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Welcome to our Little Big Planet walkthrough. When you first start the game, you'll be in a dark area with some red arrows pointing rightward.

Go rightward. You'll come across all sorts of silly credits from the game designers.

Eventually, you'll get to a video monitor, which will explain how to customize your character.

When you are done, climb the steps to your right and continue on.

You'll come to another monitor. It'll explain how to do all sorts of expressions with your sackboy.

The intro level is completed.

You'll now have access to your personal pod. You can decorate this room as you like. Press the Square button to access your Pod Computer.

The Gardens - First Steps

Choose the Story mode of Little Big Planet using your Pod Computer.

Next, Select The Gardens.

Then choose First Steps.

When you enter the level, head right.

The king will greet you. Keep heading right.

Dumpty will talk to you about running and jumping.

If you want, you can knock Dumpty off the wall and collect the score bubbles in him. Use the ramp and mushrooms to jump over the brick wall to your right.

Collecting five or more bubbles in quick succession gives you a score multiplier.

Collect the bubbles quickly to try it out. Then continue rightward.

You'll come to a big cog wheel. Jump between the spokes and ride it around.

If you want to collect all the bubbles just jump over each spoke when you're at the top of it. When you're done, jump off to the right and continue on.


Collect these bubbles and continue right.

You'll come to a bridge. Once you step on it, it'll break and you'll fall into a pit.

The monitor will explain that you're trapped.

Open your Popit menu and choose Try Again to commit suicide.

You'll appear at the gong after the bridge. Head right.

You'll meet the queen. Grab the RAINBOW SHOE, ROUND BLUE BODY, and HENRY FACE prize bubbles.

The monitor will show you how to use stickers. Select the Round Blue Body from the sticker menu.

Move it onto the chest of the doll to the right of the monitor.

Expand the sticker so it fits nicely, then stamp it.

Now put the rainbow shoe on one of his feet.

Press the right analog stick to flip the shoe and put it on the other foot.

The doll will start moving right, follow it. You'll get some bubbles. Continue right.


The queen and monitor will explain that these bubbles can be used with the Playstation Eye if you own one. Continue rightward.

Level Complete! For collecting 100% of the items, you'll earn THE GARDENS CONCEPT and THE GARDENS CONCEPT WITH FRAME prizes.

There are also prizes for Acing levels, which means playing through a level without dying. Remember, we committed suicide when we were stuck in that pit. Play through the level again. Stop on the brick wall, right after the mushroom ramp. There is a cardboard shoe above it.

Select the Rainbow Shoe sticker from your menu.

Move it onto the cardboard.

Expand it to fit nicely, then stamp it.

A race will begin. Run rightward.

This time there will be a bird you can grab onto, instead of falling into the pit. Do this by holding the R1 shoulder button. Let go of the button when you're over the pit.

When you get to the end you should see the ace picture, saying No Lives Lost!

You'll collect the PIRATE HOOK and PIRATE EYE PATCH prizes.

The Gardens - Get a Grip

Select Get a Grip from The Gardens menu.

When you enter the level, head right.

The king will talk to you, explaining how to grab objects.

Use R1 to push the foam block up to the brick wall. Jump on the block and then over the wall.

Pull the large R1 block over towards the roof on the left.

Pull the smaller green and yellow block over near the R1 block. Jump from the small block, to the large block, then up on the roof.

Grab the TUDOR VIEW prize bubble on the roof.

Continue leftward along the house roofs. Grab the TUDOR HOUSE bubble. Head back to where we got on the roof.

Move the two blocks over to the right brick wall in order to jump over it.

Push the triangular block over and push it against the brick wall on the right. Climb up the block to get over the brick wall.

Pick up the TEA POT sticker.

Select the Tea Pot sticker from your Popit menu.

Place it on the cardboard teapot. You'll get GOLF CLUB BOTTOM and NOUGHTS & CROSSES.

Continue right. You'll come to a wooden steed.

Grab the front part of the steed and pull it rightward. When it starts rolling down the hill, hop on.

You should collect the LEAF DOODLE.

Right after you collect the leaf, jump on the treetops to your right.

Fall off the right edge of the treetops to collect the VICTORIAN MAN SKETCH sticker.

Jump on the steed and then jump over the green wall.

Pull the steed on the other side of the wall rightward. You'll reveal a prize bubble behind it. Collect the WOODEN STEED sticker. Continue pulling the steed to the right, against the next green wall.

Jump on the steed and then over the green wall.

Get the SUN DOODLE prize behind the tree that has the gong on it.

Continue right. Push the green and yellow block rightward.

You want to place the block under the low point of the wall behind you.

Jump up and get on the left side of the steed.

Pull the steed into the indent to its left. Use it to jump up to the higher wall behind you. Jump left off the wall to grab the ENGLISH ROSE sticker found to your upper-left, then get back up on the upper wall.

Push the small green and yellow block into the hole, then pull the steed over it.

Hop onto the steed when it starts going down the hill.

At the bottom of the hill, you'll find ORANGE FLOWERS, GRASS ROUGH DOODLE, and RED FLOWERS prizes. Continue rightward, past the wall where your steed stopped.

A steed will explain that you can grab a hanging object with R1 and then swing with your left analog stick. Jump and grab onto the first hanging sponge.

Swing from sponge to sponge until you're safely past the deadly water.

Drop down the right ledge to grab the BLUE MONKEY sticker. Get on the ramp. Make the left side of it go down, then run to your right and jump off the right of the ramp before it falls too far.

Use the next ramp to collect the CASTLE SKETCH WINDOW sticker in the upper-right, then use it to get onto the platform to your upper-left.

Push the blocks around so you can jump onto the treetops to your left.

Collect the GREEN CASTLE BANNER sticker here.

Continue left along the treetops to collect the MOODY CLOUD sticker as well.

Go back to your right. Near the blocks you used to climb onto the treetops, you'll find a sponge you can swing to your upper-right on.

Keys will unlock survival and score challenges. To get this one, get on the right side of the ramp. Once it falls rightward, you can run to the left, jump, and grab onto the hanging sponge.

Use the sponge to swing into the key.

To your right, you'll find the queen. She'll ask you to place a tail decoration on her wooden steed.

Collect the DONKEY TAIL decoration and the STICKER & DECORATION EDIT tool.

Select the donkey tail from your decorations menu.

Place it onto the steed.

The steed will thank you and four bubbles will appear. Within the bubbles you'll find EYE SPRING, ORANGE FLOWER, PURPLE FLOWER, and PINK FLOWER.

Look behind the queen to find the BLACK CROWN OUTLINE prize.

Get on the steed and grab the soft spot and pull him rightward. You'll begin a race.

Your steed will stop at a large mushroom. Collect the RED MUSHROOM sticker to your left.

For completing the level once, you'll receive the HAPPY EYES and PINK CAT NOSE costumes. For acing the level (not dying), you'll receive the PIRATE WAISTCOAT and PIRATE SHORTS costumes.

You should end up with 47% of the goodies and prizes in the level.

After collecting the Yellow Star in the third level (Skate to Victory), replay this level to get 100% completion.

Get to the left side of the rooftops and select the Yellow Star sticker using your Popit menu.

Place the sticker on the cardboard star hanging in the background.

Collect the TOWER and the SMART HOVEL.

On the roof to your right, you'll find a HOVEL prize that also fell.

Place the Yellow Star on the cardboard star, next to the teapot. Collect the GOLD TEA CUP, GREY TWEED, and SOCCER BALL.

Ride the steed down the ramp and jump onto the treetops on the way down.

Place the Yellow Star on the cardboard star. Collect the LARGE SNAIL SHELL, BLUE MOON, DARKEST BROWN WOOD, TALL TREE, and DARK GREEN WOOD.

On the platform that has all the blocks, place the Yellow Star sticker on the cardboard star. Collect the SMALL GREY FLAG, ORANGE FLORAL FABRIC, GREEN CHECK DENIM, SEESAW, and GRASS. Climb up onto the treetops to your left.

Go left until you find another star. Place your Yellow Star on it. Collect the CURLY CLOUD, ROUND CLOUD, FANCY CLOUD, LOOSE CLOUD, and TWISTY CLOUD.

Along the race, you'll find a star hanging in the background. Place your Yellow Star sticker on it. Collect the CHEERING CROWD, SMALL WOODEN STEED, LARGE WOODEN STEED, FLORAL FABRIC, and MUSHROOM BLOCK.

This should give you 100% completion. You'll receive THE FAIRY TALE CONCEPT sticker and THE FAIRY TALE CONCEPT WITH FRAME object.

The Gardens - Skate to Victory

Enter the Skate to Victory level, the last one in The Gardens.

From the starting gong, head right.

The king will tell you that the game gets harder now.

To the right of the king, grab onto the bird.

It'll pull you up. Drop off the bird, onto the platform on your right.

You'll come across some spinning windmills. Grab onto the end of the blades and let go at the right time to swing to the next platform rightward.

The last windmill will send you toward some prize bubbles. They are on unstable ground and will fall, along with you. After you fall, collect the TUDOR TOWER, WHEEL OF FUN, and ROFL stickers.

You'll also collect the GREEN DOODLE sticker.

Go downward and collect the KING STAMP.


Grab onto bird and the CHIPS LOGO. The bird will carry you to the upper level. Head left.

Grab onto the bird here and use it to collect the BIG GREEN BIRD and the BLUE SUBMARINE stickers. After you fall, get back to the upper level and continue right this time.

The queen will tell you about the CAMERA TOOL you can collect here.

There is also a video that explains how to use it.

Continue right. Touch the jetpack that Dumpty tells you about.

Fly to the treetops on your upper-left. Collect the KINGS HEAD.

Further to the left, collect the KING OF HEARTS and the LEAF.

Fly back to the right of Dumpty and grab onto one of the yellow barrels.

Fly upward with it and place it in the box above.

Once you have three barrels in the box, the gate to your right will open.

Get on the boot. When it moves upward, you'll collect a GREEN CASTLE FLAG sticker. Carefully walk under the boot afterward.

You'll come to some ghosts. Don't touch them or you'll die.

Pull the block over near the lower platform.

Jump on the block and then continue jumping to the upper platform. Jump on the red button.

Collect the SCARY GHOST sticker to the right of the red button, then continue right.

You'll find another room with a ghost in it. Collect the COTTON WHEEL sticker.

Move the block close to the lower platform.

Climb up the block and platforms to press another red button.

A boot will start stomping to your right. Get on top of it.

It'll bring up upward. Jump leftward, off of the boot.

Press the red button to your upper right. Another boot will appear to your left. Get on it.

You'll be launched upward when the shoe goes up. Collect the BRICK WALL SKETCH and the Challenge Key. Careful not to hit the ghost.

Select the Red Lion Emblem sticker from your popit sticker menu. You get this sticker by completing the third level-building tutorial on your "My Moon" from your pod computer.

Place the sticker on the shield-shaped sticker board in the background.

Two prize bubbles will be revealed. Jump upward off the boot to reach GET IT TOGETHER and SKIPPING SYRATKI.

From the upper platform, continue right.

You'll find a Co-Op area. You'll need two players to complete it.

Collect the SKETCH BRICKS.

Have two players stand in front of the two red buttons.

When the ghosts go up, both of you need to stand on the red buttons at the same time.

This will release the VINCE MEAT PIE, YELLOW DANKE, and FUNNY FACE GLASSES prizes. Grab them.

Jump on the moving platforms. Be very careful of this ghost. It's easy to die here.

If you jump high enough, you'll see some prize bubbles on your left. It is really tough to get up there from here, and you'll likely die. Instead go up the ramp on your right.

You'll come to a boot. Go behind the boot and collect the BINGO and YELLOW CREST stickers.

Grab onto the foam the boot is kicking. To get to the prize bubbles that you couldn't reach on the left, try letting go quickly after the boot kicks.

If you time it right, you'll collect the THICK SKETCH BRICKS and GOLF LOGO stickers. Go back over to the kicking boot. Hold onto the foam and allow it to kick you to the upper-left platform.

Grab and pull the rock.

The platform will slide down for you. Continue to your upper-right.

You'll come to a race.

Grab the right side of the skateboard and pull it. Jump on it as it's gaining momentum.

You'll jump off a ramp. Walk back to your left, under the ramp.

After a while, you'll find a CRAZY SIGN sticker. Go back to your right.

Grab the CLOTH LEAF and PINK SPRINGY STAR decorations.

Use Dumpty's bottom to jump up to the key.

The queen will tell you how you can make your own levels on My Moon.


Then collect the Yellow Star from under the bird.

You should end the level with 63% of items found.

Now that you have the Yellow Star, you can replay this level (and the previous one) to find more prizes.

When you first enter the left, go to your left. Place the Yellow Star onto the cardboard star. Collect the BEIGE COTTON, LARGE GREY FLAG, and the RED STAR LIGHT that fall in the tea cups.

At the bottom of the platforms, right after the windmills, you'll find another star. Place the Yellow Star on this. Collect the PINWHEEL.

On the platform above, you will also collect the ROCKING GRASS, BLUE STAR LIGHT, and TALL CARDBOARD HOUSE.

Use the jetpack to get up into the treetops. Place the Yellow Star and collect the SILVER FORK, BIRDY ON STRING, SILVER KNIFE, WOBBLY TREE, and BROWN WOOD.

Let the kicking shoe kick you leftward, where you had picked up the Golf Logo before.



The Savannah - Swinging Safari

Proceed to The Savannah.

The first level will be the Swinging Safari.

You'll being in a Submarine. Step on the red button.

The submarine will launch, destroying a statue.

Below the submarine grab the SEAWEED.

Left of the submarine, you'll find the SUBMARINE LAUNCHER.

Continue to the right. A monkey will tell you to go see Zola because you broke his statue.


Also collect the WOBBLY APE hanging to the right.

Get the ORANGE & BLUE FISH from behind the giraffe.

Get on top of the giraffe and head right. You'll collect a LARGE PEACOCK FEATHER as you go.

Select the English Rose from your sticker menu.

Place it in the background. The giraffe will raise its head. Collect the GIRAFFE & TREE and STRIPY LYCRA.

Go back to your left. Jump from one giraffe to the next.

On the back of the left giraffe, collect the GIRAFFE & TREE & PLATFORM.

Jump from the giraffe's head to the platform on its upper-right. Collect the PEACOCK FEATHER and the BUTTERFLY.

Get on the giraffe to your right.

Jump and grab the swing to the upper-left of the giraffe. Land on the platform to your left.


Go rightward. Swing over the spike pit.

Then use the monkey to swing to the right.

You'll come to a giraffe. Grab his head and he'll pull you up.

Go left up the tree branches.


Get on the giraffe's tail. You can jump from there to the GRIN FACE.

Go between the giraffe's legs, all the way back.

Walk right to collect the HORROR FACE.

Continue on. Let the giraffe next to the big drum pull you up onto the drum.

Go right to find a Co-Op area.

Have one player stand on the platform to the left of the bottom button. Have the other player step on it. This will raise the platform upward and allow the collection of VOODOO FACE, REAL BROWN LEAF, and CORK HAT. Then have the player on top stand on that button, revealing BIG CRAB CLAW, ORANGE BOAR FISH, and MEAN PIRANHA.

