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L.A. Noire Walkthrough A Marriage Made In Heaven

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After receiving your case briefing head down the station and get in your car, then drive to Ray's cafe. You can also make your partner drive for you by pressing and holding Y. But I like to see how much I suck at driving so I drive there myself.

You'll automatically examine the body. Check both of his coat pockets to find the Insurance Letter and his Wallet. Examine the wallet further and check the black card to get his address and name.

Exit the examination and the Coroner will give you the rest of his report, afterwards go towards the blood trail and examine the evidence markers A, B and C.

Now head to the left side alley of Ray's cafe and examine the garbage can that's full. Inside you'll find a bloody knife that's hidden under a newspaper.

You have all the evidence you need from the scene. Time to interview out witness, talk to the woman who's standing near the cafe window. "Eyewitness Report - Truth "Suspect Vehicle Description" - Truth "Argument Overheard" - Doubt

Now enter the bar and talk to the bartender to inquire about the incident. "Hit and Run Incident" - Doubt Association with Victim - Truth "Argument Overheard in Bar" - Doubt "Joint Business Venture: - Doubt

After interviewing the bartender head over to the phone at the back and get your partial license plate and the owner's address.

Leave the cafe now and get in your car, then drive to the Shelton's Residence. You should get to the Hit and Run suspect first before meeting the wife.

Shelton will attempt to escape. Chase him on your car and start bashing the side of his car whenever you can. Be careful not to hit any pedestrians as they deduct a lot from you whenever you hit one.

After thrashing Shelton's car, leave your car and approach him to perform an arrest. He'll give you more information about what happened.

Get back in your car again and choose the Pattison Residence as your next location and drive there to meet Mrs. Pattison.

You're gonna have to question the wife, Lorna Pattison. "Hit and Run Incident" - Doubt Nature of Argument - Doubt "Partnership with Leroy Sabo" - Lie/Evidence - Insurance Letter

After interviewing the wife all you can do in the house is go to the game room and pick up the phone. The operator will tell you that the Coroner needs to talk to you at Central Morgue.

Leave the house afterwards and head for the Morgue. The coroner is already inside and will brief you in the circumstances of Mr. Pattison's death.

At this point if you did check the left side alleyway garbage bin like I told you Cole will react to the coroner saying they found the murder weapon, if not then you have to travel back to Ray's and take the knife from the garbage can on the left alley.

Leave the morgue and get back in your car, then start driving back to the Pattison residence where you'll be confronted by the partners.

Leroy will attempt to escape and you'll have to run after him. There are two ways to take him out here the first is to bring him in unharmed by pointing your gun at him long enough to fill the circle. If you're gonna do this do it at the long alleyway right after you exit the house.

The second is to chase him all the way to the end and take out your gun then shoot him down before he kills the hostage. The first one is a lot easier than this one since he moves around a lot and you may hit the hostage instead.