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L.A. Noire Walkthrough A Polite Invitation

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Once you're up and about, leave the hospital and get inside your car. Head for Curtis Benson's apartment. Climb up the stairs and turn left, his room is on the end of that path.

First off check the double doors near the fireplace to trigger a cutscene.

Now head for the table behind Benson and examine the folder on top of it to find the shares certificate, then turn left and examine the piece of paper on top of the desk.

"Motive for Fraud" - Lie/Evidence - Share Certificate "Suburban Redevelopment" - Lie/Evidence - Insurance Agreement "Buchwalter Case Settlement" - Doubt

Leave Benson's apartment and head to your old office inside California Fire and Life.

Check the folder on top of your desk and point to the latitude and longitute written on the top right corner of the blueprint and the dependent valuation on the pink slip. A cutscene will play afterwards.

After the cutscene you'll immediately be in the Hall of Records. Speak to the guard sitting at the front desk, then head up and follow the land registry sign, then speak to the man sitting at the desk.

Follow the receptionist and interact with the S aisle. Inside the ledger look for the Suburban Redevelopment Fund, it's on the 4th page, and point to C.Sheldon.

When you're looking for the lot, enter the number that Kelso will say. Latitude is 34 degrees, 4 minutes and 29 seconds; the Longitude is 118 degrees. 17 minutes and 59 seconds.

On the calculator enter 1876988 then divide it by 90,000 to get lot number 20. Now head for the U section, second row from the back, left side.

Look for the land number on the ledger a gun fight will play afterwards. Kill the guys and watch another cutscene play. Yes, there's a lot of cutscenes from here until the end.

After the cutscene get in your car and head for Leland Monroe's mansion. Fight your way inside his mansion and head for his office.

Behind his desk there's a photo of the members of the Suburban Redevelopment fund.

Now turn right and open the safe that Monroe was crouching at earlier. Check the folder and read the document inside, then look at the shares certificate as well as a small notebook with Monroe's payroll inside.

Lastly there's a folder on top of Monroe's desk where you'll find a list of the people who refused to sell their lands.