Go left, past the large drum. Under the giraffe you'll find SEA SHELL and BUNNY EAR.

Let this giraffe carry you up.

On his back you'll find a LARGE DRUM. Get on the giraffe and when his head is lifted, jump to the upper-right platform.

At the next Gong, jump onto the branches above and go left.

You'll find ZIG-ZAG FABRIC here.

Let the monkey pull you up. Drop down on the right platform and grab the LEATHER & BEADED WOOD.

Jump to the branch in front and walk right to grab the BANANA, GREY AFRICAN MASK, BROWN AFRICAN MASK, and ORANGE AFRICAN MASK

Go back to the last Gong and swing across the spike pit.

You'll see some monkeys dancing in fire.

Jump over the fire when the monkeys go up.

Collect the JUMPING APE object.

Zola says he'll forgive you if you find out what's troubling the buffalo.

Take the TAPHA NIANG from in front of Zola.

Swing from the monkey to collect the BIRD WING. Below the large drum grab the PINK FISH.

Go to your lower left and select the Wooden Steed from your sticker menu.

Place it and prize balls will roll down at you. You'll collect SHIELD 2, SEAHORSE, BARNACLE, and SHARP TOOTH

Go right to start a race.

Some buffalo will charge leftward. Just walk in either the background or foreground to avoid them. Jump on a buffalo to reach the STARFISH.

Use the monkey to your right to get out of the buffalo pit.

Swing left off the monkey, into the branches.


Left further, you'll find an OCTOPUS TENTACLE.

Go back to the right and swing over the spike pit.

You'll reach the end of the level. For completing it you'll receive PINK FASHION SUNGLASSES and GREEN DAISY.

You should end with 100% completion.

100% completion will give you SAVANNAH CONCEPT and SAVANNAH CONCEPT WITH FRAME.

When you ace this level (make it through without dying), you'll receive the RINGMASTER JACKET.

The Savannah - Burning Forest

This is the second Savannah level, Burning Forest.

Get on the rocks behind the monkey and head left.

To the left of the teeter-totter, you'll find a key.

Keep going left. You'll collect COCO WOOD.

Go back to the right, jumping over the pits and then using the monkey to help you swing over a larger pit.

You'll come to some buffalo. Get on the back of one of their heads.

When you reach the end of the line of buffalo, jump up and collect the AMAZING DIAMOND sticker.

To the right of that, you'll find BIG SNAPPY CROC and ZEBRA FABRIC.

Head leftward, riding on the back of some buffalo.

You'll see a prize bubble you can't reach yet. Keep going left with the buffalo.

When you reach the far left, jump on the platform and grab the WOODEN BUFFALO. You'll need the Cat Head sticker to get the other bubble, plus the one you couldn't reach on the way here.

Go back to the prize bubble you couldn't reach, and head right.

Jump on the back of some buffalo.

Before the buffalo get eaten by the crocs, jump and swing to the upper-right platform.

Swing across more crocs.

Grab the swing next to the monkey.

Continue swinging to the upper zebra balls. Swing leftward onto a branch.

Collect the GREEN ROPE. Continue left along the branches.

Collect the DANGLY MOTIF.

Left further, grab the LARGE RED VASE.

Head back to your right and get on the giant croc head.

Collect the BEAR NOSE and SHIELD 1.

Go to the right. Use the Stylized Antelope sticker.

You'll get a CRAZY EYES sticker.

Now, climb into the large croc's mouth. In the lower-front corner you'll find a PIGEON HOUSE.

Continue right. Jump on the creature's head to bounce high enough to collect the FEATHERY SPIKE object.

Swing over the crocs to get to a Co-Op area.

Have one player stand on the red button to open the door. The other player should pull the zebra block under where the door closes.

Now both players will be able to go past the door. Have one player hang onto the zebra circle, while the other player jumps up and gets TIGER NOSE, ANTLERS, and MAHOGANY WOOD.

Go left and drop down between the crocs.

Swing over to the CARDBOARD SUPPORT.

Drop down between the crocs, then head left.

Select the Amazing Diamond sticker from your Popit menu.

Place it and receive ROCK THE JUNGLE and STRIPY.

Now go right. Get on top of the upper-right croc and collect the CROC KING.

Make your way downward, between the crocs.

Swing to your right over more crocs and collect the ATTITUDE FACE.

Upon completion of the level, you'll receive GREEN CHECKED and BLACK & PINK DRESS.

You should have 91% of the items so far.

If you ace the level, you'll also get a Moustache.

After completing the next level, come back and use the Cat Head sticker.

Once you place it, grab the BUFFALO EMITTER.

Head right. Now you'll have swings over the buffalo. Swing rightward.

From the last swing grab the SCARY ORNAMENT.

Once you get 100% completion, you'll get the BIGCAT CONCEPT and the BIGCAT CONCEPT WITH FRAME.

The Savannah - The Meerkat Kingdom

This is the final Savannah level, The Meerkat Kingdom.

When you start the level, go right, behind what looks like a wall.

Place the Fluffy Tree sticker on the cardboard.


Go leftward. You'll come to a prize sticker, which will slide down the hill as you move closer.

Follow it down the hill, sliding as well.

Collect the prize, BABY MEERKATS.

Continue left. You'll begin a race.

You'll see a white block in the wall. Pull it out of the wall and get the CARVED HEADS material behind it.

Go to your lower-right.

You should find the finish to the race here.

Continue rightward. Swing across a gap and collect the COW UDDERS, COW HEAD, and CRAZED DONKEY.

Drop down the gap and continue to a room to your left. Some Meerkats will pop out of the ground.

Jump on a meerkat and have it bounce you to the upper-right ledge. Collect the MY PATCH audio object and a Survival Challenge Key.

Now have a Meerkat bounce you to the upper left of the room to collect MR BEAVER SAYS NO, RUBBER DUC, and CARVED ANIMALS.

Continue down the left path. Grab the zebra circle.

Use them swing over to the upper-left to grab the GROWL FACE.

Then use it to collect the CAT HEAD and BIRDY OUTLINE on the right side.

Continuing left, you'll come upon a Co-Op area. Have one player stand on the left edge of the platform lifting it up. Have the other player drop down the the lower area.

Then have one player grab the zebra circle and pull it leftward. The other player can then get down to the lower path as well.

Have both players pull the zebra block to get it a hair past the upper platform.

Have one player jump on the block. Another block will fall from the roof. Collect the RED ROMAN CAPE, BLACK ANIMAL NOSE, and ORANGE BLOCK. Then go right, behind what somewhat resembles a wall to get the SCARY FANGS.

Have both players exit rightward. You'll come across a Meerkat with it's belly and head sticking out. Have one player get on the head and the other one jump on the belly. This will launch the player on the head upward. Do this to grab the WOODEN PLANKS prize.

Then do the same at the second Meerkat you come across. Launch up to the BIG-BELLY MEERKAT prize.

Continue right. You'll come to a wall that will break under weight. Try to quickly jump to the upper right to grab the BROWN WOOD prize. If you miss, you'll likely have to come back through the level again later. Also collect the RED BOY sticker you see below.

Go to your lower left and swing over the spike pit.

Have a larger Meerkat bounce you up to the JET CHEETAH. Continue to your lower left.

A very large Meerkat wants you to find his son, Stripy Tail.

Go leftward. You'll see a light hanging in the background. Step back into the background and walk rightward.

You'll come across the SLEEPING ELEPHANT sticker.

Place the Growl Face sticker on the cardboard.

You'll release the HANGING SNAPPING CLAW.

Continue leftward, to the club. Use two players again to bounce up and collect a RED LOBSTER.

Go to the next Meerkat and have a player bounce up and grab onto the zebra swing. Swing onto the platform to your left.

Jump from the left side of the platform. A Meerkat will stick out it's head, keeping you from falling. Then jump to your upper-right to collect a BIG CUTE NOSE sticker.

Using the same Meerkat as before. Bounce a player up high enough to grab the BLUE FISH sticker.

Continue leftward. You'll find Stripy Tail. Grab onto him and pull him rightward.

Now that you have Stripy Tail, you'll be able to get past the Meerkat and collect the WOODEN FLAMINGO. Pull Stripy Tail rightward some more.

This Meerkat will also allow you past to collect the SNAPPING CLAW and SAVANNAH INT MUSIC.

Once you get Stripy Tail back to his parent, they will open a gate for you.

Inside the gate, collect the WOODEN ZEBRA, WALLPAPER, and ENGRAVED METAL. Continue rightward.

You'll come to some Meerkats that will bounce you upward. Jump on them to progress upward, then rightward.

You should find a SCRATCH PATTERN when jumping from the second Meerkat.

One Meerkat will send you up really high and you'll get a Score Challenge Key.

Up further, you'll be able to bounce up to a RED BUTTERFLY and a WHITE BUTTERFLY.

Left of the Red Butterfly, you'll find a place to use your Voodoo Face.

This will release a MEERKAT POPUP.

Head right, past a gong. A Meerkat will launch you upward.


For completing the level for the first time, you'll get PINK SCARF and THE SAVANNAH.


For acing the level, you'll get a RINGMASTER TOP HAT and GOLD MONOCLE.

The Wedding - The Wedding Reception

We are now starting The Wedding levels.

The first level is The Wedding Reception.


Go to the right, through the skull, jumping from the mouth to avoid the spike pit. Next you'll come to some platforms that have prize bubbles on them. Pull on the basket material in the middle to yank the bubbles down. Collect the BASKET, BEVEL CONCRETE, RED & GOLD CUTOUT WOOD, and TEETER PLATFORM.

Jump onto the red platform to your right. It's a bit bouncy. Time your jumps so you can collect the PURPLE GLASS, BIG STAINED GLASS WINDOW, and RED GLASS that are out of reach. Careful not to fall in the spikes below the bouncy platform.

Go rightward. If you end up on the lower platform, just jump into the butler when he opens his mouth, but only when it isn't electrified (every other opening.)

After the next gong, jump onto the platform to collect the LITTLE BUTLER and quickly jump to the right.

Next you'll come across some balloons. Grab onto the basket and let them carry you up to the CONFUSED SKULL, SKELETON HAT SWITCH TRIGGER, RED CROSS, STANDING SKELETON, BALLOON LAUNCHER, SAINT STICKER, and GREEN SKULLS.

Then you'll come to a large room with some bungees. Grab onto the first one and hold to your lower-left to enter a hidden passage. Collect the SKELETON TALKING HEAD, BOWLER-HATTED SKELETON, TILTING STAINED GLASS WINDOW, and the SKELETON HAND.

Continue rightward. You'll come to an indent in the ground with prize bubbles above. Step forward, onto the red button to get launched up to the bungee. Use the combination to collect HUGE EYE SWITCH TRIGGER, GREEN GLASS, SKULL BUNGEE CORD, BROWN GLASS, and BLUE GLASS.

Continue on and you'll find a skull that will bounce you to an upper platform. For now, continue to the right instead.

Use the second butler to bounce you up and get the SPIKED SCREAMING SKULL.

To your right, you'll find a Co-Op area. Have one person pull on the lower sack. The other player should then be able to grab onto the next higher one.

Then, while one player is holding onto the second sack, the player holding the first sack should be able to release and grab the third sack. Then the second player can release and jump onto the platform.

Have the player on the platform grab onto the sack hanging from the skull. You'll reveal VOLVER A COMENZAR, STRAW, and FARMER'S CAP.

Now let the skull bounce you to the upper platform.

Use the Huge Eye sticker on the skull's missing eye.

Collect the FUZZY SCRIBBLE that falls through the skull's head.

Jump into the skull's mouth on far right.

You'll bounce upward. Use the bounce to collect the SCREAMING SKULL on the platform to the upper-left.

Now let the skull bounce you to the upper-right.

Ride the skull's jaws upward like an elevator.

As the upper skull is close to closing it's mouth, jump to your right. You should hopefully get a boosted jump to the upper platform.

Jump over and get the SKULL LIFT prize, then get back onto the upper platform again.

Jump right along the skull heads to collect BOW TIE, PLASTIC NOSE, PLASTIC EAR, and GLASSES.

In the future, you can just jump from mouth to mouth on the skulls.

The far-right skull will bounce you upward. Jump at the right time to get enough of a boost to get on the platform to your upper-right.

Creep to the right edge of this platform and fall off, while holding leftward. You'll fall into a hidden tunnel, collecting RED COFFIN, BIG CHIN SKELETON, HALF MOON, TOP HAT, and CALAVERA THE WRESLER. Then use one of the skulls to your right to bounce you back up onto the platforms above.

You'll need to bounce high above each platform to collect YELLOW FLOWER, YELLOW DANDELIONS, WOBBLY LEGS, SPRINGY ARM, and WHITE FLOWER.

If you jump high enough on the final spring board, you'll collect a Challenge Key.

Continue rightward over a bridge. You'll come to some more skulls to bounce you upward. Bounce off the lower one and grab the LARGE BALLOON.

Bounce up to the left platform and grab the PSYCHO BUNNY, PURPLE SKULL TORSO, and PURPLE STUFF.

To your left, you'll find DISCO'N'TINUED, WAVY DAVY SKELETON, and a Survival Challenge Key.

Now go back to your right and use the skulls to bounce you up to the SMALL BALLOON and MEDIUM BALLOON.

For completing the level, you'll receive the FAIRY DRESS and RAINBOW DOT.

You can immediately replay the level and use the Skeleton Hat sticker on the cardboard cutout of it.

You'll reveal two skulls. The left one will have LOWER TEETH and the right one will have a PLASTIC MUSTACHE.


For acing the level, you'll receive a WOODEN SWORD costume.

The Wedding - The Darkness

This is the second level of The Wedding, The Darkness.

You'll come across a dog. He'll go forward if you are on his head or in front of him. He'll go backward if you are on his back or behind him. Get on his head and let him take you forward.

He'll carry you over spikes. Grab the BULL SKULL and SEATED SKELETON prizes here.

Shortly after that, he'll go up a hill. When you are partway up the hill you can jump off the dog to the left to collect the CERAMIC MOSAIC.

You'll come to a wall. Jump off the dog to the upper area and grab the ramp and push it down.

Now the dog will climb up the ramp.

Soon you'll come to two paths. The upper path has some kind of deadly smoke. Take the lower path, jumping over the pits.

When the paths meet back up, grab the GREY GHOST and get back on the dog.

To the right, you'll see three prize bubbles on pedestals. Grab them for SKELETON HAND, SKELETON HIP BONE, and CARTOON BONE.

You'll reach another wall the dog can't pass. Jump up on the upper wall and push the lever.

The land under the dog will raise up. Get on your dog and jump to two prize bubbles on a platform to the upper-left, collecting PIXEL SKULL and CHRISTMAS LIGHT.

Continue rightward with the dog. Right after the gong, you'll see a trap on the floor. When the dog walks on it, it'll cave in. Either get to the right of the trap before the dog gets there or jump off the dog before it falls in.

Go up the skeleton elevators. Don't jump or you'll hit the spikes on the top of their jaw.

