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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Islands - Sensei's Lost Castle

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Welcome to the second level of The Islandes, "Sensei's Lost Castle"

Start by getting on the catapult and pulling the lever to move it rightward, all the way to the right.

Jump on the red button to get launched.

Your goal is to land in this alcove, collecting the JAPANESE WAVE and WOODEN CATAPULT.

Jump into the tree to the left to get the CHERRY BLOSSOM TREE.

Go rightward. Pop the bubble in the ninja's laps.

Go up the stairs and then jump over to the left.

A ninja will sneak out at you. Avoid his spikes and defeat him. Then grab the SCREEN material on your left.

Go to the right, where you'll find a large spinning wheel. Grab onto the green fabric on it and let it spin you around. You'll get the BLUE MOUNTAIN sticker.

When you're on top of the wheel, attempt to jump to the platform above it.

Go though the door on your left. You'll find a room with several sticker boards on it. Select the Blue Mountain sticker from your menu.

Place the mountain in the lower-right position.

Now choose the Japanese Wave sticker from your menu.

Place this sticker in the remaining places.

Some clamps with bubbles will drop. Pull on the grabber underneath them to get the LITTLE DOLL, GREEN BAMBOO STICK, BIG CUTE EYE, and PINK WARRIOR MASK.

Now go back to the room on the right. Grab onto the small, fast moving wheel. Use it to fling yourself to the larger wheel to the right.

Jump from this wheel when you are almost on top of it. You're goal is to grab onto the red fabric of the wheel to your upper-left.

Then jump from that wheel to the wheel with hands on your upper-right, grabbing on to the red fabric.

Now jump to the red fabric wheel on your upper left. There is a DRAGON EYE bubble hanging to your right. Jump to it, and hopefully not fall too far.

Get on the top fabric wheel, then jump up to the gong.

Grab the prize bubble on your left, PALE GREEN WOOD.

You'll find a jumping ninja to your right. When he jumps, run under him and jump into his bubble.

Now you'll come to some balloons carrying red fabric. Jump to the right to get the GOLD CHARM.

Now grab onto the red fabric of a balloon and slowly descend to the left. You'll find a prize bubble containing SUSHI.

Keep holding on to the fabric, and descend further, keeping to the left. You'll find a SAKURA FLOWER.

Now float over to the right and get the FAT NINJA. You can now let go of the balloon and drop down.

On your left, you'll find a GRASS DOODLE.

Now go to the right and grab onto the large spinning wheel. As you spin around, you'll automatically collect the BRUSHCLOUD WITH SPONGE.

When you get to the top, jump to collect the SPIKED ROTATING WHEEL, a Challenge Key, and SHURIKEN TOWER. When you get them, head down the path to the right.

Run under the shurikens as they go upward.

Jump onto the red fabric wheel to your right. Use it to collect the SHURIKEN object.

Continue using the wheels to get higher. Collect the DIAGONAL LARGE WHEEL to your upper-right.

To the upper-left, collect RED JAPANESE TEXT.

Now to your upper-right, near the top, collect the DIAGONAL SMALL WHEEL.

Jump off the top fabric wheel to the platform on your upper-right, containing a gong.

Grab the red fabric and slide to the right. Avoid touching the electrified platforms below. They move up and down and will kill you at their highest point. You'll reach a gong on your right. Ahead is a Co-Op area. If you want to bring in a second player, now is the best time to do it.

Grab the fabric and push rightward. If you have two players, make sure both of you get on.

Slide to the left and grab the DRAGON SCALE.

Then slide back to the right and grab the BRUSHCLOUD as you fall.

Continue down the path, holding rightward at the end. Jump off and grab the hanging red fabric ball, collecting the RED WICKER.

Swing onto the platform on your right where you see two red buttons.

If one player didn't make it to the upper platform, the other player can press the left red button.

This will bring the red fabric down to them. When they grab on, just release the button. They'll be pulled up and can swing over to you.

Have one player grab the large red fabric wheel. The other player should press the right red button to make it spin. The top player should jump over to the gong.

The lower player should pull the small fabric wheel over to the left, under the left shuriken. This will cause the shuriken to raise up, allowing the top player to jump over the spike pit. Careful, the spike pit is very easy to die on, even if you land on the platform.

Continue moving the fabric ball rightward, so the top player can jump over the spike pits.


Now move the small red fabric to the block on the left.

Get on the block and pull it up, then drag it down to the lower level.

Defeat the ninjas that pop out at you.

Drag the fabric in front of the sensor you see to the left of the prize bubble. Now you can get the THIN NINJA prize.

Go to the right and jump on the ninja to grab the DARUMA SAN prize bubble.

Jump onto the green fabric wheel to your right. Hold on and let it spin you around. You'll collect the BIG ROTATING SPONGE.

Jump up to the wheel on your upper right and grab on.

When you get close to the wall, let go and jump to the next wheel. Careful of the fire along the walls.

At the top, jump over to the top of the hanging fabric to get SONG 2, then jump to the right to get a Challenge Key. Make sure you pass the gong, then continue right.

When you walk in the middle of this room, some Sumos will drop down.

Jump on their arm, you can grab onto them.

When they jump up, try to jump and pop their bubble on their head to defeat them.

Use the extra boost from popping one to reach the MINI SUMO.

Next you'll come to a large sumo. Run under the sumo and pop the two bubbles there (I'm sure there's a bubble butt joke here somewhere.)

Now jump on her foot and let her kick up upward. You can grab onto the red lanterns at the top if you want.

Drop onto her shoulders and pop the three bubbles you find up there to defeat her.

The next room has some ninja balls.

Grab onto them to pull you up.

Keep doing so until you reach the upper-middle one.

Swing into the object to your right. It's tough to see, but it holds a prize bubble, SWINGING NINJA. If you bump it hard enough, it'll fall so you can collect it.

Now swing to the top-left ninja.

It'll carry you to the top. Jump onto the right platform.

Press the red button to free the fire-breathing cat. The button will move the platform upward. Jump off to the right.

Jump onto the fabric ball in the tree branch. Pull the direction you want to go, working your way down the tree branches.


For completing the level, you'll receive ANGEL HALO and RAINBOW SQUARES


For Acing the level, you'll get GOOGLY EYE GLASSES.