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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Metropolis - Subway

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This is the second level of The Metropolis, "Subway"

Near the start of the level, you'll go down a huge elevator. There are 13 prize bubbles along the way, but you can't get them all on the first try. The prizes are BLUE KNIT, FEMALE DOLL HEAD, YELLOW FRIES, RED DECK CHAIR, FEMALE DOLL, BLUE DENIM, ROLLERSKATE LIFT, FEMALE DOLL ARM, FEMALE DOLL TORSO, BLUE FELT, ROLLERSKATE WHEEL, BLUE DECK CHAIR, and ROLLERSKATE.

After the elevator, you'll come to a drop-off. A train will come rushing by occasionally. Drop onto the train and let it carry you rightward.

Jump onto the platform that the train takes you under. Use the Yellow Fries sticker on the wall when the train isn't passing. This sticker was found on the way down the elevator, so you may not have it yet.

Two prizes will drop, WHITE WEAVE and SUBWAY TRAIN.

Jump onto the platform to the right and go through the vents.

At the end of the vents you'll find the DOUBLE AIRVENT.

Use the train to get to the platform on your right.

Jump onto the elevator with the lever on it. Pull the lever rightward to go down.

Stop the elevator near the bottom of the left wall. There is a passage through that wall. Grab the QUADRUPLE AIRVENT.

Go through the vents to the left to reach the POWERED AIRVENT.

Then take the upper-right path through the vents to reach the TRIPLE AIRVENT, AIRVENT, and BIG BURGER.

Continue to the bottom of the elevator. Jump onto a passing train.

Jump over the beams, some are electrified and will kill you. Collect the STRAIGHT SUBWAY TUNNEL bubble.

Jump onto the platform with the gong. Jump on another train to continue leftward.

Jump over and go under electrified beams.

You'll continue to jump over other beams as well.

Jump onto a platform with a gong on it.

When a train is in the background, jump on it to get the SUBWAY SLIDE TUNNEL.

Go left with the train. The vents will slow you down a bit, try not to fall off the trains.

Continuing rightward, you'll have more beams to jump over. None will be electrified this time.

Jump up to the gong. You'll begin a race here.

It's very tricky, but try to stay to the upper-right when traversing the vents. The best way for me was to stop between each vent and jump into the vent blade the way I wanted to go. You'll collect RAILROAD CROSSING here.

Stick to the upper-right path and you'll find a Challenge Key.

The large, powered airvent will have SKYLINE 4 in it. This one is easy to reach.

When you complete the race, you'll find Mags again. Before we tackle her problem, let's go left to a Co-Op area.

Have one player get in the airvent and the other one step on the red button to make the airvent turn.

Once the first player makes it through the vent, they can step on a red button to permanently power the airvent.

Now each player should stand in front of a lever.

Have the right player pull their lever to the right. This will raise up the other player. Be careful not to let them hit the gas.

Now the left player should pull their lever leftward to move that direction.

Next, the right player should pull their lever rightward to lower the other player.

Once again, the left player can now pull their lever to the left.

Now the right player should pull the lever to the right to lift the left player past the gas.

Then the left player should pull their lever rightward.

Then the right player should pull leftward.

And again, the left player should pull rightward, but don't run into the gas.

Finally, the right player can pull rightward one last time to raise the other player. The prize bubbles will then be reachable. Grab STITCHED BUTTON EYES and PINK HAIR WIG.

Now we can go back to Mag and help her. Pull the lever to the left to move the crane that direction.

Once the crane is centered over the car, press the red button.

The car will be lifted out of the sewage. Jump in the back of the car to get ZE DUDE'S WHEELS.

Also get the RUSTY METAL GRILL in the upper-right corner of the boxes.

Continue rightward. You'll reach an elevator that will take you upward. You'll need to collect 13 more prize bubbles on this elevator ride. It's going to take you more than one try to do it. Be careful of the gas vents here as well. The prizes you'll collect are BLUE ARM, BLUE LEG, SACKBOY SPRAY PAINT, CASSETTE TAPE, HUT ROOF, CHUG LITE, EAGLE DRAWING, EAGLE WING DRAWING, BROWN BEARD, PINK STETSON, HAIRY LEG, OLD GUITAR, and OLD-TIMER.

After the elevator knock over the stack of boxes to get SCARY MOUTH and HELLO CARD.

Hidden behind the right boxes, you'll find WAFFLE.

For completing the level, you'll receive WELLINGTON BOOTS and GREEN DAMASK.

When you ace it, you'll get GREEN SOCK PUPPET.

When you've completed the The Construction level, come back to this level. Right before the race, look on the wall in the background. You'll see a place to put a sticker. Select the Intense Blue Graffiti from your sticker menu.

Place the sticker to receive SHINY METAL, BLUE STAR BANNER, and RED STAR BANNER.

You should now have 100% completion. You'll get ROCK GOD CONCEPT WITH FRAME, ROCK GOD CONCEPT, and GRABBING MACHINE.