On the third skeleton elevator you can walk rightward to reach the SKULL bubble.

Get on the top of the second skeleton elevator's skull. Jump left and grab the skull.

You can use it to swing to a platform on the left that contains a Challenge Key and the APPLIANCE OF SCIENCE audio.

You can also use the skull to reach the PICTURE FRAME on top of the third skeleton elevator.

Head rightward. Check behind the walls to find SKELETON ARM, SKELETON LEG, and SKELETON TORSO.

Jump over the spike pits. After one of them you'll find some bats dipping up and down. Avoid touching them and grab the DEADLY BAT object.

Soon you'll come to a spike pit that goes up and down. When it is down, jump over it.

After that, avoid the bat and jump over the spike pit, using the skull to swing over it.

You'll come to another spike pit. Grab and pull the skull hanging over it rightward. You'll collect the SMALL LED LIGHT.

Up ahead there will be a spike pit with a RED CANDLE prize bubble over it. Jump the pit and grab it.

Go down the stairs and collect the PURPLE SKULL SKIRT, PURPLE SKULL ARM, and SPOTTY SKULL LEG in front of them.

Pull the large foam block with the skull on it leftward. Grab the revealed SUGAR SKULL. Use the foam block to jump to the upper-right platform.

You'll reach another spike pit moving up and down. When it is down jump over it, collecting the METAL SKULL PLATE.

To the right you'll find the groom. He wants you to drag him to Frida.

Ignore the groom for the moment. Grab onto the first skull bungee to your right, then use it to get on the upper-left platform.

This is a Co-Op area. Have one sackboy get on the platform to the left of the gong. The other player should hang from the skull. This will raise the platform, allowing the player on the platform to jump to the left, onto a higher platform.

Jump from the upper platform and grab the light swing. Drag it leftward and drop on a prize bubble, collecting the three you see between the spikes. Repeat the process until you get all three - RED PINATA MOTIF, GREEN PINATA MOTIF, and BLUE PINATA MOTIF.

Now both players will need to head left, over the spikes. One player pulling the light at the top and one player jumping the spikes at the bottom.

When the top player reaches a platform, jump onto it and press the red button. This will open a doorway for the bottom player to enter.


Leave the Co-Op area and use the three bungee skulls to get to the right of the spike pit. Pull the lever found there and it will remove the spike pit.

Pull the groom rightward. The door will open for him.

After the door, you'll find another Co-Op area. Have one player step on the red button, while another is on the platform that springs upward. The player should launch up to the far-upper platform and be able to collect the SUGAR BONE and TORN CLOTH.

Now pull the groom onto the spring and step on the red button. He'll fly up to the platform you're on. Now drag him rightward, through the door.

As you walk past prize bubbles, you can jump on the groom and then jump to get PINATA DOG, BLUE PINATA MOTIF, PINK PINATA MOTIF, and ORANGE PINATA MOTIF.

You'll eventually come to a place where the groom says he is too large to get through. Let go of him and continue rightward.

You'll find some more skull elevators. There is a hidden object to the right of the first skull elevator. To get it, jump right when the skull elevator is closing. You should jump into the background, instead of the spikes.

Continue up the skull elevators. At the top, go left. Grab onto the skull you find there and let it take you up to a platform on the upper-left.

Use the Pixel Skull sticker on the five cutouts.

This will reveal BROWN LEATHER and BUNNY.

Head back to the right.

As you come to a dead end, the Skulldozer will pop out and do a bunch of damage.

This will create a ramp, allowing you to climb up. As you get near the top of that ramp, the Skulldozer will end up creating another ramp, letting you go to your upper-right.

For completing the level you'll get PINK FAIRY WINGS and PINK DOT costumes.


For acing the level you'll get ROMAN ARMOR.

The Wedding - Skulldozer

This is the final level of The Wedding, Skulldozer.

You're told that Skulldozer is destroying everything in its path.

You'll come to a race.

During the race, Skulldozer will chase you. Keep out in front of Skulldozer and usually keep to the upper platforms to collect the prize bubbles. Below, I'll list each prize bubble you'll find in order...



















For completing the level, you'll receive LONG BUNCHES WIG and THE WEDDING.


For acing the level, you'll get ROMAN HELMET.

The Canyons - Boom Town

Now we begin The Canyon levels

The first level in The Canyons is Boom Town.

When you begin the level, you'll see BIRDS IN TREE and WHITE PANELS in the rocks to your right. Also collect the GREEN STRIPES FABRIC in the lower-left corner.

Head a short distance to the right. You'll see seven prize bubbles to collect, which are PINATA, LONG MUSTACHE, RED PONCHO, SOMBRERO HAT, LACE TRIM DRESS, MEXICAN WRESTLER, and SENIORITA WIG. Also collect the PIXEL CACTUS prize behind the cactus to the left of those bubbles.

Continue forward. To the left of the man you come to, grab the FAT CACTUS and CACTUS ARM from behind the large cactus.

To the right of the man, collect the CACTUS sticker.

Carefully jump over the spiked cacti to collect the LARGE CACTUS and MEXICAN ROCK SCENE. When you stand on the pillar of rocks, they will sway. Jump when the pillar leans the direction you desire.

The last spiked cactus will have RED WOOD and ORANGE WOOD behind it.

You'll find some fabric blocks up ahead. Jump up and grab on, pulling them to the right. Collect the BROWN STRIPY FABRIC prize. Push the blocks toward the spiked cactus to your right, with the largest block up against it.

Behind a cactus in the background, you'll find a THIN CACTUS.

Jump onto the fabric blocks and jump over the spikes, collecting the ROUND CACTUS.

After the next gong. You'll find a red button. Jump on it to destroy some explosives.

A cylinder on fire will roll toward you. Stay on the button and jump over it when it stops.

You'll find another red button to the right. Jump on it to destroy more explosives.

Two more cylinders on fire will roll toward you. Jump to the lower ledge to avoid them.

Continue up the path. You'll come to a cow. Push the cow off the ledge. Collect the SANDPAPER prize bubble.

Go down where the cow fell. Take the Survival Challenge key from around the cow's neck.

Climb back up to where the cow was and continue to the upper-right. Collect the HILLSIDE VILLAGE object.

Step on the next red button you come to.

Quickly run/jump downward from the cylinder that appears. Careful not to jump onto the explosives below though. A prize bubble will follow the cylinder down the hill. You'll get CHECK FABRIC from it.

Now we will do the Co-Op area. Push the striped ramp rightward, until it falls into place.

Pull an explosive to the right, but don't get too crazy with it, or it'll explode.

You want the explosive and the sackboy who pulled it to sit in the second cart.

Have the other player pull them rightward.

You'll go over a pit and continue on up to the top of a hill. You'll see a WEATHERED GREEN WOOD sitting to the right.

Have one player hold the cart at the top of the hill. The other player should jump forward, onto the button, to get out of the cart.

That player then should pull the lever rightward. The ramp above will come down.

Release the cart and it will climb up the ramp and stick in the upper-left. Whatever you do, don't press the button on the floor yet.

Have one of the players drag another explosive into the first cart, and remain in it.

The other player needs to drag them to the right, over the pit.

You'll notice that this cart seems heavier and you can't get it up the hill. Have the player in the cart jump out and both players should pull the cart upward.

Once the cart is at the top, one player can let go and go flip the switch, making the ramp come down.

Release the cart and it will start climbing the ramp. When it is halfway up the ramp, flip the switch the other direction. The ramp will raise and the cart will go into the upper-right corner.


Lower the ramp with the lever and collect the prize bubbles.

Go back to the explosives and get on the platform above, continuing to the upper-right. You'll come to a colorful fabric block. Push it against the explosives and collect the MEXICAN SHUTTER and the COLONIAL DOOR. Jump on the red button to blow up the explosives.

The explosion will reveal a WHITE WINDOW.

Jump up the steps in the rock and collect the DARK WOOD. Jump forward onto the red button to explode the house under it.

This will reveal a LONG COLONIAL DOOR.

Jump to the upper-left, on the yellow flowered platforms. You'll find a MEXICAN DOOR prize bubble. Collect it and hit the red button under it.


Drop off the left edge of the building to collect the MUSTARD COLONIAL MOTIF.

Go back to the upper platform you jumped off. Now jump off to the right, onto a cat pinata. Collect the CAT PINATA.

The pinata will break open, revealing CRIES IN THE WIND and a Challenge Key.

Now jump or swing onto the bank building to your right. Collect the NARROW ROOFTOP and COLONIAL BALCONY prizes.

To the right of the bank, you'll see a ramp. Grab the RED OCARINA from behind it.

Jump on the red button found after the next gong. This will reveal a rocket ship. Jump on the rocket ship.

Grab on with R1. As soon as you do, you'll be launched. Try to collect the ROCKET CART prize as you go by it.

Continue rightward, past the jail. Eventually, you'll come to some scorpions bouncing up and down. Carefully move past them grabbing the BLUE PAINT, RED PAINT, and WHITE PAINT bubbles.

Pull the fabric block to the right, next to the explosive cart, and use both items to jump up to the ledge on your right.

Use your Popit menu to select the Orange Bird sticker.

Stamp it on all five birds. If you miss there will be an explosion. Collect the CACTUS BODY, ANGRY SKULL, WEATHERED WOOD, CORNMAN, BORDER BIT, and WINDOW SEMI CIRCLE

Go back to the explosive cart and pull it leftward.

After passing the scorpions, jump on the cart and then jump up to the BLACK RUBBER SCORPION, BIG SPIDER, and MEXICAN VASE prizes. Continue to pull the explosive cart all the way to the left.

Stand in front of the door for a bit. The explosive cart will be detonated. Collect the revealed prize bubbles, BANDIT TOY SOLDIER 1, BANDIT TOY SOLDIER 2, PENCIL, SQUARE COLONIAL MOTIF, and WIDE ROOFTOP. A hole in the ground will open up. Enter the hole.

You'll find a jetpack and some explosives. Grab an explosive. Carefully grab the GREEN FACE as you climb upward.

At the top of the cavern, you'll find IMPACT EXPLOSIVE EMITTER and RED PAINTED WOOD.

Drop the explosive onto the blocked path below.

After a second hit you should be able to continue on.

Move the metal plate covering, what looks like foam.

Drop an explosive (found to your right) onto the foam to destroy it. Enter the area for another Co-Op challenge.

Have one player hold the red button. The other player should grab explosives and drop them down the left path.

Once you clear the left path, you'll be able to get PATCHY EYE, SMILEY SUN, RINGMASTER TROUSERS, WARRIOR SWOOP, and FEATHERED HEADBAND.

Leave the Co-Op area and continue right. You'll need to carry explosives past the fast moving wooden spikes. The method that seemed to work well for me was to get close to the spike, while getting low enough to rest my explosive on the ground. As soon as the spike lifts, go diagonally to your upper-right. This seems to prevent some of the swinging the explosives like to do.

After you make it past the spikes, drop the explosives on the blocked part of the passage. It's possible to break through it two hits, but it could take you four.

Once past the blockage, collect the SOMBRERO HAT prize and remove the jetpack.

Soon you'll come to a cart. Grab the IRON MINE CART prize in front of it.

Jump in the cart and grab on. It'll take you to the end of the level.

For completing the level you'll receive FRINGED DRESS and RED FLOWERS.

For 100% completion, you'll get BOOM TOWN CONCEPT and BOOM TOWN CONCEPT WITH FRAME.

This level can be a bit challenging to ace, but if you do, you'll get COWBOY BOOTS and LEATHER GLOVES.

The Canyons - The Mines

This is the second level in The Canyons, The Mines.

Go rightward into the mines. Jump on the blue spot on the enemy's heads.

Jump over the fire pit and bounce on the next enemy's head to reach the RED STRIPY FABRIC and AZTEC SPIKY.

Get on the spinning fabric wheels. You can grab onto these if needed. Collect the two prize bubbles above the wheels, RED PATTERN FABRIC and STANDING MAN.

To the upper-right of the wheels, you'll find a spot to use your Angry Skull sticker.


Fall down between the wheels. Collect the MATCHSTICK.

Also collect the RED WRESTLER FACE. If you have a difficult time with this, you can hold onto the red fabric wheel as it spins and let go at the right time. Press the red button.

Some mining carts will come onto the track. Get on one and hang on for a fast ride.

Defeat the enemies after the next gong.

Then press the next red button you find.

Another cart will come out. Look in the hole it comes out and you'll see a CARDBOARD MINE CART to take.

Pull the lever up ahead rightward. it will lower the ramp.

Have a second player step on the left side of the ramp. The other player can pull the lever to raise the ramp up, letting the player on the ramp collect the POWERED CHAIN PLATFORM. Pull the cart to the right wall if needed. Jump up on it to continue over the wall.

Next you'll come to some carts hanging on rails. Pull the lever when the upper cart is over your head to collect the STANDING MAN OUTLINE. It can be difficult to time this. If you don't catch it, it'll fall down into a fire pit and you'll have to try the level again to get it.

The bottom cart will have burning rocks in it. Those should fall when you released the prize bubble. Once they fall out, pull the lever the other way to close the bottom of the carts. Jump into the bottom cart.

Jump out of the cart to the right ledge. Collect the CACTUS QUENCH prize.

Jump on the conveyor.

Jump off of it onto the left ledge before the floor your standing on becomes vertical.

Get in the upper cart.

Let it take you to the left, then jump out and collect the JUMPING WRESTLER.

Place the Red Explosives sticker here.


Head back to the right and go to the upper platform. There will be some jumping enemies here. When they're in the air, hit them in their lower blue spot with a jump.

Get launched by a block on your left. Use it to get the THIN SARDINE LABEL.

You also want to land on the upper-right platform. Pull the block out of the wall to drop the explosive and clear a path for you. Go through this path.

You'll find a spinning wheel. Get the BASKET material to the upper-right of it.

Drop down and press the red button you find.

Jump on the cart and hold on. Jump to get the MINE CART WITH HANDLES prize bubble.

Continue right. You'll find a conveyor going down. Hop onto it.

When the conveyor ends, jump to the conveyor on your left. Careful of the fire on the walls.

Once again jump to a conveyor on your right, collecting the WOODEN BASKET material as you do.

When you're low enough, jump to the platform on your left.

Jump onto the enemy's head. Be careful of the spiked hammer it swings back and forth.

You'll come to the start of a race. Jump on the red button to drop an explosive box to the ground. When the two arrows on the box point to each other, it'll explode.

Pull the explosive box to your right to blow up the wall next to the gong.


Continue to press the red button to get more explosives. Use the explosives on the wall to the left.

When you break through the wall, collect MEXICAN SPICE.

Jump over the spike pits to your left and press the red button.

The explosives under the wood will blow up, making the wood turn into a ramp for you.

Jump to the upper-left to collect the APPLE HEART.

Step on the red button to your right. This will make the other piece of wood to your left into a ramp.

Push the cart on the upper platform to the right.

Jump on the red button to release BOTTLE LOGO and HALF A TACHE.

Continue left. Hop into a cart.

You'll reach a Challenge Key. Jump to get it.

