to find cups from the caesar and army issue morphine stashed with it.

By the refrigerator there's a suitcase. Open it to find the blue room pass, then check the metal object beside it and investigate it further to find a betting slip inside. Now head outside and talk to the fry cook.

"Morphine Overdose Victim" - Lie/Evidence - Morphine For Distribution "Number Slips Recovered" - Doubt

Before leaving the area head over to the phone booth and call in the address for Jones' address then get in your car and head over there.

Enter the building and check the mail boxes inside to find Jones' office room, then head there and talk to Jones.

Inside the office head for the radio by the piano. Turn up the volume, then switch it over to FM and tune the radio to 275.

Jones will order you to be beaten up by the men in the room. Beat them up and go back to the radio.

Inside the radio check the sticker for Ramez Removals on the top lid, the army issue morphines, a betting slip, the bag of weed and the bundle of money. Now interrogate Jones.

"Army Surplus Morphine" - Doubt "Involvement of 'Ottie'" - Lie/Evidence - Distributor Identified "Link to Ramez Removals" - Doubt

All done here. Use the telephone before you get back in the car and get the address for Ramez Removals, then head for the Numbers Operation.

When you get there head up and get to Ottie's office, then check the group of telephones by the window on the left side.

Then head for the slot machine and keep pulling the lever until you get a symbol that's in the same place as the paper doodle you found in your crime scene. Press hold under the window to keep that part from moving.

Examine the betting slip inside the slot machine once it opens and check the army surplus morphine. Ottie will attempt to escape, chase after him and bring him back to his office for questioning.

Roy will hand you Ottie's cane. Investigate it further to find a note of Ramez's debt to Ottie.

"Army Surplus Morphine" - Lie/Evidence - Finkelstein Identified "IOU Note From Jose Ramez" - True

Get back in your car and head for Ramez Removals, you'll have to chase Ramez around the city and take his van down to catch him.

After the cutscene head for the table right in front of you inside the warehouse. Examine the ledger and check the Polar Bear Ice Company and Merlon Ottie.

Leave the ledge and head further inside the warehouse. It's a little messy but you can follow the water puddle, then head up the ladder and turn left. Use the crane's mechanism.

Place the crane on top of the box near the ladder and take the box and Roy will ask you to come down. Follow him and enter the freezer.

Inside the room you'll need to shoot the block of ice. When the ice breaks you'll find boxes of the morphine you're after inside.

Ramez will then take the opportunity to run. Chase him inside the warehouse, but stop at the first corner and hide behind something. That guy has a shotgun, wait for a chance then shoot him down.

With Ramez dead get back in your car and head for the Polar Bear Ice Company.

Chase Finkelstein inside the Ice Company and kill all of his men. There's a couple of them but just keep yourself behind cover and you should be fine.

Finkelstein is in the storage room on the second floor. He won't come quietly, so hide behind cover and kill him to end the case.