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L.A. Noire Walkthrough A Different Kind of War

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When the case starts you'll have 3 leads, but you can cut down time by heading to Westlake Pest Control right off the bat.

After getting some information about the suspect that you're after, you'll be placed in Cole's feet again.

Follow Galloway inside the house and examine the cabinet to the left of the door just before Fontaine's office. You'll find some army surplus morphine inside.

Inside the Fontaine's office, examine his body. First off check his head to find the cause of death, then the lighter on his left hand.

There's a sketchpad, a map and a newspaper article on top of the desk. Reveal the path of a freeway with the pencil, then overlap the newspaper article with it as well as the map.

Now turn around and examine the bloody crystal ball that's lying on the floor.

Examine the broken glass door right behind the desk to find the point of entry. Leave the house to return to Jack Kelso's side of the story.

Lastly on the desk by the door you'll find a folder. Examine it to find the blackmail letter as well as some other documents.

Enter the house and immediately turn right. You'll find a flamethrower near the bench.

Now head for the back room to find a lot of origami cranes hanging from the ceiling. Turn right and examine the pictures hanging on the wall, then approach the desk and examine the blueprint.

Near the blueprint examine the origami crane that's completely white.

Now turn around and head for the desk by the window where the moonlight pours in. Examine the unfinished paper crane to find an Elysian Flyer.

Now head for the room with the fireplace and use the telephone to call Phelps and the D.A.'s assistant.

You'll then be back to Cole. Follow Kelso's car and knockdown every police car that tries to get in your way. Don't lose Kelso and keep following him towards the river tunnels.

Inside the river tunnels you'll have one last gun fight with Monroe's hired henchmen. Kill them and make your way through the end of the line to find Elsa Lichtmann and end the story.