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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Wedding - The Darkness

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This is the second level of The Wedding, The Darkness.

You'll come across a dog. He'll go forward if you are on his head or in front of him. He'll go backward if you are on his back or behind him. Get on his head and let him take you forward.

He'll carry you over spikes. Grab the BULL SKULL and SEATED SKELETON prizes here.

Shortly after that, he'll go up a hill. When you are partway up the hill you can jump off the dog to the left to collect the CERAMIC MOSAIC.

You'll come to a wall. Jump off the dog to the upper area and grab the ramp and push it down.

Now the dog will climb up the ramp.

Soon you'll come to two paths. The upper path has some kind of deadly smoke. Take the lower path, jumping over the pits.

When the paths meet back up, grab the GREY GHOST and get back on the dog.

To the right, you'll see three prize bubbles on pedestals. Grab them for SKELETON HAND, SKELETON HIP BONE, and CARTOON BONE.

You'll reach another wall the dog can't pass. Jump up on the upper wall and push the lever.

The land under the dog will raise up. Get on your dog and jump to two prize bubbles on a platform to the upper-left, collecting PIXEL SKULL and CHRISTMAS LIGHT.

Continue rightward with the dog. Right after the gong, you'll see a trap on the floor. When the dog walks on it, it'll cave in. Either get to the right of the trap before the dog gets there or jump off the dog before it falls in.

Go up the skeleton elevators. Don't jump or you'll hit the spikes on the top of their jaw.

On the third skeleton elevator you can walk rightward to reach the SKULL bubble.

Get on the top of the second skeleton elevator's skull. Jump left and grab the skull.

You can use it to swing to a platform on the left that contains a Challenge Key and the APPLIANCE OF SCIENCE audio.

You can also use the skull to reach the PICTURE FRAME on top of the third skeleton elevator.

Head rightward. Check behind the walls to find SKELETON ARM, SKELETON LEG, and SKELETON TORSO.

Jump over the spike pits. After one of them you'll find some bats dipping up and down. Avoid touching them and grab the DEADLY BAT object.

Soon you'll come to a spike pit that goes up and down. When it is down, jump over it.

After that, avoid the bat and jump over the spike pit, using the skull to swing over it.

You'll come to another spike pit. Grab and pull the skull hanging over it rightward. You'll collect the SMALL LED LIGHT.

Up ahead there will be a spike pit with a RED CANDLE prize bubble over it. Jump the pit and grab it.

Go down the stairs and collect the PURPLE SKULL SKIRT, PURPLE SKULL ARM, and SPOTTY SKULL LEG in front of them.

Pull the large foam block with the skull on it leftward. Grab the revealed SUGAR SKULL. Use the foam block to jump to the upper-right platform.

You'll reach another spike pit moving up and down. When it is down jump over it, collecting the METAL SKULL PLATE.

To the right you'll find the groom. He wants you to drag him to Frida.

Ignore the groom for the moment. Grab onto the first skull bungee to your right, then use it to get on the upper-left platform.

This is a Co-Op area. Have one sackboy get on the platform to the left of the gong. The other player should hang from the skull. This will raise the platform, allowing the player on the platform to jump to the left, onto a higher platform.

Jump from the upper platform and grab the light swing. Drag it leftward and drop on a prize bubble, collecting the three you see between the spikes. Repeat the process until you get all three - RED PINATA MOTIF, GREEN PINATA MOTIF, and BLUE PINATA MOTIF.

Now both players will need to head left, over the spikes. One player pulling the light at the top and one player jumping the spikes at the bottom.

When the top player reaches a platform, jump onto it and press the red button. This will open a doorway for the bottom player to enter.


Leave the Co-Op area and use the three bungee skulls to get to the right of the spike pit. Pull the lever found there and it will remove the spike pit.

Pull the groom rightward. The door will open for him.

After the door, you'll find another Co-Op area. Have one player step on the red button, while another is on the platform that springs upward. The player should launch up to the far-upper platform and be able to collect the SUGAR BONE and TORN CLOTH.

Now pull the groom onto the spring and step on the red button. He'll fly up to the platform you're on. Now drag him rightward, through the door.

As you walk past prize bubbles, you can jump on the groom and then jump to get PINATA DOG, BLUE PINATA MOTIF, PINK PINATA MOTIF, and ORANGE PINATA MOTIF.

You'll eventually come to a place where the groom says he is too large to get through. Let go of him and continue rightward.

You'll find some more skull elevators. There is a hidden object to the right of the first skull elevator. To get it, jump right when the skull elevator is closing. You should jump into the background, instead of the spikes.

Continue up the skull elevators. At the top, go left. Grab onto the skull you find there and let it take you up to a platform on the upper-left.

Use the Pixel Skull sticker on the five cutouts.

This will reveal BROWN LEATHER and BUNNY.

Head back to the right.

As you come to a dead end, the Skulldozer will pop out and do a bunch of damage.

This will create a ramp, allowing you to climb up. As you get near the top of that ramp, the Skulldozer will end up creating another ramp, letting you go to your upper-right.

For completing the level you'll get PINK FAIRY WINGS and PINK DOT costumes.


For acing the level you'll get ROMAN ARMOR.