Shortly after the Challenge Key, you'll need to jump to get the WHITE COTTON BUD.

When the cart comes to land, jump off and continue to the right, defeating the enemy.

Next you'll come to some spinning wheels. Remember you can hold onto them if needed. Jump onto the first one.

You can hold onto the first wheel to collect the SPIKEHAMMER BLOCK.

When you get back to the top, jump to the green wheel. You may want to hold on and have it spin you back to a better footing at the top.

Now jump left to the red wheel. If you don't get to the top, just hold on and let it spin you back to the top.

Jump to the next green wheel to the left.

Let it spin you around to collect the DOUBLE SPONGE ROTATOR.

Now drop from the green wheel to the red one below. Hang on if needed.

Jump to the final green wheel to the left. Do not let this one spin you all the way around though, because it'll take you into the fire pit below. Jump to the left for safety.

You'll come to another red button. Push it and hop into the cart that appears.

After a bit, your cart will fall off the end of the ramp. Grab onto the green swing to survive. You can use the swing to grab the EMPTY MINE CART object as well.

Let go of the swing as you are at full swing leftward and the flames build up, sending a new mining cart out of the hole. You should hopefully land in that cart. It isn't as hard as it sounds.

When your cart makes it to land, jump out.

Climb the hill, which appears to be a dead end, but it's not. Take note of the place on your upper-right that we can later place a sticker to get 100% completion.

You'll come to a Co-Op area. Have one player pull on the upper sack, while the other player holds onto the lower one.

This will turn the wheel, forming a complete path for both players to walk past it.

Now have one player grab onto the red fabric wheel. Have the other player pull the middle lever leftward until the player hanging it close to the green wheel.

Now the upper-player can grab onto the green wheel.

Have the lower-player pull the left lever to the right until the upper-player is next to the red wheel.

The upper-player can let go and grab the red wheel, by pressing in it's direction.

Finally, the lower-player should pull the right lever to the left. This will allow the upper-player to grab the prize bubbles, RED MOTIF, ROTTEN TEETH, SINGLE SPONGE ROTATOR, and DUNGAREES BOTTOM.

Go back down to where the cart dropped you off. Head leftward. You'll come to some more spinning wheels. Jump on the red wheel and hold on.

Drop onto the green wheel. Hold onto it as well. Do a complete circle to grab the FRAMED CARVED WOOD, then drop off the right side of the green wheel.

You should land on a red wheel. Hold onto it and it'll spin you around to collect the SAREGAMA SUN and a Challenge Key. Drop off as you collect those, so you don't hit the hot wall above them.

You'll land onto a wheel you can't grip. Jump to the left edge of the platform to the right. Then jump onto the enemies to defeat them.

To the right, you'll find a dropoff. When you drop, the blocked passage will open up and you'll fall.

You'll begin to be chased by a large flaming boulder. Run rightward, jumping over the fire. You can hit the flames once without dying, but not twice in a row.

The third set of jumps will be more challenging. You'll have to barely tap the jump button at times.

After you escape the boulder, you'll find GREEN GECKO sticker in a hidden passage on the left.

Level complete! You'll receive PIGTAIL HAIR WIG and BROWN CAMO.

When you ace the level, you'll get the COWBOY BANDANA and JEANS WITH A BELT.

Once you complete the next level, Serpent Shrine. You'll have the Mexican Scary Mask to use, near the Co-Op area.


Now you should have 100% completion, which will give you ANTEATER CONCEPT WITH FRAME and ANTEATER CONCEPT.

The Canyons - Serpent Shrine

This is the final level of The Canyons, "Serpent Shrine"

Pull the switch to create a staircase.

Jump left near the top of the stairs to collect RAISING STEPS.

Continue up to the gong. Jump over the pit and collect the SNAKE STONE.

Use the trampoline to your right to bounce up to the AZTEC GOLD prize.

Continue right. Jump over the pits you encounter.

You'll come to another trampoline. Let it bounce you to the upper platform.

Bounce on the three blue bubbles on the snake's back to defeat it.

The snake will drop an AZTEC SACKBOY sticker.

Jump over the fire pit on your right. Bounce off the enemy's head to get up to the three prize bubbles, FACE STONE, AZTEC FACE, and BEVEL AZTEC JADE. There is also a trampoline down lower that can get you up here.

Drop down and continue rightward. Jump over the trampoline you encounter. Jump on the enemy's head to defeat it, then grab the AZTEC STONE. Now use the trampoline to get to the platform above.

Continue rightward, jumping over pits. Use the red swing to cross the fire pit.

At the gong, right after the fire pit, drop into the serpent tunnel as soon as the snake passes.

You'll drop in a hole before the serpent can get to you.

Defeat the snake and collect the JADE TRACK STRAIGHT.

Continue right, jumping past the trampoline.

At the end of the tunnel, you'll find a place to put an Aztec Face sticker.


Head back and jump on the trampoline, traversing upward.

There is a gong at the top. Collect the JADE TRACK CROSS. The trampoline should get you high enough, but you can also jump on the enemy's head to reach it.

To the left of the gong, you'll find a JADE TRACK GATE object.

There is also a place to put a Green Gecko sticker here.

The sticker will make some blocks start going up and down. Head leftward across them.

At the far-left, you'll find ORANGE MOTIF, JADE TRACE EMITTER, and CLOWN.

Continue back to the right, crossing a bridge. Jump across the gap and defeat the snake.

Pick up the AZTEC JADE dropped by the snake.

Grab the fabric ball to your right. It'll pull you upward.

We want to take the left path, but wait until the serpent passes by.

Grab onto the red fabric ball. It'll spring you upward as the serpent comes by.

Get on the trampoline to the left and collect the WOODEN MASK and QUETZAL FEATHER prizes.

Head back to the last gong and platform rightward.

You'll come to a red fabric ball. Jump past it and grab the MEXICAN SCARY MASK.

Grab onto the red fabric ball above you. It'll pull you upward. Jump off to the left.

Get on the trampoline to the left.

It'll bounce you up to a Co-Op area.

After a serpent goes by, have one player quickly run down the serpent's path, toward the red fabric ball. The top player should be ready to jump on the left red button.

When the lower player grabs onto the ball, have the upper player step on the red button top pull the ball upward.

After the serpent passes, both players should run to the right, doing the same with the second red ball.

Then do the same with the next fabric ball. This should lift up the lower player. Jump off to the right.


Now leave the Co-Op area and head downward to the next gong.

Push the block to the right of you.

Then jump into the background and walk rightward.

Place your Orange Motif sticker on the cardboard cutout.


Platform leftward, past the gong. You'll see a gong to your left.

The gong will drop and roll down the path. Follow the gong downward.

Kill the enemy on your left and collect the JADE TRACK CIRCLE.

Kill the snake to your right.


Continue rightward, avoiding the obstacles.

Jump on the enemies to bounce up to the upper platform.

Grab the FACE MOTIF.

Cross the bridge. It will collapse halfway across.

After a serpent goes by, jump down the tunnel and grab onto the red ball. When another serpent goes by, run rightward and grab the next red ball.

After the next serpent, you can run down the tunnel to your right. You should fall into a gong hole. Stay down in the hole until the next serpent passes.

Again, to your right you'll need to grab onto a red ball.

When able, run rightward and jump to the red ball and swing across to the right platform.

The sheriff will talk to you. Jump onto the ledge behind you and then jump to your upper left.

You'll find a SHERIFF ZAPATA in the eye of the serpent.

Continue right, past the gong. You'll come to your first boss battle, the sheriff. Avoid the explosives he throws. The easiest way I found to do this is to wait on the right side of the pit. As the first explosive is shooting leftward, follow it and jump after it hits the ground. This should keep the second explosive from hitting you. After the sheriff throws a set of explosives, he'll throw an explosive box, which is on a timer. Push it rightward.

Put the explosive box up against the wall. Then be ready to dodge another set of explosives the sheriff will throw. Repeat this process until the sheriff runs off.

The next room will have moving platforms. Push the explosive box rightward, over the top portion of the platforms. When you are on the left platform, some explosives will land in the middle. When the platforms line up, move the explosive box and yourself onto the middle platform. Then explosives should drop on the third platform.

After they drop, push the explosive rightward and just let go of it before reaching the right side of the third platform. The momentum of the box should push it into the right wall.

Continue to do this until the sheriff is destroyed. I suggest only trying to move every other explosive box toward the sheriff.

For completing the level, you'll get a FRYING PAN and THE CANYONS.


When you ace the level, you'll get a COWBOY HAT.

The Metropolis - Lowrider

We are now beginning The Metropolis levels.

This level is called Lowrider.

You are instructed to drive a car by pulling a switch inside it. Collect UNCLE JALAPENO'S CAR prize bubble.

Take the car rightward. Notice the cardboard sign. Later in this level you'll get a sticker to put on it.

Eventually, you'll run into a wall on your right.

Back up the ramp and then go forward up the upper ramp.

Before you drive off an edge, collect the SKYSCRAPER SCENE. Then continue driving rightward, into the mechanic shop.


To your right, you'll find a red car. Jump on the button on the hood to get launched upward.

Grab onto the hanging light.

Use the lights to swing leftward, collecting Y PIPE, C PIPE, and PIPE.

Use the buttons on the hood of the red cars to bounce upward, to the upper car. Go left, over the car, and jump between the electrified barrels.

Jump and grab the hanging lights on your left. Collect the PINK DONUTS LOGO and then drop and collect the STATUE OF LIBERTY.

Jump onto the hanging light on your left, grabbing the COFFEE LOGO. Swing left onto the yellow platform. Take the WRENCH and SPANNER.

At the left side of the yellow platform, also take MAG'S CAR GARAGE.

Go back to the right and get on the upper red car. Use the button on the hood to bounce up to more hanging lights. Grab the PISTON LOWRIDER, SPOTLIGHT, and GRAFFITI SCRAWL.

Swing leftward, using those hanging lights, into a tower. You'll find BROWN RUSTY METAL in the upper room. Drop down to the next floor and grab the PING BLASTER as well.

Now use the middle red car's button to bounce you up into a hanging lamp (to the right of the upper red car.)

Swing into the room on the right and pull the lever to move the yellow wall to your right upward. Drop down and go through the open room.

Use the Pink Blaster sticker on the rectangle. This will drop 5 prize bubbles, METAL SUPPORT, I HEART LBP, LBP BADGE, WHEEL GEAR, and METROPOLIS INT MUSIC. The cars will start bouncing. Jump on the hoods of the cars to get thrown up high enough to reach the prize bubbles.

Now use the upper red car's button to bounce you to the upper-right, onto a platform with a yellow and red car. Use the button on this hood to grab the Challenge Key and the RED SKYSCRAPER SCENE.

Now let the button on the hood bounce you up to a yellow platform on your upper-left. Push the block leftward to drop some prize bubbles below.

Go down and collect those prizes, which are BACON SLAB and WANTED POSTER.

Now drive the car to a comfortable position to have it launch you over the electrified cylinders. The first cylinder will have a RED LOWRIDER above it.

The second cylinder will have a ELECTRIFIED HAZARD SIGN to its upper-right.

Now drive the car rightward, until you hit a wall. Use the button on the front of the car to launch you to the upper platform.

Push the left wall over, making a ramp.

Grab the ICE CREAM SIGN, attached to the ramp.

Drive the car backwards, under the ramp. Then drive up the ramp with the car.

Use the red button on the car to bounce you up to TAXI METAL and the HANGING TRAFFIC LIGHT.

Then use it to bounce you up to a lever. Hold onto the lever to open a pathway to the right.

Drive the car rightward, into another wall. Jump on the red button while holding the analog stick to the right, to avoid the electric cylinders.

On the way up grab the CONCRETE PANELING.

Jump onto the spinning tire to your right. Be careful of the electrified squares on the tire. Jump to grab the prize bubbles, rotating on the tire above this one. You'll get ROUTE 77, TRICYCLE WHEEL, SCRAP CARS 2, ROUGH RED TARTAN PATCH, BOBCAT, SKYLINE 3, and RED TARTAN PATCH. You can now restart the level if you want to use the Route 77 sticker on that sign found at the beginning.

Now jump to the right, onto a yellow car. Jump over the electrified cylinder and collect the BUTTON EYES sticker.

Drop down onto the orange car on your right. Then jump leftward, over the electrified cylinder. Collect SCRAP CARS 3.

Jump onto the green car that moves up and down. To avoid getting squished, stand where the orange car's wheel well is.

When you can, jump onto the back of the orange car above you and grab YEAH.

You can reach the BLING CURTAIN easy enough, but the other upper prize bubbles aren't as easily in reach.

Use the car elevator to grab the CHROME AND VELVET, BLING RING, and SCRAP CAR LIFT.

Also grab the LOLZ and RED BICYCLE from the yellow car.

Pull the lever on the yellow car to make the orange car below drop. Then take that path to find a Co-Op area.

First, grab the SCRAP CARS 1 bubble on your left.

Then have one player in the car and the other player hang from the fabric below. The upper player should drive to the left, trying to help the lower player avoid the electrified object. The lower player will get AMERICAN TROUSERS.

Have the lower player pull the lever to open a path for the upper player to continue driving.

Both players should continue leftward. The bottom player will collect a CANNONBALL HELMET. The upper player can jump up to get the AMERICAN JACKET.

As the car continues to drive leftward, the lower player will reach a dead end. The upper player needs to pull the lever to make the wall drop, allowing the bottom player to continue leftward.

The lower player should now grab the BIG QUIFF WIG.

That player can then grab the sponge on the left and it'll raise them up to the upper platform, where they can grab the HERO CAPE. Leave the Co-Op area and head rightward.

Pull the lever when you meet Mags again. It'll drop a cardboard car for you. Take the CUSTOM SPORTS CAR prize in the seat.

Select the Route 77 sticker from your popit menu.

Place the sticker on the size of the car. This will drop TOY CAR SPOILER, TOY CAR EXHAUST, CAR BLING, and TOY CAR ENGINE.

Drive your car rightward. You'll reach a wall, backup until you reach another wall, then continue forward.

You'll end up racing someone, but their road will end and they'll crash.

After your car stops, grab the RYTHM TRAX 07, found behind your car.

For completing the level, you'll get SCHOOL GIRL DRESS and GREY TWEED.

Acing the level will give you DINOSAUR TAIL.

After you get the Route 77 sticker from this level, you can go back and play it again. Stop the car near the cardboard sign and put the Route 77 sticker on it. Two bubbles will fall, which are FRUITY LOGO and DRIPPING SMILE.


The Metropolis - Subway

This is the second level of The Metropolis, "Subway"

Near the start of the level, you'll go down a huge elevator. There are 13 prize bubbles along the way, but you can't get them all on the first try. The prizes are BLUE KNIT, FEMALE DOLL HEAD, YELLOW FRIES, RED DECK CHAIR, FEMALE DOLL, BLUE DENIM, ROLLERSKATE LIFT, FEMALE DOLL ARM, FEMALE DOLL TORSO, BLUE FELT, ROLLERSKATE WHEEL, BLUE DECK CHAIR, and ROLLERSKATE.

