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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Gardens - Get a Grip

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Select Get a Grip from The Gardens menu.

When you enter the level, head right.

The king will talk to you, explaining how to grab objects.

Use R1 to push the foam block up to the brick wall. Jump on the block and then over the wall.

Pull the large R1 block over towards the roof on the left.

Pull the smaller green and yellow block over near the R1 block. Jump from the small block, to the large block, then up on the roof.

Grab the TUDOR VIEW prize bubble on the roof.

Continue leftward along the house roofs. Grab the TUDOR HOUSE bubble. Head back to where we got on the roof.

Move the two blocks over to the right brick wall in order to jump over it.

Push the triangular block over and push it against the brick wall on the right. Climb up the block to get over the brick wall.

Pick up the TEA POT sticker.

Select the Tea Pot sticker from your Popit menu.

Place it on the cardboard teapot. You'll get GOLF CLUB BOTTOM and NOUGHTS & CROSSES.

Continue right. You'll come to a wooden steed.

Grab the front part of the steed and pull it rightward. When it starts rolling down the hill, hop on.

You should collect the LEAF DOODLE.

Right after you collect the leaf, jump on the treetops to your right.

Fall off the right edge of the treetops to collect the VICTORIAN MAN SKETCH sticker.

Jump on the steed and then jump over the green wall.

Pull the steed on the other side of the wall rightward. You'll reveal a prize bubble behind it. Collect the WOODEN STEED sticker. Continue pulling the steed to the right, against the next green wall.

Jump on the steed and then over the green wall.

Get the SUN DOODLE prize behind the tree that has the gong on it.

Continue right. Push the green and yellow block rightward.

You want to place the block under the low point of the wall behind you.

Jump up and get on the left side of the steed.

Pull the steed into the indent to its left. Use it to jump up to the higher wall behind you. Jump left off the wall to grab the ENGLISH ROSE sticker found to your upper-left, then get back up on the upper wall.

Push the small green and yellow block into the hole, then pull the steed over it.

Hop onto the steed when it starts going down the hill.

At the bottom of the hill, you'll find ORANGE FLOWERS, GRASS ROUGH DOODLE, and RED FLOWERS prizes. Continue rightward, past the wall where your steed stopped.

A steed will explain that you can grab a hanging object with R1 and then swing with your left analog stick. Jump and grab onto the first hanging sponge.

Swing from sponge to sponge until you're safely past the deadly water.

Drop down the right ledge to grab the BLUE MONKEY sticker. Get on the ramp. Make the left side of it go down, then run to your right and jump off the right of the ramp before it falls too far.

Use the next ramp to collect the CASTLE SKETCH WINDOW sticker in the upper-right, then use it to get onto the platform to your upper-left.

Push the blocks around so you can jump onto the treetops to your left.

Collect the GREEN CASTLE BANNER sticker here.

Continue left along the treetops to collect the MOODY CLOUD sticker as well.

Go back to your right. Near the blocks you used to climb onto the treetops, you'll find a sponge you can swing to your upper-right on.

Keys will unlock survival and score challenges. To get this one, get on the right side of the ramp. Once it falls rightward, you can run to the left, jump, and grab onto the hanging sponge.

Use the sponge to swing into the key.

To your right, you'll find the queen. She'll ask you to place a tail decoration on her wooden steed.

Collect the DONKEY TAIL decoration and the STICKER & DECORATION EDIT tool.

Select the donkey tail from your decorations menu.

Place it onto the steed.

The steed will thank you and four bubbles will appear. Within the bubbles you'll find EYE SPRING, ORANGE FLOWER, PURPLE FLOWER, and PINK FLOWER.

Look behind the queen to find the BLACK CROWN OUTLINE prize.

Get on the steed and grab the soft spot and pull him rightward. You'll begin a race.

Your steed will stop at a large mushroom. Collect the RED MUSHROOM sticker to your left.

For completing the level once, you'll receive the HAPPY EYES and PINK CAT NOSE costumes. For acing the level (not dying), you'll receive the PIRATE WAISTCOAT and PIRATE SHORTS costumes.

You should end up with 47% of the goodies and prizes in the level.

After collecting the Yellow Star in the third level (Skate to Victory), replay this level to get 100% completion.

Get to the left side of the rooftops and select the Yellow Star sticker using your Popit menu.

Place the sticker on the cardboard star hanging in the background.

Collect the TOWER and the SMART HOVEL.

On the roof to your right, you'll find a HOVEL prize that also fell.

Place the Yellow Star on the cardboard star, next to the teapot. Collect the GOLD TEA CUP, GREY TWEED, and SOCCER BALL.

Ride the steed down the ramp and jump onto the treetops on the way down.

Place the Yellow Star on the cardboard star. Collect the LARGE SNAIL SHELL, BLUE MOON, DARKEST BROWN WOOD, TALL TREE, and DARK GREEN WOOD.

On the platform that has all the blocks, place the Yellow Star sticker on the cardboard star. Collect the SMALL GREY FLAG, ORANGE FLORAL FABRIC, GREEN CHECK DENIM, SEESAW, and GRASS. Climb up onto the treetops to your left.

Go left until you find another star. Place your Yellow Star on it. Collect the CURLY CLOUD, ROUND CLOUD, FANCY CLOUD, LOOSE CLOUD, and TWISTY CLOUD.

Along the race, you'll find a star hanging in the background. Place your Yellow Star sticker on it. Collect the CHEERING CROWD, SMALL WOODEN STEED, LARGE WOODEN STEED, FLORAL FABRIC, and MUSHROOM BLOCK.

This should give you 100% completion. You'll receive THE FAIRY TALE CONCEPT sticker and THE FAIRY TALE CONCEPT WITH FRAME object.