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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Canyons - The Mines

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This is the second level in The Canyons, The Mines.

Go rightward into the mines. Jump on the blue spot on the enemy's heads.

Jump over the fire pit and bounce on the next enemy's head to reach the RED STRIPY FABRIC and AZTEC SPIKY.

Get on the spinning fabric wheels. You can grab onto these if needed. Collect the two prize bubbles above the wheels, RED PATTERN FABRIC and STANDING MAN.

To the upper-right of the wheels, you'll find a spot to use your Angry Skull sticker.


Fall down between the wheels. Collect the MATCHSTICK.

Also collect the RED WRESTLER FACE. If you have a difficult time with this, you can hold onto the red fabric wheel as it spins and let go at the right time. Press the red button.

Some mining carts will come onto the track. Get on one and hang on for a fast ride.

Defeat the enemies after the next gong.

Then press the next red button you find.

Another cart will come out. Look in the hole it comes out and you'll see a CARDBOARD MINE CART to take.

Pull the lever up ahead rightward. it will lower the ramp.

Have a second player step on the left side of the ramp. The other player can pull the lever to raise the ramp up, letting the player on the ramp collect the POWERED CHAIN PLATFORM. Pull the cart to the right wall if needed. Jump up on it to continue over the wall.

Next you'll come to some carts hanging on rails. Pull the lever when the upper cart is over your head to collect the STANDING MAN OUTLINE. It can be difficult to time this. If you don't catch it, it'll fall down into a fire pit and you'll have to try the level again to get it.

The bottom cart will have burning rocks in it. Those should fall when you released the prize bubble. Once they fall out, pull the lever the other way to close the bottom of the carts. Jump into the bottom cart.

Jump out of the cart to the right ledge. Collect the CACTUS QUENCH prize.

Jump on the conveyor.

Jump off of it onto the left ledge before the floor your standing on becomes vertical.

Get in the upper cart.

Let it take you to the left, then jump out and collect the JUMPING WRESTLER.

Place the Red Explosives sticker here.


Head back to the right and go to the upper platform. There will be some jumping enemies here. When they're in the air, hit them in their lower blue spot with a jump.

Get launched by a block on your left. Use it to get the THIN SARDINE LABEL.

You also want to land on the upper-right platform. Pull the block out of the wall to drop the explosive and clear a path for you. Go through this path.

You'll find a spinning wheel. Get the BASKET material to the upper-right of it.

Drop down and press the red button you find.

Jump on the cart and hold on. Jump to get the MINE CART WITH HANDLES prize bubble.

Continue right. You'll find a conveyor going down. Hop onto it.

When the conveyor ends, jump to the conveyor on your left. Careful of the fire on the walls.

Once again jump to a conveyor on your right, collecting the WOODEN BASKET material as you do.

When you're low enough, jump to the platform on your left.

Jump onto the enemy's head. Be careful of the spiked hammer it swings back and forth.

You'll come to the start of a race. Jump on the red button to drop an explosive box to the ground. When the two arrows on the box point to each other, it'll explode.

Pull the explosive box to your right to blow up the wall next to the gong.


Continue to press the red button to get more explosives. Use the explosives on the wall to the left.

When you break through the wall, collect MEXICAN SPICE.

Jump over the spike pits to your left and press the red button.

The explosives under the wood will blow up, making the wood turn into a ramp for you.

Jump to the upper-left to collect the APPLE HEART.

Step on the red button to your right. This will make the other piece of wood to your left into a ramp.

Push the cart on the upper platform to the right.

Jump on the red button to release BOTTLE LOGO and HALF A TACHE.

Continue left. Hop into a cart.

You'll reach a Challenge Key. Jump to get it.

Shortly after the Challenge Key, you'll need to jump to get the WHITE COTTON BUD.

When the cart comes to land, jump off and continue to the right, defeating the enemy.

Next you'll come to some spinning wheels. Remember you can hold onto them if needed. Jump onto the first one.

You can hold onto the first wheel to collect the SPIKEHAMMER BLOCK.

When you get back to the top, jump to the green wheel. You may want to hold on and have it spin you back to a better footing at the top.

Now jump left to the red wheel. If you don't get to the top, just hold on and let it spin you back to the top.

Jump to the next green wheel to the left.

Let it spin you around to collect the DOUBLE SPONGE ROTATOR.

Now drop from the green wheel to the red one below. Hang on if needed.

Jump to the final green wheel to the left. Do not let this one spin you all the way around though, because it'll take you into the fire pit below. Jump to the left for safety.

You'll come to another red button. Push it and hop into the cart that appears.

After a bit, your cart will fall off the end of the ramp. Grab onto the green swing to survive. You can use the swing to grab the EMPTY MINE CART object as well.

Let go of the swing as you are at full swing leftward and the flames build up, sending a new mining cart out of the hole. You should hopefully land in that cart. It isn't as hard as it sounds.

When your cart makes it to land, jump out.

Climb the hill, which appears to be a dead end, but it's not. Take note of the place on your upper-right that we can later place a sticker to get 100% completion.

You'll come to a Co-Op area. Have one player pull on the upper sack, while the other player holds onto the lower one.

This will turn the wheel, forming a complete path for both players to walk past it.

Now have one player grab onto the red fabric wheel. Have the other player pull the middle lever leftward until the player hanging it close to the green wheel.

Now the upper-player can grab onto the green wheel.

Have the lower-player pull the left lever to the right until the upper-player is next to the red wheel.

The upper-player can let go and grab the red wheel, by pressing in it's direction.

Finally, the lower-player should pull the right lever to the left. This will allow the upper-player to grab the prize bubbles, RED MOTIF, ROTTEN TEETH, SINGLE SPONGE ROTATOR, and DUNGAREES BOTTOM.

Go back down to where the cart dropped you off. Head leftward. You'll come to some more spinning wheels. Jump on the red wheel and hold on.

Drop onto the green wheel. Hold onto it as well. Do a complete circle to grab the FRAMED CARVED WOOD, then drop off the right side of the green wheel.

You should land on a red wheel. Hold onto it and it'll spin you around to collect the SAREGAMA SUN and a Challenge Key. Drop off as you collect those, so you don't hit the hot wall above them.

You'll land onto a wheel you can't grip. Jump to the left edge of the platform to the right. Then jump onto the enemies to defeat them.

To the right, you'll find a dropoff. When you drop, the blocked passage will open up and you'll fall.

You'll begin to be chased by a large flaming boulder. Run rightward, jumping over the fire. You can hit the flames once without dying, but not twice in a row.

The third set of jumps will be more challenging. You'll have to barely tap the jump button at times.

After you escape the boulder, you'll find GREEN GECKO sticker in a hidden passage on the left.

Level complete! You'll receive PIGTAIL HAIR WIG and BROWN CAMO.

When you ace the level, you'll get the COWBOY BANDANA and JEANS WITH A BELT.

Once you complete the next level, Serpent Shrine. You'll have the Mexican Scary Mask to use, near the Co-Op area.


Now you should have 100% completion, which will give you ANTEATER CONCEPT WITH FRAME and ANTEATER CONCEPT.