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L.A. Noire Walkthrough A Walk in Elysian Fields

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Head to the crime scene as soon as you finish speaking to your captain. Mal is standing in front of the house, he'll show you the victims inside the house.

Examine the bodies of the victims at marker A, then turn around and examine the family photo at marker B. A cutscene will start afterwards, leave the house and speak to Biggs outside.

After speaking to Biggs, head for the right side of the house and you'll find marker C. Examine the heater that's on the floor then head to the left side of the house and jump the fence.

In the neighbors lawn by the tree you'll find cigar butts and shoe prints. Now go and talk to the neighbor who's standing in front of his house.

"Morelli Fire Witness Report" - Doubt "Suspicious Activity" - Doubt "Planned Demolitions" - Doubt "Promotional Contests" - Truth

Biggs will then hand you a crane origami. Unfold it to find that it's a flyer from Elysian Fields. Forman will then give you another copy. Examine it.

Now leave the neighbors yard and use the police phone by Mal's car and get the address for Elysian Fields as well as a message from the Captain.

You'll have to go to Rancho Escondido first. When you arrive at the scene you'll find some men creating a disturbance. Beat them up to be able to examine the scene.

After taking care of the men, follow Biggs to the right side of the house and examine the brick wall on the lower side. Now get back to your car and head for Elysian Fields.

When you get there talk to the woman on the front desk and climb up stairs to speak with Monroe.

"Elysian Linked to Arson" - Doubt "Promotional Travel Contest" - Lie/Evidence - Elysian Fields Flyers "Local Land Acquisitions" - Doubt "Rancho Escondido Fire" - Lie/Evidence - Poor Cement Quality

After speaking to Monroe, speak to his assistant and check the list that she'll give you. Point to the name Herbert Chapman, then use the phone to check if he's still in custody.

After the cutscene you'll get a call from KGPL to inform you of Herbert Chapman's address, then drive there and check his car to find a mosquito coil, .45 ammo and Elysian Fields flyers.

Chapman will then get in the trolley and shoot Chapman dead to close the case.