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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Metropolis - The Construction Site

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This is the final level of The Metropolis, "The Construction Site".

Head to the right. You'll begin a race. To your right, you'll find burning fireballs rolling down the hill. Jump over them and grab the CRANE HOOK.

Continue right. You'll come to another set of fireballs rolling down a hill. Jump on the foam swing and jump to the platform on the left to get SKYLINE 2 and WHEELBARROW MAN.

Go rightward. You'll go across some beams. On the last beam you'll see some prize bubbles to your upper-right. Tilt the beam by using your weight until you can jump to that platform.


Jump onto the red button below. It'll bring a platform down for you so you can continue rightward.

You'll come to a beam that appears to be a dead end. Tilt the beam so you can get to the upper platform and get the POWER DIGGER MAN.

Press the red button to your left. It'll bring a beam back upward.

Get on the beam and tilt it so you can get to the upper-right platform.

You'll find a moving beam to your right. Hop on it.

Open your sticker menu and select Skyline 3.

Place it on the bottom-middle cutout.

Place Skyline 4 on the upper-right cutout.

Also place Skyline 4 on the upper-left cutout.

Put Skyline 2 on the upper-middle cutout.

Now flip Skyline 2 and place it in the lower-right corner.

Select and flip Skyline 4 and put it in the lower right.


Go back to your left. Once you reach an enemy, jump on top of it to bounce up to the prize bubble, SPIKE HAMMER BLOCK.

Swing leftward using the sponge swings.

Pull on the sponge on the side of the ramp you come to.

Then jump on the ram.

Tilt the ramp so you can grab the hanging sponge.

You'll get pulled upward. Jump off on the platform on the left.

You'll start another race.

Jump over the fireballs and collect the CHICKEN DRUMSTICK.

Under the left edge of the platform, you'll see a BASKETBALL prize bubble. Walk over to grab it. You can move into the background to avoid a fireball if needed.

Continue leftward, sticking to the upper path.

The race will end and you'll go up an elevator.

Swing left.

A rolling basketball with fireballs on it will come toward you. Jump over it as the fireballs are both close to the rope. You'll collect the BASKETBALL HEAD.

On the platform with the next gong, walk into the background twice and go behind the structure.

You'll find BLUE GRAFFITI back there.

Now swing leftward and destroy the enemy.

Get on the tilting platform on the left and use it to get to the upper-right platform.

Continue right. You'll reach another tilting platform. Tilt it so you can go to the upper-left platform, which is a Co-Op area.

Have one player get on the beam and the other player in the crane. The player in the crane should move the beam to the left. This will allow the other player to get the ATLAS prize bubble.

Have the left player pull the warning block onto the beam.

Then the right player should use the crane to bring the beam back to the right. The warning block should then be pulled all the way rightward.

Jump on the warning block to reach the top of the crane and grab the YELLOW BUILDER CAP, BOXING GLOVE FRONT, DUNGAREES TOP, RED STILETTO, and BOXING GLOVE BACK.

Jump from the warning block and grab the foam swing to grab the BIG CRANE.

Leave the Co-Op area and use the tilting beam to this time take you to the upper-right. Jump on the enemy's head to bounce higher and grab the foam swing.

Swing to your upper-right and grab the KNITTED FABRIC.

Jump on the lower of three tilting beams and grab the FLAME MOTIF METAL and GREY CONCRETE.

Swing the lower beam enough to jump up to the next beam, collecting the BROWN & CREAM CONCRETE and the CHECKERED CONCRETE.

Swing this platform enough to jump up to the CHALLENGE KEY.

Head back to the tilting beam that brought you up here (and to the Co-Op area), and this time go rightward. There will be fireballs rolling rightward. Avoid them and collect the DARK GREY CONCRETE, BUMPY CONCRETE, ROUGH CONCRETE, and POLYSTYRENE PACKING.

Soon, you'll reach a LONG CONVEYOR prize bubble.

Go up the ramp on the right, jumping over the fireballs. You'll collect BROWN CARDBOARD SKYSCRAPER, BLUE CARDBOARD SKYSCRAPER, and RED CARDBOARD SKYSCRAPER.

At the end of the conveyor, you'll also collect DISCO METAL.

After the next gong, grab the PLANE SILHOUETTE and the HALF GLASSES.

Jump across the beams, avoiding the fireballs.

After the beams, you'll find FIERY COAL EMITTER.

Next, you'll start a boss battle. First you'll have to fight Ze Dude's Bouncers. Grab onto the device labeled R1. You can move it right and left, attempting to use it to bounce the fireballs dropped at you back up at the boss. One shot to the red button on his bottom will kill the bouncer.

After you defeat the first bouncer, another will appear. This one is a bit harder because he shoots fireballs faster.

After defeating the two bouncers, you'll face off with Ze Dude himself. He doesn't shoot fireballs as fast as the second bouncer, but the floor tilts, making it harder to bounce the fireballs straight back up at him. I recommend getting on the right side of the R1 device. Pulling the device to the very right appeared to be a safe spot if you need to collect your thoughts. Luckily, it only takes one hit to defeat Ze Dude as well.

After the fight, you'll come to a jet. Go behind it to collect ZE DUDE'S PRIVATE JET.

For completing the level, you'll receive BLONDE HAIR WIG, THE METROPOLIS, and CUSTOM MOTORBIKE.

For 100% completion, you'll receive MONSTER TRUCK, BOSS CONCEPT WITH FRAME, and BOSS CONCEPT.

If you ace the level, you'll get a DINOSAUR MASK.