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L.A. Noire Walkthrough House of Sticks

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This mission as well as the last 2 will let you control Jack Kelso instead of Cole Phelps. He has the same control as Phelps except you will never have a partner or KGPL reports.

When Elsa arrives at the office Kelso will pull up a file. Flip the pink slip and read the incident report, then close the file and interview Ms. Lichtmann.

"Disputed Claim Payout" - Doubt "Connection to Buchwalter" - Doubt "Motive for Dispute" - Truth

After speaking to Ms. Lichtmann, follow the secretary and head up to your bosses office for a talk. Then leave the building and head for Elysian Fields.

Inside the office at the left side desk there's a cement delivery receipt, then head for the desk on the right to find a demolition order and a company memo.

Leave the office and beat up the man who tries to attack you, then head for the demolished house where Buchwalter died. The guy who you beat up will give you the address.

Head to the back of the demolished hous and you'll find some broken wood. Fix the wood by attaching the one with "NE FILMS" to the larger piece to form the words "Keyston Films."

A bulldozer will then attempt to kill you. Run across the pipes and press LT to shoot at the guy and slow him down enough to let you get to the other side.

Once you're safe look for a police phone or a telephone and use it to get an address for the Keystone Film company and go there.

When you get there, jump the fence on the right side and examine the closest pile of wood beside the gate. The pile on the left has a receipt for a delivery made to Elysian and the pile on the right will give you the inferior quality sign.

Jump the fence and leave the area, then jump the middle fence and walk along the path, you'll find the screening room just before the intersection on the left side.

Inside you'll find a film projector. Arrange the keys in this direction: upper dial: Center, Second dial: 15 degrees northwest. Then flip the switch to play the video.

Now leave the area and use the telephone inside the guard house and call Curtis as well as Lichtmann. A long cutscene will then play.

After the cutscene, make your way upstairs and enter the second room. It's the one on the right side, some mobsters will attack you soon after you enter.

Brawl them. You only need to take down one of these guys to end the mission.

After escaping from the mobsters, run down the alley and get inside that car that will conveniently stop in front of you. Drive around to lose them, going into alleyways are perfect for this since they don't seem to like following you into alleys.

Once you've lost the mobsters an objective marker will appear on your map. Head for it to arrive at Elsa Lichtmann's place and end the case.