After the elevator, you'll come to a drop-off. A train will come rushing by occasionally. Drop onto the train and let it carry you rightward.

Jump onto the platform that the train takes you under. Use the Yellow Fries sticker on the wall when the train isn't passing. This sticker was found on the way down the elevator, so you may not have it yet.

Two prizes will drop, WHITE WEAVE and SUBWAY TRAIN.

Jump onto the platform to the right and go through the vents.

At the end of the vents you'll find the DOUBLE AIRVENT.

Use the train to get to the platform on your right.

Jump onto the elevator with the lever on it. Pull the lever rightward to go down.

Stop the elevator near the bottom of the left wall. There is a passage through that wall. Grab the QUADRUPLE AIRVENT.

Go through the vents to the left to reach the POWERED AIRVENT.

Then take the upper-right path through the vents to reach the TRIPLE AIRVENT, AIRVENT, and BIG BURGER.

Continue to the bottom of the elevator. Jump onto a passing train.

Jump over the beams, some are electrified and will kill you. Collect the STRAIGHT SUBWAY TUNNEL bubble.

Jump onto the platform with the gong. Jump on another train to continue leftward.

Jump over and go under electrified beams.

You'll continue to jump over other beams as well.

Jump onto a platform with a gong on it.

When a train is in the background, jump on it to get the SUBWAY SLIDE TUNNEL.

Go left with the train. The vents will slow you down a bit, try not to fall off the trains.

Continuing rightward, you'll have more beams to jump over. None will be electrified this time.

Jump up to the gong. You'll begin a race here.

It's very tricky, but try to stay to the upper-right when traversing the vents. The best way for me was to stop between each vent and jump into the vent blade the way I wanted to go. You'll collect RAILROAD CROSSING here.

Stick to the upper-right path and you'll find a Challenge Key.

The large, powered airvent will have SKYLINE 4 in it. This one is easy to reach.

When you complete the race, you'll find Mags again. Before we tackle her problem, let's go left to a Co-Op area.

Have one player get in the airvent and the other one step on the red button to make the airvent turn.

Once the first player makes it through the vent, they can step on a red button to permanently power the airvent.

Now each player should stand in front of a lever.

Have the right player pull their lever to the right. This will raise up the other player. Be careful not to let them hit the gas.

Now the left player should pull their lever leftward to move that direction.

Next, the right player should pull their lever rightward to lower the other player.

Once again, the left player can now pull their lever to the left.

Now the right player should pull the lever to the right to lift the left player past the gas.

Then the left player should pull their lever rightward.

Then the right player should pull leftward.

And again, the left player should pull rightward, but don't run into the gas.

Finally, the right player can pull rightward one last time to raise the other player. The prize bubbles will then be reachable. Grab STITCHED BUTTON EYES and PINK HAIR WIG.

Now we can go back to Mag and help her. Pull the lever to the left to move the crane that direction.

Once the crane is centered over the car, press the red button.

The car will be lifted out of the sewage. Jump in the back of the car to get ZE DUDE'S WHEELS.

Also get the RUSTY METAL GRILL in the upper-right corner of the boxes.

Continue rightward. You'll reach an elevator that will take you upward. You'll need to collect 13 more prize bubbles on this elevator ride. It's going to take you more than one try to do it. Be careful of the gas vents here as well. The prizes you'll collect are BLUE ARM, BLUE LEG, SACKBOY SPRAY PAINT, CASSETTE TAPE, HUT ROOF, CHUG LITE, EAGLE DRAWING, EAGLE WING DRAWING, BROWN BEARD, PINK STETSON, HAIRY LEG, OLD GUITAR, and OLD-TIMER.

After the elevator knock over the stack of boxes to get SCARY MOUTH and HELLO CARD.

Hidden behind the right boxes, you'll find WAFFLE.

For completing the level, you'll receive WELLINGTON BOOTS and GREEN DAMASK.

When you ace it, you'll get GREEN SOCK PUPPET.

When you've completed the The Construction level, come back to this level. Right before the race, look on the wall in the background. You'll see a place to put a sticker. Select the Intense Blue Graffiti from your sticker menu.

Place the sticker to receive SHINY METAL, BLUE STAR BANNER, and RED STAR BANNER.

You should now have 100% completion. You'll get ROCK GOD CONCEPT WITH FRAME, ROCK GOD CONCEPT, and GRABBING MACHINE.

The Metropolis - The Construction Site

This is the final level of The Metropolis, "The Construction Site".

Head to the right. You'll begin a race. To your right, you'll find burning fireballs rolling down the hill. Jump over them and grab the CRANE HOOK.

Continue right. You'll come to another set of fireballs rolling down a hill. Jump on the foam swing and jump to the platform on the left to get SKYLINE 2 and WHEELBARROW MAN.

Go rightward. You'll go across some beams. On the last beam you'll see some prize bubbles to your upper-right. Tilt the beam by using your weight until you can jump to that platform.


Jump onto the red button below. It'll bring a platform down for you so you can continue rightward.

You'll come to a beam that appears to be a dead end. Tilt the beam so you can get to the upper platform and get the POWER DIGGER MAN.

Press the red button to your left. It'll bring a beam back upward.

Get on the beam and tilt it so you can get to the upper-right platform.

You'll find a moving beam to your right. Hop on it.

Open your sticker menu and select Skyline 3.

Place it on the bottom-middle cutout.

Place Skyline 4 on the upper-right cutout.

Also place Skyline 4 on the upper-left cutout.

Put Skyline 2 on the upper-middle cutout.

Now flip Skyline 2 and place it in the lower-right corner.

Select and flip Skyline 4 and put it in the lower right.


Go back to your left. Once you reach an enemy, jump on top of it to bounce up to the prize bubble, SPIKE HAMMER BLOCK.

Swing leftward using the sponge swings.

Pull on the sponge on the side of the ramp you come to.

Then jump on the ram.

Tilt the ramp so you can grab the hanging sponge.

You'll get pulled upward. Jump off on the platform on the left.

You'll start another race.

Jump over the fireballs and collect the CHICKEN DRUMSTICK.

Under the left edge of the platform, you'll see a BASKETBALL prize bubble. Walk over to grab it. You can move into the background to avoid a fireball if needed.

Continue leftward, sticking to the upper path.

The race will end and you'll go up an elevator.

Swing left.

A rolling basketball with fireballs on it will come toward you. Jump over it as the fireballs are both close to the rope. You'll collect the BASKETBALL HEAD.

On the platform with the next gong, walk into the background twice and go behind the structure.

You'll find BLUE GRAFFITI back there.

Now swing leftward and destroy the enemy.

Get on the tilting platform on the left and use it to get to the upper-right platform.

Continue right. You'll reach another tilting platform. Tilt it so you can go to the upper-left platform, which is a Co-Op area.

Have one player get on the beam and the other player in the crane. The player in the crane should move the beam to the left. This will allow the other player to get the ATLAS prize bubble.

Have the left player pull the warning block onto the beam.

Then the right player should use the crane to bring the beam back to the right. The warning block should then be pulled all the way rightward.

Jump on the warning block to reach the top of the crane and grab the YELLOW BUILDER CAP, BOXING GLOVE FRONT, DUNGAREES TOP, RED STILETTO, and BOXING GLOVE BACK.

Jump from the warning block and grab the foam swing to grab the BIG CRANE.

Leave the Co-Op area and use the tilting beam to this time take you to the upper-right. Jump on the enemy's head to bounce higher and grab the foam swing.

Swing to your upper-right and grab the KNITTED FABRIC.

Jump on the lower of three tilting beams and grab the FLAME MOTIF METAL and GREY CONCRETE.

Swing the lower beam enough to jump up to the next beam, collecting the BROWN & CREAM CONCRETE and the CHECKERED CONCRETE.

Swing this platform enough to jump up to the CHALLENGE KEY.

Head back to the tilting beam that brought you up here (and to the Co-Op area), and this time go rightward. There will be fireballs rolling rightward. Avoid them and collect the DARK GREY CONCRETE, BUMPY CONCRETE, ROUGH CONCRETE, and POLYSTYRENE PACKING.

Soon, you'll reach a LONG CONVEYOR prize bubble.

Go up the ramp on the right, jumping over the fireballs. You'll collect BROWN CARDBOARD SKYSCRAPER, BLUE CARDBOARD SKYSCRAPER, and RED CARDBOARD SKYSCRAPER.

At the end of the conveyor, you'll also collect DISCO METAL.

After the next gong, grab the PLANE SILHOUETTE and the HALF GLASSES.

Jump across the beams, avoiding the fireballs.

After the beams, you'll find FIERY COAL EMITTER.

Next, you'll start a boss battle. First you'll have to fight Ze Dude's Bouncers. Grab onto the device labeled R1. You can move it right and left, attempting to use it to bounce the fireballs dropped at you back up at the boss. One shot to the red button on his bottom will kill the bouncer.

After you defeat the first bouncer, another will appear. This one is a bit harder because he shoots fireballs faster.

After defeating the two bouncers, you'll face off with Ze Dude himself. He doesn't shoot fireballs as fast as the second bouncer, but the floor tilts, making it harder to bounce the fireballs straight back up at him. I recommend getting on the right side of the R1 device. Pulling the device to the very right appeared to be a safe spot if you need to collect your thoughts. Luckily, it only takes one hit to defeat Ze Dude as well.

After the fight, you'll come to a jet. Go behind it to collect ZE DUDE'S PRIVATE JET.

For completing the level, you'll receive BLONDE HAIR WIG, THE METROPOLIS, and CUSTOM MOTORBIKE.

For 100% completion, you'll receive MONSTER TRUCK, BOSS CONCEPT WITH FRAME, and BOSS CONCEPT.

If you ace the level, you'll get a DINOSAUR MASK.

The Islands - Endurance Dojo

Welcome to the first of The Island levels.

This level is named "Endurance Dojo".

On this level you generally go leftward, which is different than most. Push the stairs down to your left and then collect the four prize bubbles, RED KIMONO, WOODEN WIG, NINJA SCARF, and NINJA SKIN.

Go past the gong and grab the hanging lamp. Use it to swing rightward to grab the GEISHA sticker.

Swing left using the lamps. Swing up to the prize bubbles, RED CHARM and GOLD CHARM.

Swing left on more lamps. Collect the RED LANTERN and WOODEN TOWER PLATFORM near the gong.

Carefully jump leftward onto the fan platforms. It might take some practice to get good at it. Collect the SAMURAI FAN prize bubble.

You'll also get a BLUE WAVE FAN.

Jump off the fan platform.

Attempt to land on top of the green wheel fabric (If you don't land on top, grab onto it instead.)

Then immediately jump left and collect the WOODEN TOWER PLATFORM. This might take you a few tries to get.

Continue left to the next gong. Grab the prize bubbles on either side of it, EGG SUSHI and PRAWN SUSHI.

Run over the thin boards. Don't jump, stop, or slow down. Unfortunately, these boards will sometimes end up making you fall to your death. When you're close enough to the left platform, you can jump to it, just so you don't have to prey the boards keep you up.

Now run across another set of thin boards. When you come to the last boards, jump to the top of the green fabric wheel (again, if you don't make it on top, grab onto it instead.)

You'll get the DOMINO PLATFORM. Immediately jump leftward, grabbing the hanging lamp. Use it to swing to the TILTING KANJI PLATFORM. Drop down to the gong.

Jump onto the tilting platform on your left and destroy the enemy. Grab the EGG SUSHI MONSTER.

Then continue to the tilting platform on your upper-left. Pop the enemy and grab the PRAWN SUSHI MONSTER.

Get on the tilting platform to your upper-right.

Use it to get to the upper-right platform and collect PINK CUPCAKE and TRIPLE CONE.

Jump to the block on the left to get the MOSHI MOSHI LOGO.

Go to the gong on the platform to your left.

Jump left and grab the green wheel fabric. If you grab the fabric too early you it'll spin the GREEN & GOLD PATTERN out of reach, so be careful. Then swing to the next green fabric wheel and take the SALMON SUSHI.

After the next gong, you'll reach some spinning platforms. Grab the BLACK & GOLD LEAVES on the first platform.

Continue jumping leftward along the spinning platforms. If the platform you're on is about to spin, you can jump straight up and try to land on it after it completes the spin.

Then continue left, grabbing the GREEN MOSAIC on the last spinning platform.

Grab the red fabric to have Sensei pull you to the upper platform.

Run across a bridge to your left, then climb up onto some this platforms.

Jump rightward across these thin platforms and then grab the lamps to swing right.

Drop off the second lamp, onto another thin platform to collect the STRAIGHT WISKERS.

Continue jumping along the thin platforms, collecting the TALL PRAWN SUSHI MONSTER and the BLACK & BLUE TIE.

You'll reach a larger platform. Grab the ROTATING WHEEL PLATFORM, then jump up and grab the red lantern.

You'll swing to your lower-left automatically, grabbing the JAPANESE ANGRY EYE and PLAY stickers.

Go back to your left and defeat the sushi monsters. You'll have to get up on a block to jump high enough to kill the tall one.

Next, you'll come to a fabric wheel. Step on it and grab the fabric. You'll spin around to the bottom of the wheel.

You'll find a sticker board here. Select your Geisha sticker.

Place the sticker on the board. Some small platforms will appear, holding SHORT FENCE, BLACK JAPANESE TEXT, and PINK SUNDAE.

Now collect the ROUGH STONE BRICKS before continuing down the wheels.

You'll reach a gong and some more domino boards. This part felt like a matter of luck to me sometimes. Just run at full speed over the boards and prey.

Jump off the last boards, landing on a platform with another gong.

Jump to the tilting platform on your left, defeating the enemy.

Jump onto the tilting platform to your upper-left, then the next one on your upper-right.

Jump to the platform on your upper-left. Use the trampoline on it to bounce to your upper-left.

You should find a Co-Op area. Have one player jump on the platform hanging from chains. The other player should pull the lever to send them upward.

Have the upper player go in the hamster wheel. They can collect the PINK UMBRELLA TOP, WOODEN CANE, and FRIED EGG from inside the wheel.

The lower player should get on the blocks.

Both players should run left until the lower player escapes the blocks and grabs the PINATA CLOTH, PINK MICROCHIP MOTIF, and the SALMON SUSHI MONSTER.

Now you can have both players run to the right to escape this area.

Drop down from the Co-Op area and head left. Jump off the top-left of a tilting platform to reach some more spinning platforms.

Continue along the spinning platforms. You'll reach a gong and the start of a race.

It take some tricky jumping skills to complete the race. Jump on the lowest rock platform, then continue jumping to the rocks on your right, collecting SHORT ROCKER PLATFORM and LONG ROCKER PLATFORM. Then you'll have to jump to the higher rock platforms leftward, collecting DOUBLE ROCKER PLATFORM and QUADRUPLE ROCKER PLATFORM.

You'll complete the race if you make it over the final rock platform.

Go left and jump on the trampoline, landing on a platform above.

Jump over to the green fabric wheels, working your way to the lower-left.

Get on the platform with the gong and a lever.

Pull the lever rightward to move your platform up. Grab the ISLANDS INTMUSIC from a block on the left, on your way up.

