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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Metropolis - Lowrider

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We are now beginning The Metropolis levels.

This level is called Lowrider.

You are instructed to drive a car by pulling a switch inside it. Collect UNCLE JALAPENO'S CAR prize bubble.

Take the car rightward. Notice the cardboard sign. Later in this level you'll get a sticker to put on it.

Eventually, you'll run into a wall on your right.

Back up the ramp and then go forward up the upper ramp.

Before you drive off an edge, collect the SKYSCRAPER SCENE. Then continue driving rightward, into the mechanic shop.


To your right, you'll find a red car. Jump on the button on the hood to get launched upward.

Grab onto the hanging light.

Use the lights to swing leftward, collecting Y PIPE, C PIPE, and PIPE.

Use the buttons on the hood of the red cars to bounce upward, to the upper car. Go left, over the car, and jump between the electrified barrels.

Jump and grab the hanging lights on your left. Collect the PINK DONUTS LOGO and then drop and collect the STATUE OF LIBERTY.

Jump onto the hanging light on your left, grabbing the COFFEE LOGO. Swing left onto the yellow platform. Take the WRENCH and SPANNER.

At the left side of the yellow platform, also take MAG'S CAR GARAGE.

Go back to the right and get on the upper red car. Use the button on the hood to bounce up to more hanging lights. Grab the PISTON LOWRIDER, SPOTLIGHT, and GRAFFITI SCRAWL.

Swing leftward, using those hanging lights, into a tower. You'll find BROWN RUSTY METAL in the upper room. Drop down to the next floor and grab the PING BLASTER as well.

Now use the middle red car's button to bounce you up into a hanging lamp (to the right of the upper red car.)

Swing into the room on the right and pull the lever to move the yellow wall to your right upward. Drop down and go through the open room.

Use the Pink Blaster sticker on the rectangle. This will drop 5 prize bubbles, METAL SUPPORT, I HEART LBP, LBP BADGE, WHEEL GEAR, and METROPOLIS INT MUSIC. The cars will start bouncing. Jump on the hoods of the cars to get thrown up high enough to reach the prize bubbles.

Now use the upper red car's button to bounce you to the upper-right, onto a platform with a yellow and red car. Use the button on this hood to grab the Challenge Key and the RED SKYSCRAPER SCENE.

Now let the button on the hood bounce you up to a yellow platform on your upper-left. Push the block leftward to drop some prize bubbles below.

Go down and collect those prizes, which are BACON SLAB and WANTED POSTER.

Now drive the car to a comfortable position to have it launch you over the electrified cylinders. The first cylinder will have a RED LOWRIDER above it.

The second cylinder will have a ELECTRIFIED HAZARD SIGN to its upper-right.

Now drive the car rightward, until you hit a wall. Use the button on the front of the car to launch you to the upper platform.

Push the left wall over, making a ramp.

Grab the ICE CREAM SIGN, attached to the ramp.

Drive the car backwards, under the ramp. Then drive up the ramp with the car.

Use the red button on the car to bounce you up to TAXI METAL and the HANGING TRAFFIC LIGHT.

Then use it to bounce you up to a lever. Hold onto the lever to open a pathway to the right.

Drive the car rightward, into another wall. Jump on the red button while holding the analog stick to the right, to avoid the electric cylinders.

On the way up grab the CONCRETE PANELING.

Jump onto the spinning tire to your right. Be careful of the electrified squares on the tire. Jump to grab the prize bubbles, rotating on the tire above this one. You'll get ROUTE 77, TRICYCLE WHEEL, SCRAP CARS 2, ROUGH RED TARTAN PATCH, BOBCAT, SKYLINE 3, and RED TARTAN PATCH. You can now restart the level if you want to use the Route 77 sticker on that sign found at the beginning.

Now jump to the right, onto a yellow car. Jump over the electrified cylinder and collect the BUTTON EYES sticker.

Drop down onto the orange car on your right. Then jump leftward, over the electrified cylinder. Collect SCRAP CARS 3.

Jump onto the green car that moves up and down. To avoid getting squished, stand where the orange car's wheel well is.

When you can, jump onto the back of the orange car above you and grab YEAH.

You can reach the BLING CURTAIN easy enough, but the other upper prize bubbles aren't as easily in reach.

Use the car elevator to grab the CHROME AND VELVET, BLING RING, and SCRAP CAR LIFT.

Also grab the LOLZ and RED BICYCLE from the yellow car.

Pull the lever on the yellow car to make the orange car below drop. Then take that path to find a Co-Op area.

First, grab the SCRAP CARS 1 bubble on your left.

Then have one player in the car and the other player hang from the fabric below. The upper player should drive to the left, trying to help the lower player avoid the electrified object. The lower player will get AMERICAN TROUSERS.

Have the lower player pull the lever to open a path for the upper player to continue driving.

Both players should continue leftward. The bottom player will collect a CANNONBALL HELMET. The upper player can jump up to get the AMERICAN JACKET.

As the car continues to drive leftward, the lower player will reach a dead end. The upper player needs to pull the lever to make the wall drop, allowing the bottom player to continue leftward.

The lower player should now grab the BIG QUIFF WIG.

That player can then grab the sponge on the left and it'll raise them up to the upper platform, where they can grab the HERO CAPE. Leave the Co-Op area and head rightward.

Pull the lever when you meet Mags again. It'll drop a cardboard car for you. Take the CUSTOM SPORTS CAR prize in the seat.

Select the Route 77 sticker from your popit menu.

Place the sticker on the size of the car. This will drop TOY CAR SPOILER, TOY CAR EXHAUST, CAR BLING, and TOY CAR ENGINE.

Drive your car rightward. You'll reach a wall, backup until you reach another wall, then continue forward.

You'll end up racing someone, but their road will end and they'll crash.

After your car stops, grab the RYTHM TRAX 07, found behind your car.

For completing the level, you'll get SCHOOL GIRL DRESS and GREY TWEED.

Acing the level will give you DINOSAUR TAIL.

After you get the Route 77 sticker from this level, you can go back and play it again. Stop the car near the cardboard sign and put the Route 77 sticker on it. Two bubbles will fall, which are FRUITY LOGO and DRIPPING SMILE.