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L.A. Noire Walkthrough The Fallen Idol

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Leave the Police Station after the mission briefing and head for the crime scene which is nearby. You can always let your partner drive or use him as a GPS to get there.

First off after talking to the responding police officer, head left until you find a trail that leads down to where the car is and follow it to the bottom.

Mal will ask you to take a look at the stuff that's on the trunk. Approach it and examine the underwear, then check the bag to find a letter from the younger victim's mother.

Now check the interior of the car to receive more information from Mal, then talk to him to receive the shrunken head prop. Examine the head to find the clue.

Head back up the trail and towards the ambulance to interview Ms. Ballard, the older victim. "Doping Allegation - Doubt "Suspect Mark Bishop" - Doubt "Injured Female Passenger - Lie/Evidence - Underwear "Fake Shrunken Head" - Doubt

When you get there head inside and talk to the receptionist, then turn right and talk to the doctor by the door.

Enter Jessica Hamilton's room and examine the patient chart at the foot of the bed to gain an update on Evidence of Abuse.

Now go and interview Jessica. "Crash Incident Report" - Lie/Evidence - Underwear "Contact with Parents" - Lie/Evidence - Letter from Mother "Association with Bishop" - Doubt "Evidence of Criminal Abuse" - Truth

Leave the Jessica's room and you'll find June Ballard leaving the station with her lawyer, to which your partner will suggest that you two tail them.

Tail Ballard to the cafe and hide outside the door by pressing RB. Wait for her to start making a phone call before you enter the cafe.

Once she starts talking on the phone, enter the cafe and go incognito at the second table on the left side after entering the door and listen in on her conversation.

Quickly head for Bishop's place after Ballard leaves the cafe. There's 2 different outcomes when you get here. 1. You either got there fast enough to meet and beat the assailants or you were slow like me and arrived there after Bishop's apartment has been searched.

Talk to the receptionist after entering the building then head up using the elevator. Turn left as you exit the elevator and knock on the last door on the right which is apartment 803.

As soon as you enter the house head into the first room on the right and stand in front of the large cabinet at the foot of the bed. You'll find a check there worth $20,000.

Leave the room and look between the door of the second and the third room to find a saddle from Silver Screen Props made out to Mark Bishop.

Then head inside the third room on the left side and examine the replica of the Intolerance set that's sitting on the counter as well as the photograph on the left side of it.

Now head towards the living room where Mrs. Bishop is sitting and examine the photograph on top of the drawers to find the last clue from the apartment.

Finally interview Mrs. Bishop to get more information about your suspect. "Domestic Disturbance" - Doubt "Whereabouts of Bishop" - Truth "Check for $20,000" - Doubt "Abuse of Jessica Hamilton" - Doubt

Before leaving the apartment approach the telephone on the table with the pink flowers and get the address for Silver Screen Props then go there.

Head inside the prop store and talk to the owner, Mr. Hopgood. He'll then show you to the casting that he has at the back of his store.

Climb up the casting room and head for the foor of the cleopatra sofa. Examine the pill bottle to find the drug that was used on Jessica.

Now head for the mirror on the right side of the camera and Cole will ask for the lights to be switched off. You'll find a hidden camera behind the mirror.

Leave the casting room and turn left, then walk all the way to the bench on the wall at the opposite side. On the right side of the table you'll find an unpainted shrunken head. Examine it to obtain a clue.

Turn left and you'll find a very od looking path. Investigate it to find that it's a painted wall used to disguise the hidden room with the camera.

Enter the hidden room and examine the 'Jungle Drum' film on the shelves and the empty film can labeled with Mark Bishop and Jessica Hamilton's names. Investigate the film can further to acquire the clue.

Head back inside and interview Hopgood about Mark Bishop and the Prop Store. "Association with Bishop" - Lie/ Evidence - Chloral Hydrate "Whereabouts of Bishop" - Truth "Relationship with Ballard" - Lie/Evidence - Empty Film Canister "Evidence of Blackmail - Lie/Evidence - Blackmail

As you exit the Silver Screen Props a couple of mobsters will talk to you. Cole will then get back in the car and they'll start shooting at you. Get rid of the goons by bashing their cars, then head for the Jungle Drums set.

At the Jungle Drums set, chase Mark Bishop and fight your way out of the Movie set against the goons who will come to kill him. You'll then be promoted after safely bagging this case.