Go across the bridge. You'll reach a gong. Get on the small platforms to the right. Collect the RED FLOWER BUTTON.

Continue rightward along the small platforms. You'll reach a large platform that holds JUMBO FLOWER BUTTON, a Challenge Key, DARUMA DOLL FACE, and GIRLY GOODIE TWO SHOES. Notice there is a sticker board here, we'll have to do that after completing the next level.

Now go back to your left and go downward along the fabric wheels.

At the bottom of the last wheel, you'll find GREEN FLOWER BUTTON.

Go down the ramp on the left. You'll see another sticker board and some prize bubbles. These will have to wait until we complete the third level in this area.

For completing this level, you'll receive DUNGAREE DRESS and ESCAPED CONVICT.

For acing this level, you'll get JAPANESE FESTIVAL ROBE.

After completing the Sensei's Lost Castle level, you'll be able to do the second sticker puzzle. Select the Japanese Samurai sticker from you menu.

Place it on the sticker board and grab the CLOCKWORK BOX, LONG FENCE, and WAVY BEIGE MOTIF from the lamps that appear.

Once you complete the Terrible Oni's Volcano level, you can place the third sticker. Select the Japanese Stork from your menu.

When you place the sticker, the ramp will raise. This allows you to get the COAT HANGER, GRAB-SWING PLATFORM, and the LEMON GRAPHIC.


The Islands - Sensei's Lost Castle

Welcome to the second level of The Islandes, "Sensei's Lost Castle"

Start by getting on the catapult and pulling the lever to move it rightward, all the way to the right.

Jump on the red button to get launched.

Your goal is to land in this alcove, collecting the JAPANESE WAVE and WOODEN CATAPULT.

Jump into the tree to the left to get the CHERRY BLOSSOM TREE.

Go rightward. Pop the bubble in the ninja's laps.

Go up the stairs and then jump over to the left.

A ninja will sneak out at you. Avoid his spikes and defeat him. Then grab the SCREEN material on your left.

Go to the right, where you'll find a large spinning wheel. Grab onto the green fabric on it and let it spin you around. You'll get the BLUE MOUNTAIN sticker.

When you're on top of the wheel, attempt to jump to the platform above it.

Go though the door on your left. You'll find a room with several sticker boards on it. Select the Blue Mountain sticker from your menu.

Place the mountain in the lower-right position.

Now choose the Japanese Wave sticker from your menu.

Place this sticker in the remaining places.

Some clamps with bubbles will drop. Pull on the grabber underneath them to get the LITTLE DOLL, GREEN BAMBOO STICK, BIG CUTE EYE, and PINK WARRIOR MASK.

Now go back to the room on the right. Grab onto the small, fast moving wheel. Use it to fling yourself to the larger wheel to the right.

Jump from this wheel when you are almost on top of it. You're goal is to grab onto the red fabric of the wheel to your upper-left.

Then jump from that wheel to the wheel with hands on your upper-right, grabbing on to the red fabric.

Now jump to the red fabric wheel on your upper left. There is a DRAGON EYE bubble hanging to your right. Jump to it, and hopefully not fall too far.

Get on the top fabric wheel, then jump up to the gong.

Grab the prize bubble on your left, PALE GREEN WOOD.

You'll find a jumping ninja to your right. When he jumps, run under him and jump into his bubble.

Now you'll come to some balloons carrying red fabric. Jump to the right to get the GOLD CHARM.

Now grab onto the red fabric of a balloon and slowly descend to the left. You'll find a prize bubble containing SUSHI.

Keep holding on to the fabric, and descend further, keeping to the left. You'll find a SAKURA FLOWER.

Now float over to the right and get the FAT NINJA. You can now let go of the balloon and drop down.

On your left, you'll find a GRASS DOODLE.

Now go to the right and grab onto the large spinning wheel. As you spin around, you'll automatically collect the BRUSHCLOUD WITH SPONGE.

When you get to the top, jump to collect the SPIKED ROTATING WHEEL, a Challenge Key, and SHURIKEN TOWER. When you get them, head down the path to the right.

Run under the shurikens as they go upward.

Jump onto the red fabric wheel to your right. Use it to collect the SHURIKEN object.

Continue using the wheels to get higher. Collect the DIAGONAL LARGE WHEEL to your upper-right.

To the upper-left, collect RED JAPANESE TEXT.

Now to your upper-right, near the top, collect the DIAGONAL SMALL WHEEL.

Jump off the top fabric wheel to the platform on your upper-right, containing a gong.

Grab the red fabric and slide to the right. Avoid touching the electrified platforms below. They move up and down and will kill you at their highest point. You'll reach a gong on your right. Ahead is a Co-Op area. If you want to bring in a second player, now is the best time to do it.

Grab the fabric and push rightward. If you have two players, make sure both of you get on.

Slide to the left and grab the DRAGON SCALE.

Then slide back to the right and grab the BRUSHCLOUD as you fall.

Continue down the path, holding rightward at the end. Jump off and grab the hanging red fabric ball, collecting the RED WICKER.

Swing onto the platform on your right where you see two red buttons.

If one player didn't make it to the upper platform, the other player can press the left red button.

This will bring the red fabric down to them. When they grab on, just release the button. They'll be pulled up and can swing over to you.

Have one player grab the large red fabric wheel. The other player should press the right red button to make it spin. The top player should jump over to the gong.

The lower player should pull the small fabric wheel over to the left, under the left shuriken. This will cause the shuriken to raise up, allowing the top player to jump over the spike pit. Careful, the spike pit is very easy to die on, even if you land on the platform.

Continue moving the fabric ball rightward, so the top player can jump over the spike pits.


Now move the small red fabric to the block on the left.

Get on the block and pull it up, then drag it down to the lower level.

Defeat the ninjas that pop out at you.

Drag the fabric in front of the sensor you see to the left of the prize bubble. Now you can get the THIN NINJA prize.

Go to the right and jump on the ninja to grab the DARUMA SAN prize bubble.

Jump onto the green fabric wheel to your right. Hold on and let it spin you around. You'll collect the BIG ROTATING SPONGE.

Jump up to the wheel on your upper right and grab on.

When you get close to the wall, let go and jump to the next wheel. Careful of the fire along the walls.

At the top, jump over to the top of the hanging fabric to get SONG 2, then jump to the right to get a Challenge Key. Make sure you pass the gong, then continue right.

When you walk in the middle of this room, some Sumos will drop down.

Jump on their arm, you can grab onto them.

When they jump up, try to jump and pop their bubble on their head to defeat them.

Use the extra boost from popping one to reach the MINI SUMO.

Next you'll come to a large sumo. Run under the sumo and pop the two bubbles there (I'm sure there's a bubble butt joke here somewhere.)

Now jump on her foot and let her kick up upward. You can grab onto the red lanterns at the top if you want.

Drop onto her shoulders and pop the three bubbles you find up there to defeat her.

The next room has some ninja balls.

Grab onto them to pull you up.

Keep doing so until you reach the upper-middle one.

Swing into the object to your right. It's tough to see, but it holds a prize bubble, SWINGING NINJA. If you bump it hard enough, it'll fall so you can collect it.

Now swing to the top-left ninja.

It'll carry you to the top. Jump onto the right platform.

Press the red button to free the fire-breathing cat. The button will move the platform upward. Jump off to the right.

Jump onto the fabric ball in the tree branch. Pull the direction you want to go, working your way down the tree branches.


For completing the level, you'll receive ANGEL HALO and RAINBOW SQUARES


For Acing the level, you'll get GOOGLY EYE GLASSES.

The Islands - The Terrible Oni's Volcano

This is the final level in The Islands area, "The Terrible Oni's Volcano"

Jump onto the second red lantern you come to. Swing to collect the JAPANESE PATTERN.

Continue to the right. You'll talk to Sensei, who will tell you to get into the flying machine.

Grab the middle red fabric to go upward. Along the way up, you'll find JAPANESE SUN and ORNATE BRIDGE. Once you get those, head to your upper-right.

You'll find a temple. Grab the LONG VASE on the left.

Also grab the WOODEN PAGODA on the temple.

Land the flying machine, then walk left to go down below the temple.

You'll come to a jumping ninja. Pop his bubble, then grab the SQUARE BLUE BUTTON.

Now head left. Go under the spikes, right after they go up.

Go down the stairs and kill the next two ninjas.

Let the trampoline bounce you up between the spikes.

Pull the lever at the top. It'll create a path for your flying machine.

You'll now have stairs going back up as well.

Get back into your flying machine and head rightward. You'll see a sticker board, but we'll have to come back to that later.

Continue until you reach another temple. Grab the GOLDEN WOOD you find on it. Afterward, land the flying machine and walk left to go under the temple.

You'll come to some spikes that drop downward. When they go up, run right and grab the SPIKE TRAP.

Continue left, past a spike trap and get the ILLUMINATED SCREEN.

You'll see a sticker board. Place the Sakura Flower sticker on it.

You'll receive RAINBOW TREE and PRETTY LEAF.

Drop down, when the spike trap won't kill you.

Go into the background and take the JAPANESE SAMURAI 2 sticker.

Jump over the fire pit and avoid the spike trap in the process.

The next fire pit is a bit more tricky because of the spike trap directly after it. Try to jump over just as the left spike starts going up.

Use the trampoline to launch upward, past the spikes.

Pull the lever.

Get back in your flying ship and head to your upper-right. Collect the BEIGE WOOD and DRAGON TOOTH, shown in the picture.

Keep heading to your upper-right. In this picture, you'll see two more prize bubbles to collect, BOUNCY CLOUD and POINTING GRANDMASTER SENSEI.

Eventually, you'll reach the entrance to a volcano. Let your ship descend into it.


As you descend further, grab the KIMONO OUTLINE.

Then, a little lower on the right, collect the WOODEN BUTTON and BLACK WAVEFORM.

Land your flying machine at the bottom and head left for a Co-Op area.

Have one player get to the red button on top. Step on the button to stop the falling fire rocks. The other player can then jump the gap.

Have the player that jumped the gap walk left and then jump up onto the platform that has another red button. Have them grab the WHITE WOOD.

Now step on the button and the other player can jump the gap.

Continue left. Have one player stand at the lever and the other player get on the cart. Pull the lever leftward to move them left. Careful they don't hit the fire rocks.

When they get to the very left, have them grab the JAPANESE COIN and CREAM MARBLE BUTTON.

Exit the Co-Op area and head right. Jump over the fire pits when the rocks aren't jumping out of them.

You'll come to a spinning rock with some fireballs going around it. Jump over the fireballs and get to the upper-right platform.

Jump to the upper-left platforms.

On the far left, you'll reach a sticker board. Select your Pink Warrior Mask sticker.

Place it on the sticker board and you'll get DARK WOODEN BUTTON and BONSAI POT.

Head rightward. You'll find another spinning rock, holding many more fireballs. Jump between the gap in the fireballs to reach CERAMIC and RUSTIC VASE.

Now jump to the upper-right, between the fireballs again.

You'll reach a boss battle, The Terrible Oni. This one is pretty easy.

Oni will throw fireballs and swing his sword. If you stand on the right side of the upper platform, nothing will ever hit you.

After Oni throws a set of fireballs, run to the left and pull the lever rightward. After Oni swings his sword, run back to the safe spot.

When you eventually get the fire-breathing cat to the right side, he'll defeat Oni for you. Collect the DAGGER, WIND UP TEETH, WIND UP TEETH-TOP, and the WIND UP TEETH-BOTTOM.

For completing the level, you'll get PING HAIR WITH FEATHERS WIG, THE ISLANDS, and FLYING MACHINE.

Now replay the level and get to the sticker board we passed before. Place the Bouncy Cloud sticker on the board.



For acing the level, you'll get a JAPANESE FESTIVAL HEADBAND.

The Temples - The Dancers' Court

Proceed to The Temple.

Enter the first level, "The Dancers' Court"


To the right, you'll find some cats. Pull on the grabber to lower the ramp. A prize bubble containing a FLAME-THROWING CAT and some cats will fall.

Jump on the cats to get up to the ramp, and then jump on cats on the ramp to reach the prize bubble on the hanging platform. This will give you a CAT.

Swing from this hanging platform to get on top of the Shopkeeper's head, where you will find a SHOPKEEPER.

Pull out the stairs to your right and climb them.

Jump on the swami's head and he'll spring you upward.

Land on the left ledge to collect TOWER and PALACE CURTAIN.

Now bounce up to the right edge and get on the blue platform.

When the platform reaches the top, jump rightward, onto another blue platform.

Keep jumping to blue platforms as you go right. Jump over any fire beams you encounter.

The last moving platform will take you downward. Run to the right to reach the next gong.

Run between the dancer's legs as she lifts up.

Jump over to the alcove in the right wall before she crushes you. Collect the TEMPLE here.

Jump onto the dancer's back and grab the BLUE YOGA DANCER in the upper-left of the room.

Jump off the dancer to the platform in the upper-right, containing a gong. Jump to the moving blue platform on your right.

Continue to jump from platform to platform, heading rightward.

Soon you'll encounter some dancers moving their arms up and down. Jump on their arms and let them lift you up, letting you collect the PRINCE ARM, BLUE DANCER, and the FABRIC HAIR WIG.

Stand on the snake at the next gong. When the diagonally moving platform gets close, jump on it.

Continue to platform between moving platforms, heading right. Avoid the fire beams.

Eventually, you'll come to platforms rotating on a wheel. In the lower-right corner you can grab the FOUR ROTATING PLATFORMS object in an alcove. Then let the rotating platforms take you up to the gong.

Jump onto the platform to the right of the gong.

Let the platform take you all the way right. When it starts coming back to the left, walk off the platform and land on one below.

Jump onto a rotating platform. It also tilts, so be careful.

Jump to another rotating and tilting platform. Jump off at a gong.

Next you'll jump to some platforms that move up and down.

Time your jumps to avoid hitting the fiery walls between them.

To the right of the gong, run rightward, through the crushing platforms. Just keep running right as they are opening and you should be fine.

From the last platform, jump onto the top of the previous platform. Now every other platform will burn you, so jump over them.

Jump on the snake you encounter.

Jump off its back to launch up and collect PRINCE FACE and COBRA HEAD.

Now get on the rotating platforms. Each wheel has a rotating platform that has a prize bubble on it. They are 12 TEETH COG, 18 TEETH COG, and 24 TEETH COG.

At the top of the upper wheel, you can jump to grab the 36 TEETH COG. If needed, jump to the platform on the right, which contains a gong. Then jump back on the rotating platforms and jump to the upper-left to reach a Co-Op area. You'll need all four players for this.

Have three of the players get on the lower platforms, one on the left, two on the right. Have the remaining player step on the red button on the floor.

Have the right two players get on the highest platform they can reach. The left player should jump on the button to raise them up. Then one of the two players should step on the red button in the middle, collecting BLUE DANCER HEAD in the process. This will lower some more platforms, allowing the other player to platform up and collect the remaining three prize bubbles, BLUE DANCER ARM, BLUE DANCER LEG, and BOUNCY RUBBER SNAKE (from the top of the snake on the upper platform.)

