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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Savannah - The Meerkat Kingdom

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This is the final Savannah level, The Meerkat Kingdom.

When you start the level, go right, behind what looks like a wall.

Place the Fluffy Tree sticker on the cardboard.


Go leftward. You'll come to a prize sticker, which will slide down the hill as you move closer.

Follow it down the hill, sliding as well.

Collect the prize, BABY MEERKATS.

Continue left. You'll begin a race.

You'll see a white block in the wall. Pull it out of the wall and get the CARVED HEADS material behind it.

Go to your lower-right.

You should find the finish to the race here.

Continue rightward. Swing across a gap and collect the COW UDDERS, COW HEAD, and CRAZED DONKEY.

Drop down the gap and continue to a room to your left. Some Meerkats will pop out of the ground.

Jump on a meerkat and have it bounce you to the upper-right ledge. Collect the MY PATCH audio object and a Survival Challenge Key.

Now have a Meerkat bounce you to the upper left of the room to collect MR BEAVER SAYS NO, RUBBER DUC, and CARVED ANIMALS.

Continue down the left path. Grab the zebra circle.

Use them swing over to the upper-left to grab the GROWL FACE.

Then use it to collect the CAT HEAD and BIRDY OUTLINE on the right side.

Continuing left, you'll come upon a Co-Op area. Have one player stand on the left edge of the platform lifting it up. Have the other player drop down the the lower area.

Then have one player grab the zebra circle and pull it leftward. The other player can then get down to the lower path as well.

Have both players pull the zebra block to get it a hair past the upper platform.

Have one player jump on the block. Another block will fall from the roof. Collect the RED ROMAN CAPE, BLACK ANIMAL NOSE, and ORANGE BLOCK. Then go right, behind what somewhat resembles a wall to get the SCARY FANGS.

Have both players exit rightward. You'll come across a Meerkat with it's belly and head sticking out. Have one player get on the head and the other one jump on the belly. This will launch the player on the head upward. Do this to grab the WOODEN PLANKS prize.

Then do the same at the second Meerkat you come across. Launch up to the BIG-BELLY MEERKAT prize.

Continue right. You'll come to a wall that will break under weight. Try to quickly jump to the upper right to grab the BROWN WOOD prize. If you miss, you'll likely have to come back through the level again later. Also collect the RED BOY sticker you see below.

Go to your lower left and swing over the spike pit.

Have a larger Meerkat bounce you up to the JET CHEETAH. Continue to your lower left.

A very large Meerkat wants you to find his son, Stripy Tail.

Go leftward. You'll see a light hanging in the background. Step back into the background and walk rightward.

You'll come across the SLEEPING ELEPHANT sticker.

Place the Growl Face sticker on the cardboard.

You'll release the HANGING SNAPPING CLAW.

Continue leftward, to the club. Use two players again to bounce up and collect a RED LOBSTER.

Go to the next Meerkat and have a player bounce up and grab onto the zebra swing. Swing onto the platform to your left.

Jump from the left side of the platform. A Meerkat will stick out it's head, keeping you from falling. Then jump to your upper-right to collect a BIG CUTE NOSE sticker.

Using the same Meerkat as before. Bounce a player up high enough to grab the BLUE FISH sticker.

Continue leftward. You'll find Stripy Tail. Grab onto him and pull him rightward.

Now that you have Stripy Tail, you'll be able to get past the Meerkat and collect the WOODEN FLAMINGO. Pull Stripy Tail rightward some more.

This Meerkat will also allow you past to collect the SNAPPING CLAW and SAVANNAH INT MUSIC.

Once you get Stripy Tail back to his parent, they will open a gate for you.

Inside the gate, collect the WOODEN ZEBRA, WALLPAPER, and ENGRAVED METAL. Continue rightward.

You'll come to some Meerkats that will bounce you upward. Jump on them to progress upward, then rightward.

You should find a SCRATCH PATTERN when jumping from the second Meerkat.

One Meerkat will send you up really high and you'll get a Score Challenge Key.

Up further, you'll be able to bounce up to a RED BUTTERFLY and a WHITE BUTTERFLY.

Left of the Red Butterfly, you'll find a place to use your Voodoo Face.

This will release a MEERKAT POPUP.

Head right, past a gong. A Meerkat will launch you upward.


For completing the level for the first time, you'll get PINK SCARF and THE SAVANNAH.


For acing the level, you'll get a RINGMASTER TOP HAT and GOLD MONOCLE.