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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough Rapturous Rise

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After the beginning of the mission choose Captain America and destroy a bush growing on the left side, then toss your shield at three plants located on the cliff. Now build a pump from the debris and jump on it, so you can release the Thing from the sand . Switch into the Thing and approach to the wall on the right, destroying all bushes and the wall itself. Then choose Captain America and cover yourself with a shield, reflecting the rockets to its source. Then lift a rock as the Thing and throw it at yellow wall located at the opposite side of the bridge.

Defeat all opponents, and watch out for the cannons placed on the both sides of the clearing - destroy them using Captain America's shield. After that approach to the rock on the right and take some bushes from it - you will uncover green handles. Yank them as the Thing, then build a lever from the bricks. In this way you should create a bridge to the other side of the waterfall.

Move forth, fighting with the enemies, and turn right as Captain America. Jump over the gap using the pole, then destroy all bushes growing nearby. After that toss a shield at the mechanism (you've already uncovered it) and climb on the next floor, so you can beat another group of enemies.

Toss a shield at the crane and climb on the platform using newly created passage. Switch into the Thing and yank two green handles to clear the way to the jungle.

Head to the right, looking for the fallen tree - clean it from the bushes, uncovering two handles in that way. Yank them with the Thing and move forth. When dinosaurs (!) appears, smash them up, and approach to the plane wreckage (so you can remove it).

Switch into Captain America and climb on the rock placed above, so you can jump to the other side of the gap (using poles). Cover yourself with a shield to avoid flames, then defeat a dinosaur and use a switch standing behind it. In this way you will clear the way for the Thing.

Destroy all objects in the area and build a wall with green handles from the debris. Yank them with the Thing, then enter the clearing and defeat some opponents. Smash all junk lying on the battlefield and build an engine placed on the wheels. Now jump on it as Captain America to open the way to the further stage.

Go to the guarded bridge, then choose Captain America and turn to the right. Jump to the pipe placed under the bridge and move forward, heading to the other bank. Defeat all enemies waiting there (you must reflect some missiles to the cannon) and clear the way for the Thing - remember to use a switch placed on the bridge!

Choose the Thing and lift a rock with green handles attached to it, then throw it at the enemies. Turn right and lift up another stone, aiming at yellow part of the wall. When it is destroyed, switch into Captain America and climb up, then build a shield switch from the bricks. Use it and you will open the passage to the next stage

Kill nearby opponents and smash all objects lying in the area. Build a battery from the bricks then charge the device using Storm's lightning attack.

Move forward and defeat another group of enemies. After that switch into Captain America and stand on the patriotic panel, so you can reflect a deadly beam to the cannons standing on the both sides of the clearance. Build another battery from the debris and charge it using Storm's powers. Now you will face the Rhino and Magneto.

Struggle with Rhino is quite fun. You shouldn't bother yourself with nearby minions - they will appear endlessly, so fighting with them can be considered as a clear nonsense. Search the arena for orange bushes, and destroy them all - then you can build a huge pumpkin from the debris. When it is done, direct an enemy into it: he will crush himself.

When villain is stunned, punch him as the Thing. After that hit an attack button as fast as you can, finally removing an enemy from the arena.

Now it is time to fight with Magneto. Dodge his attacks, simply running around the area and waiting for the bricks to appear. Build an anvil from them, then lift it as the Thing, so you can throw it at Magneto's metal fist. Wait for villain to fall, then smash him during melee fight.

In second round act in the same way - the only difference is that you will have to use an alarm clock instead of anvil.

The final round looks the same as the previous ones. When fight is over, approach to the enemy and hit him for the last time, so you can end this mission.

After mission Rapturous Rise you will be send back to New York. To reach to the destination point (Stark Jet), you must fly across the city - use Iron Man's flight ability and head to the Central Park (the right way will be shown on the minimap). Remember that you can complete some side missions during your trip!

At the objective approach to the platform standing at the lake and use Spider-Man's spider sense to uncover a computer. Switch back into Iron Man and arrange three panels to suit them with colors showed in the centre (see screen above for right combination). Now you can use a vehicle to begin next mission.