Leave the Co-Op area and continue rightward. You'll come to a dancer that lifts her arms. Get on her arms and use them to jump up and collect BLUE BOY DANCER, GREEN PATTERN WOOD, and BROWN PATTERN WOOD. Then jump up to the gong on your upper-right.

You'll begin a race. Drop onto the yellow platform that moves rightward.

Jump over the fire beams.

Jump onto the platforms, then drop back off them on the other side, landing back on the yellow platform.

Careful, the second platform has a fire beam in front of it.

When you get on the snake, use it to spring up and grab the TIGER sticker.

Drop back off onto a yellow platform. Jump over the fire beams. The jumps can be a bit tricky.

Jump onto some more platforms.

Then drop back onto the yellow platform.

Jump into the alcove on the next platform, then jump to the upper-left platform, then upper-right.

Drop back down onto a yellow platform, then continue going over more platforms.

You'll come to a wall, which will stop you from continuing on your yellow platform. Let it drop you down below, then jump to the upper-right platform and wait for another yellow platform to come, jumping on it.

Jump onto the large platform with the gong on it.

To the right of the gong, you'll see some sticker boards. Select the Tower sticker.

Place the sticker on the four thin towers, some larger, some smaller.

Then pick the Temple sticker and put it on the board.

GIRL ARM, GIRL FACE, and GIRL BODY will drop down where you can get them.

Carefully drop down the platforms, avoiding the fiery ones.

Eventually you'll come to a snake-like wall. Use it to bounce you to the SARA SAMA sticker.

Next you'll find a fiery snake. Time it so you run under the snake's wave.

Jump into the background where you see the prize bubble BIG WAVE SNAKE.

Then continue leftward.

Grab the RUBBER SNAKE, under the godess.

To the left you'll find THE GODESS' PARLOUR.

For completing the level, you'll get GREEN GOGGLES and DOTTED LINE.

For acing the level, you'll get a CHICKEN BEAK.

Now replay the level, stopping at the sticker board above the cats.

Place the Prince Face sticker on the board.

This will allow you to move into the background and grab the ORNATE COLUMN and CARDBOARD ARCH down below.


The Temples - Elephant Temple

This is the second level of The Temples, "Elephant Temple".

Go rightward onto some blocks moving up and down. Jump over the one that has fire on top.

When the last block is up, jump to the small platform to the right. You'll get the STONE ELEPHANT.

You'll see a sticker board to the upper-left. You'll have to wait until after the next level to use that.

Continue rightward. Run under the fire when the platform is low.

After the next gong, get on the platform that moves up and down.

Continually jump before blocks smash you, slowly climbing upward. At the top, jump right.

Pull the fabric to make some steps.

Get on the platform moving up and down. Jump to get the MONKEY sticker.

Jump across the platforms to the right, avoiding the fire.

You'll come to some blocks that move up as you walk across them.

Next pull on another fabric piece to make more steps.

Jump from the second step leftward, to get SWITCH ACTIVATED BRIDGE bubble.

Continue over the steps, then pull them rightward.

You'll see a sticker board here. Select the Monkey from the sticker menu.

Place it on the board. You'll see some prize bubbles appear above.

Pull the block with the monkey on it leftward.

Behind where the monkey ball was, you'll see a hidden passage. Walk into the background, then go right and collect the EXTENDABLE STAIRS.

Jump from the stairs to the top of the monkey block. Jump to get the BOLLYWOOD COLLAGE.

Then jump rightward and collect the BROWN BURLAP, PINK ELEPHANT, and BROWN CARPET prizes you revealed earlier.

Rightward, you'll find more rising blocks. Jump over the fiery one.

Jump to the green platform.

Then jump over toward the lever on the right.

When the block comes down, jump in to get the GOLD METAL.

Pull the lever right. It'll make the green platform flatten.

Jump back onto the green platform and press the red button to make it go upwards. At the top, grab onto the hanging ball.

Swing to the left to get the ELEPHANT HEAD STATUE.

Swing over to the right and continue past the next gong.

You'll come to some more rising blocks. Be careful of the third fiery one, it'll go higher than most of the other blocks.

Next you'll come to some blocks that move around clockwise. Move onto one and use it to jump up and get the PUZZLE PLATFORM and TEMPLE STONE.

Now work your way rightward along the rotating cubes.

Soon you'll come to some sliding platforms. Jump rightward across them.

Get on the block moving up and down.

Use it to jump high enough to reach the DOUBLE OSCILLATING PLATFORM prize bubble.

Also jump to the platform on your upper-left. You'll find a sticker board here. Select the Tiger from your sticker menu.

Place the Tiger on the board and it will open the wall to your left. Take the GREEN STAR.

When the fiery block moves, fall down into the hole to collect the OSCILLATING PLATFORM and STRAIGHT COBRA BODY.

Continue rightward, along some sliding platforms.

Get on the platform with a wall down on it. The wall will move upward when this platform slides right.

Jump across the room you come to, toward a lever.

Pull the lever to the right to transform the room. Now you can jump to the platforms, making your way to another lever in the upper-left corner.

Pull the next lever rightward. This will raise up one of the blocks.

Now jump over the platforms, toward the gong on the right.

Walk rightward along the rotating cubes to reach the STONE material.

Run leftward, past the rotating cubes.

Drop down and you'll find a bunch of blocks raising up and down. Get on the front, far-left block to collect SIX SECTION WAVE PLATFORM.

Run rightward, avoiding fiery blocks. Then run under some that come downward as well. Try not to get squished by them.

After the blocks that come down from above, you'll find a FIVE SECTION PLATFORM object as well.

Continue rightward, jumping past any fiery blocks.

Get to the front, far-right block and run rightward, into a hidden passage. It contains a LARGE WAVE PLATFORM and a Score Challenge Key.

Now jump up to the gong. Have two players hang from the material here to get to a Co-Op area. Jump to the platform in the background.

It'll take you down to the Co-Op room.

Have one player get on the back wall. At the end of the wall, you'll find SHORT SLEEVED SHIRT and GREEN FABRIC STAR.

Have the lower player jump on the first platform.

The upper player should now pull the lever rightward. The lower player's block will start lowering and one in front of them will start raising up. Quickly jump to the raising block.

Now the upper player should pull the lever leftward. This will allow the lower player to continue forward onto another raising block. Now you can jump over to the prize bubbles, containing EMERALD JEWEL, RUBY JEWEL, and MINI SACKBOY.

Go back out of the Co-Op area, then head rightward. You'll come to some more rotating cubes, but this time you'll get into them.

When the two cubes pass each other, run into the left one and collect the GREEN FABRIC material.

Once the cube gets near the right exit, continue on.

Get on the elephant's back. When you pass the gong, he'll start moving. Jump to the platforms on the right to get GOLD SEQUIN FABRIC, SILK PATTERN, and a Challenge Key.

The elephant will stop at a wall. Jump up and collect the LATTICED STONE.

Push the button and the wall will be removed from the elephant's path, letting him move forward again.

Drop down and get the MECHANICAL STONE ELEPHANT, then get back on the elephant's back.

Jump onto the platforms you come to. On the left side you'll find a CRYSTAL EARRING.

Go over to the right to find BLUE WOOD and ELEPHANT MOSAIC. Get on the elephant and let him walk you toward the end of the level.

For completing the level, you'll receive LIFE RING and WHITE KNIT.

For acing the level, you'll get a CHICKEN TAIL.

After completing the Great Magician's Palace, you can come back and place the Blue Elephant sticker on the sticker board.

This will lower the platform with some prize bubbles on it. You'll get JEWEL CROWN MOTIF, CROWN, and TIGER PATTERNS.


The Temples - Great Magician's Palace

This is the final level of The Temples, "Great Magician's Palace".

Go rightward. You'll see some fast dropping blocks. They vanish fairly quickly, so run across them and jump to get the GOLD EARRING and SMALL MAGIC BRIDGE.

Ahead, there will be more dropping blocks. This time they come in different heights. Run forward on them, jumping when needed. Collect the YELLOW MOTIF.

As you go, also collect the MEDIUM MAGIC BRIDGE, INDIAN MOTIF, and ELEPHANT MOTIF. Be careful not to drop down between the tallest two blocks, you won't be able to get back out without dying.

The next set of blocks actually appear as you walk toward them.

Get high enough to jump on the upper ledge. Grab the GOLDEN SUN and SHEHNAI from the top of the left structure.

Run behind the building on the right to collect the LARGE MAGIC BRIDGE and SUN & MOON.

Drop back down to the blocks that appear for you. Go right until you reach a gong. Drop down to the right and collect the MAGIC FLOWER BRIDGE.

Jump to the third block. You might die, but at least you go the prize bubble.

Continue right. You'll find some blocks that are moving downward.


Further right, you'll find more fast falling blocks that you need to run on before they disappear.

Grab the PING STRAW along the way.

Soon you'll come to a fire pit. Use the lever to move the block dropping machine right.

Hit the button with your head to have it drop a block.

Do this all the way across the fire pit. The last spot will need two blocks for you to reach the right ledge. Take the MECHANICAL MAGIC BRIDGE and proceed.

More disappearing blocks I'm afraid. Jump rightward across them.

It gets a fair bit tricky, but nothing you haven't done before!

Go all the way to the right edge and then jump onto the row of block and run leftward. Jump to collect the OVAL JEWEL and SACKBOY SYMBOL.

Get on the upper edge. After the gong, jump across the pits, avoiding for the fireballs.

Your next obstacle is fairly tough. You now have falling fiery blocks that you have to run between. Grab the CREAM HANDKERCHIEF and ORNATE ARCH as you go.

You'll come to an empty pit. Press the button on the right wall.

Blocks will start to fall. Watch the pattern of the first three that fall. They will continue to fall in that pattern until the pit is filled.

When you reach the top of the pit, grab the COBRA TAIL. If you died when the blocks were falling, you'll have to replay the level to get this.

Go leftward to reach a Co-Op area.

Have one player press the buttons on the walls, which will drop blocks. The other player should climb the blocks as they drop. You have to be quick because the blocks disappear after a while.

Once a player on top touches the gong, the lower player can commit suicide to get up easier. Either that or the top player can press buttons to drop blocks for the lower player to climb up. Have one player run along the bottom and have another player run along the blocks that appear.

After a bit, you'll both reach safety.

Now have the top player jump across the gaps, while the lower player follows, jumping on the blocks that appear in the pit.

Then the bottom player will jump onto platforms, making platforms appear for the top player. When you reach the right side, you will get NEW DEHLI DAWN, GREY TRAINERS, GREY SIDE PARTING WIG, GOLD COIN CHAIN, CARDBOARD MASK, and CARTOON EYE.

Leave the Co-Op area and head right. Jump over the fire pit, avoiding the fireballs that spit up. Grab onto the hanging fabric.

Swing into the FIRE PIT SWING.

Swing over to the gong, avoiding the fireball. Jump rightward, collecting the FIRE PIT DOUBLE JUMP.

Jump into the first window to grab the CURVY COBRA BODY.

Pull the bottom fabric block leftward.

Then pull the top fabric block leftward as well.

Jump onto the fabric blocks to reach the middle window. Collect the GRAB BRIDGE and BLUE ELEPHANT.

Above, you'll see some sticker boards. Select your Cobra Tail sticker.

Place it on the bottom board.

Then select the Straight Cobra Body sticker.

Place it on the next two sticker boards.

Finally, pick the Cobra Head sticker.

Place it on the board and collect BROWN FELT, GREEN FELT, and TEMPLE INTMUSIC.

After the next gong, you'll find some pits with fireballs shooting out of them. Two sets of four fireballs will be shot. Wait until the fourth fireball is out of the way and platform rightward, collecting the GREEN TASSELS, FIRE PIT TRIPLE JUMP, and GOLD SWIRLY CHAIN.

You'll find the Great Magician again. Under his box, he'll reveal a burning triangle, a burning coal, a block, and nothing.

When he reveals a block, push it to the right.

Jump off the box to get the Score Challenge Key.

When the magician puts its box down, jump on his hand. He'll life you up, jump onto his head and get the GREAT MAGICIAN'S MAGIC BOX.

For completing the level, you'll receive a GREEN SWIMSUIT and THE TEMPLES.

For acing the level, you'll receive CHICKEN WINGS.


The Wilderness - The Frozen Tundra

This is the final set of levels, "The Wilderness".

Proceed to the first level, "The Frozen Tundra".


You'll encounter a bear. Grab the IRON OIL RIG from him.

Take the upper dog sled for a ride by grabbing onto it. When you see the prize bubble, jump to collect the ROCKET WITH DOG SLED.

After the sled stops, continue right. You'll find a sticker board in the shape of a gear. You'll find this sticker later in this level.

Next, you'll find many small platforms you can jump to, some higher, some lower.

Start with the highest platforms, platforming rightward. Next do the middle platforms. You'll collect DICE-6, JIGSAW PIECE, HAZARD, BROWN STRIPE PATCH, MERMAN FORK, PENCIL, GEAR GRAPHIC, HALF SCISSORS, BREAKABLE ICE PLATFORM, FALLING ICICLE, SNOW PAPER, and RETRO TV. Go quickly because icicles will fall, breaking your platforms. You'll probably have to restart a few times to get them all. Then collect the rest of the prizes from the lower platforms, including the one in the alcove to the left side. They are IRON BRIDGE, STYLIZED RED SMOKE, RED CIRCLES PATTERN, RELAXED TOY SOLDIER, GRENADE TOY SOLDIER, and SHOOTING TOY SOLDIER.

If you jump all the way across the middle platforms, an icicle will break the last platform.

The top of the platform will knock an object down through the floor, giving you access.



Use the spring on the right to bounce you back up.

As you continue right, icicles will fall from the ceiling. Use the pieces to climb to the upper platform. Pop the creatures and take the CREAM CONCRETE.

In the upper-left corner collect the SPIRAL GRAPHIC and LONE WIPER ENEMY.

Continue rightward. Grab the NEWSPAPER prize bubble found there.

As you continue on, more icicles will fall from the ceiling, forming platforms for you to climb.

Climb up them and grab the NARROW HAMMER.

Then platform up more icicles until you reach a gong.

You'll come to an army man on a vehicle. Run after him as fast as you can.

Icicles will break the floor as you run by.

Defeat the army truck and grab the GUN TURRET. Drop down and go down the stairs on your left.

Collect the THE LAST STAND from the stairs, continue leftward.

You'll find three things here, BUNKER STONE, a Challenge Key, and LIGHT BULB GRAPHIC.

Go back to your right. You'll come across some army men shooting rockets.

After one passes, jump into the next pit forward.

After a few pit, you'll make a break for it and run up and press a red button, destroying the weapon.

Jump up to the upper platform. Stay by the red light in the pit to avoid these rockets as well.

When you get a chance, jump out of the pit and run leftward. You'll need to jump a rocket. On the left side you'll find a MISSILE object.

Continue rightward along the pits or windows.

Drop down at the right edge and head left.

You'll start a race.

You'll be sliding along icy ground, collecting SHORT ICE SLIDE and LONG ICE SLIDE along the way.

