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L.A. Noire Walkthrough The Set up

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After the fight head for Hammond's locker and check the notepad inside it. The locker is the second from the left right beside the pin board.

Leave the room and head for the telephone near the entrance of the boxing ring and look for an address for the phone number you found.

Head for Hotel El Mar and talk to the clerk on the front desk. He'll show you a ledger, look for the name "Winston Churchill" and head up to the room he's in.

Examine the paper in the turned trashbin to find a telegram.

Now check the drawer and examine the movie ticket on top of it as well as the chocolate box.

Check the magazine on the table and point to the coupon on the right side of the magazine. Now check the pot on the table and the open window.

On either sides of the bed there are nightstands. On the right side is an ashtray with a lipstick stained cigar and on the left side is a piece of paper with betting odds. Leave the hotel and get in your car.

Enter the building and talk to the clerk in the front desk. Ask her for Candy Edwards' room number then head up there and beat up the guy who's attacking her.

Examine Carlos's clothes to find a small notebook inside his right pocket and switch knife inside the left pocket.

Head for the bed and check the suitcase on top of it.

On the drawer by the foot of the bed there's a bus ticket and a boat ticket on top of it. Candy will wake up afterwards and you'll be able to interview her.

"Whereabouts of Hammond" - Lie/Evidence - Magazine Coupon "List of Odds Recovered" - Lie/Evidence - Bookmakers' Odds "Plans to Leave Town" - Doubt

In the morning you'll have to tail Candy Edwards across the streets and into every bookmaker you can find in town. Tailing her on foot is a little hard, but keep behind cover and don't be afraid of the blinking dot and you'll be fine.

When you get to the bus depot hide behind a wall or on a chair that has a magazine on it. Wait for Candy to enter the toilet and start screaming.

Head inside the toilet to find Ms. Edwards with a fatal wound. Examine the revolver on the floor and check insid the purse to find a theater ticket.

Head for the egyptian theater and dash inside where you'll find Hammond being hounded by his manager and a bunch of his goons.

When you get inside the theater, start shooting down the goons one by one. Be careful not to pop out of cover too much, the area is dark and visibility is bad.