At this point you'll slow down. Grab the WIRY TREE and drop to the lower platform to continue on.

You'll have to jump for the WILDERNESS INTMUSIC, found at the end of the icy ground.

End the race to your right. Knock over the boxes to collect the LEVEL ICE SLIDE, found on top.

Drag the general rightward.

If you have four players, have each of them stand on a button at the Co-Op entrance.

When your elevator reaches the top, you'll see four symbols to the right of the gong.

Your goal is to have each player rotate a red circle, so that the pointer points to the right shape.

This will open a door to your right. Have all players stand on the platform in the middle. The players should jump to bounce the platform downward into the red button.

This will release a bunch of prize bubbles, DEVIL TAIL, RED HORNS, RED DEVIL, RED DRESS, and DEVIL TROUSERS.

Slide down the tunnel to the far-left. Try to make sure you collect the SOLDIER prize bubble near the bottom.

Use his head or the vehicle to reach the LONE DOUBLE-WIPER ENEMY and the TRIPLE-DECKER ENEMY.

For completing the level, you'll receive ROBOT BOX HELMET and GREEN CAMO.

For acing the level, you'll get WHITE NEON EYES.

Once you have the Gear Graphic from this level, you can place it on the gear-shaped sticker board you found earlier.

TREE and PINK SPLAT prize bubbles will drop.

For 100% completion, you'll get CIRCUS CONCEPT WITH FRAME and CIRCUS CONCEPT.

The Wilderness - The Bunker

You're almost there! Proceed to The Bunker level. This is probably the toughest level in Little Big Planet.

Knock over the general and jump on his head to reach the RUBBER TONGUE and PINK PIN.

Use the platform to bounce yourself up to the MULTI-SPEAR and BLACK BOOT prize bubbles. Watch out for the electrified spikes that come out the side of the platform.

Pop the enemy up ahead.

Avoid the electrocutors. I find it's easiest to just wait for the first one to drop down and then run all the way to the right.

Jump off the third electrocutor to reach the gong, then pop the enemy.

You'll come to a spinning wheel with a few entry/exit points. Get on the ledge of the entrance and ride it up a little ways, then jump to get on top of the wheel.

You'll find BARBED WIRE and ROTATING IRON BRIDGE on top of the wheel. Once I got the hang of it, I found it easier to go over the wheel, instead of through it.

Run over some twisting platforms, then collect the TWISTY PLATFORM bubble.

Now you'll come to an enemy that will change from having a bubble on top, to having an electrical shock. Bounce off the enemy's bubble to reach the FLIP-FLOP ENEMY bubble.

Now you'll come to some more twisting platforms.

Run over them and grab the fabric in the middle to keep from falling.

Before we tackle the next rotating platforms, let's move into the background to the right of the gong.

You'll be able to jump up onto the snowy hills in the background and collect the CAMOUFLAGE bubble.

To the left, you'll find the ROTATING HEMISPHERE as well.

Now, back to the rotating platforms. I liked to jump into the platform just as it was finishing its counter-clockwise movement, then run and jump to the next, while collecting the Challenge Key.

A generally stayed near the left side of the second wheel, so when it spins clockwise, I could usually land safely. Sometimes when you land, jumping helps a lot.

Now get out and climb up the snowy hills in the background and head to the upper-left.

You'll find a sticker board that you can't complete just yet. You'll need the Power Fist sticker, found on the next level.

Continue leftward to find a Co-Op area. Have a player get in the lower-right wheel and pull the lever.

Then that player can get in the lower-left wheel and pull that lever.

This will allow the other players, hopefully 2 of them, to get in the upper-right wheel.

Pull the lower-left lever again to allow one of the upper players to get to the upper-left wheel. If possible, a player should remain in the upper-right wheel as well.

The player in the upper-left wheel will collect EGG CARTON SIDE. Have them press the button to remove the wall from the lower-right prize bubbles.

Flip the lower-left lever to reach the SOLDIER'S HELMET, DECAYED METAL PLATE, and COLLAR & TIE.

Flip the lever in the upper-right wheel, allowing the upper-left player to exit the wheel and collect DOG TAG, CARDBOARD HAT, GREY CAMO, and MELLOW SUN.

Continue on with the level, moving rightward. You'll find some electrified spikes to avoid. Run under the first one when it is up. Jump over the second one when it is down.

When the third one retracts, jump onto the ledge above it, then jump back to the left to grab the EGG CARTON FRONT.

Again, jump over the third spike when it retracts, this time keep going past the fourth spike.

Wait for the fifth to go down, then jump over it.

You'll find some more enemies to pop. Use the middle one to bounce up to the IRON SCAFFOLDING BASE.

Then use the third to bounce up to the snowy hills in the background. Collect IRON SCAFFOLD, 427 MOTIF, and GREEN TARTAN PATCH.

Get onto the green platform, moving back and forth over the electric floor. When it moves to the right, jump off. Collect the TIN CAN.

Platform rightward, avoiding the electric cylinders rotating around.

Pop the bubbles on the enemy.

You'll come to another rotating wheel. Use the entrance to push you upward.

Then jump off and collect the SPINNING ELECTRIC PLATFORM and 1008 BOTTLE TOP.

Get back onto the top of the wheel.

Jump off it, to the upper-right, to collect RED BOTTLE TOP, OLD BOTTLE TOP, RED CLOWN NOSE, and the STAR BOTTLE TOP.

Drop down and grab the ROTATING BARBED WIRE CAGE.

Get in the wheel and let yourself fall down the hole below it.

You'll find a moving platform. Grab the EGG CARTON BACK from the left, but don't touch the electrified object on the left.

Head right, avoiding electrified spikes. Grab the FREE RANGE EGG and 5 COIN.

Jump over two electrified cylinders, then you'll come to a few more electrified spikes. Get the SACKBOY COIN.

Next, you'll see a cracked TV and an enemy vehicle. You can just run in front of the enemy and pull the lever on your right.

You'll free the scientist. Grab THE SCIENTIST object, and proceed into the wheel on your right.

This wheel has three levels to it (besides the center), expect to die a lot. Drop down to the first level, onto the fabric. You can grab onto it if needed.

Platform rightward, avoiding the electrified ground. The fabric platforms will get smaller and smaller. Drop into the second level, grabbing onto the fabric.

You can let the wheel spin you while you hold on, letting go when you're on the upper-left corner of the wheel.

You'll bypass the electrified ground that way and just can navigate the rest of the way to an arrow pointing to the final level (and thankfully a gong is here.)

This is the tough part. Jump over electrified cylinders. Soon you'll come to cylinders with platforms above them. You'll need to jump from platform to platform. If you fall off a platform, it can be hard to get back up again, so be warned. On the last platform, you'll find WHITE SPECKLE CONCRETE. Drop down the hole in the bottom of the wheel.

Hold right when you hit the ground, because you'll be on a conveyor. Jump over the electrified cylinders and dodge the electrified spikes, collecting GREY RUSTY METAL and BLUE CONCRETE.

For completing the level, you'll get BOX ROBOT BODY and NEON WIREFRAME. Good job!

If you mange to ace this level, you'll get a NEON HELMET. Amazing!

After completing the next level, come back and place the Power Fist on the sticker board.

The platform will raise up, bringing SPIRAL DOODLE, FACES IN CIRCLES, and RUSSIAN BORDER into reach.

Press the button to the right to get four more prizes, BLUE SHELLSUIT, YELLOW DAMASK, RUSSIAN BANNER, SCARY HEAD, and METAL SPEAR.

For 100% completion, you'll get BAD WITCH CONCEPT WITH FRAME and BAD WITCH CONCEPT.

The Wilderness - The Collector's Lair

You've done it! This is the final level of Little Big Planet, The Collector's Lair.

Head right and jump over the pit with fabric balls hanging above it. You'll come to a sticker board. Place your Wiry Tree sticker (found on the first level of The Wilderness) on it.


Now grab onto one of the fabric balls and let it lower you down the pit. Along the way collect the BUNGEE BRIDGE, CUDDLY BEAR TORSO, CUDDLY BEAR LEG, CUDDLY BEAR ARM, CUDDLY BEAR HEAD, RUSTY METAL, and MECHANICAL PRISON. If you miss any, you can restart the level to try again.

Pull the lever on the cage with the bears. Take the BEAR object.

Push the black box into the wall to the right.

Hop into the background and head right, collecting the MECHANICAL DOOR.

Jump onto the moving platform and grab the EXPANDABLE SQUARE 1.

Drop down and pull the lever to release another prisoner.

Head right. You'll see a prize bubble that you can't get just yet.

Jump onto the platform shown here, then jump left.

Pull another lever to release a prisoner.

Jump rightward to reach a gong, then drop down to the right of it.

Pull the lever to release the dog.

The dog will push a button, letting you grab the IRON CIRCULAR SAFE.

Grab the fabric ball and swing over to the left platform.

Jump to the platform above the fabric ball, then left onto a block with three bubbles on it.

Jump left, past the gong, and drop down below to reach that prize bubble we couldn't before. The dog will follow you leftward and press a button, which allows you to collect TIN FOIL. Continue back to the right and use the fabric ball to climb upward. Then head right to a gong.

Jump onto the blocks, above the electrified ground. Stay on the lower block to avoid getting smashed into the roof.

When possible, jump to the set of boxes on the right, remaining on the lower one again. Continue jumping onto a few platforms to the right. The rest of them won't smash you into the roof.

The first tall one will bring you high enough to jump onto a platform on the upper-left.

You can release another prisoner here.

Go back to the right, along the top platforms and collect the METAL BEAM.

Hop onto the moving platforms.

Jump off the platforms, grabbing the lever to release a prisoner.

Next, you'll come to some L-shaped turning platforms. Grab the FACTORY SILHOUETTE. You can grab onto the fabric to not get thrown when the platform turns.

Use the momentum of the turning platform to throw you into the METAL PLATE decoration.

On the far-right L-shaped platforms, you'll find PIXEL GREEN BLOCK. Get thrown up in the upper-right corner and grab the fabric to be pulled up above, letting you get the RIGHT-ANGLED PLATFORM 1 object.

Drop down, then grab onto the fabric ball.

Go right along the tops of the L platforms. Jump to avoid falling.

On the far upper-left, you'll find LEADERS OF MEN and a Challenge Key.

Pull the lever to release more prisoners.

Head rightward, within the lower section of the L-shaped platforms. Collect WOODEN CRATE and RIGHT-ANGLED PLATFORM 2 along the way.

Head all the way to the right. Hop down into the moving box.

Jump between the center walls.

When possible, jump up to the next moving box in the background.

Run past the fiery platform.

Hop forward, into the next box.

Run all the way to the right of the pit and remain there, which will avoid the crushing block. Jump up to the three bubbles.

Jump to the gong in the background.

When you get to the top, hop forward. Release the prisoner on your right.

Collect the COMPLEX PLATFORM as you jump over the fire pit on your left, then jump onto the platform in the background.

Get to the left of the platform and hop forward. This platform will take you past some electrified, moving walls. Avoid them and grab the JUMPER PLATFORM.

Jump onto the next platform in the background.

On the far-left, free a prisoner.

Grab onto the fabric ball and drop down below.

Head left, grabbing MALE DOLL HEAD and MALE DOLL ARM along the way. Careful you don't fall down below, since these are moving platforms.

Pull the lever to release more prisoners.

Drop down to the gong and grab the POWER FIST sticker.

Go to the right and get on the vertically moving platform, then head right.

Collect the MALE DOLL TORSO and MALE DOLL LEG objects as you make your way rightward.

Jump into the background to reach the gong, then jump further in the background to the vertically moving platform. Use this platform to jump to the PLATFORM EXPANDER and ANGLED PLATFORM EXPANDER (up in the air above the platform expander.)

Go to the right, careful not to fall in a pit or be squished. Pull the lever to release more prisoners.

Go up moving platform, to your upper-left. Careful not to get squished again.

Then go up that moving platform to your upper-right and free another set of prisoners.

Hop forward, onto the rotating rectangular room, then drop down to the bottom of it as it turns.

Hop onto the other platform, let it take you up, then hop off and head right.

You'll find a four player Co-Op area, but you only really need three players to complete it. Have everyone grab onto the x4 fabric.

Have a player step on the top button, then the second button, then the third. The top player should be able to run and jump high enough to reach RAINBOW WARRIOR, DANGER PLATFORM, METAL VENT, HEAD DRESS, BLUE CAMO, and the CHINESE DRAGON MASK.

Leave the Co-Op area and pull the lever to release another prisoner.

Head down and grab onto a fabric ball. Careful of the electrically charged walls on your way down. Generally stick to the center. On the way, collect BABY DOLL HEAD, TUBE RACE WASHER, TUBE RACE CRUSHER 2, BABY DOLL TORSO, BABY DOLL ARM, TUBE RACE ROTATORS, BABY DOLL LEG, and TUBE RACE CRUSHER 1.

Pull the lever at the bottom to have the king and queen pull forward on their steeds. Grab THE KING and THE QUEEN prize bubbles from them.


For completing the level, you'll get ROBOT TROUSERS and THE WILDERNESS.

For acing the level, you'll get a NEON DRESS.


The Wilderness - The Collector

This is it! Time to fight the final boss battle!

Unfortunately, there's a bit of a walk to reach the collector. So if you have to start over a lot to win or ace the level it can be annoying, but luckily I think this battle is easier than many of the levels.

The collector will hover in the air, moving left and right. After a bit, it'll pound downward, which is the perfect opportunity to pop a bubble on the side of it!

Then pop the bubble on the other side.

Now the collector will start shooting electrified barrels in a predictable pattern.

Like before, just pop the bubbles as it slams to the ground. Once you pop both bubbles, you'll be on to its second form.

The platform will rise. You'll be able to pop the left bubble on the collector, even before the second form starts attacking.

The collector will toss out a couple of robots to get in your way. Just jump on their bubble as soon as you can.

After you've taken care of the small robots, get in front of the collector's wheels. It'll pound the ground with its fists. Pop the bubbles on the side of the fists.

The collector will send out more robots. Defeat those. Eventually, the collector will start pounding the ground with its fists open, revealing bubbles inside. Get under the open area of the fists and jump to pop the bubbles within, defeating the second form.

Now the third form will begin. Stick to the front of the collector as much as possible. Pop the bubbles on its sides.

The collector won't like this and will fly up in the air and try to stomp on you. Avoid the stop and get in front again, still attempting to pop any bubbles you can reach.

The collector will drop some electrified barrels down the screen. I found these easier to dodge than they appeared to be.

Eventually, the collect will drop a box.

Pull the box in front of the collector and use it to jump and pop the bubble under its neck.

Then, when it spreads its arms, jump off the box and pop those bubbles too. The collector will be defeated.

Chase after the collector and grab THE BATTLE ON ICE audio object along the way.

For completing the level, you'll receive THE COLLECTOR, THE COLLECTOR'S POD, and THE COLLECTOR'S BOSS. Congratulations on a job well done!

You won't get anything for 100% completion this time.

For acing the boss, you get YELLOW HEAD.