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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Canyons - Boom Town

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Now we begin The Canyon levels

The first level in The Canyons is Boom Town.

When you begin the level, you'll see BIRDS IN TREE and WHITE PANELS in the rocks to your right. Also collect the GREEN STRIPES FABRIC in the lower-left corner.

Head a short distance to the right. You'll see seven prize bubbles to collect, which are PINATA, LONG MUSTACHE, RED PONCHO, SOMBRERO HAT, LACE TRIM DRESS, MEXICAN WRESTLER, and SENIORITA WIG. Also collect the PIXEL CACTUS prize behind the cactus to the left of those bubbles.

Continue forward. To the left of the man you come to, grab the FAT CACTUS and CACTUS ARM from behind the large cactus.

To the right of the man, collect the CACTUS sticker.

Carefully jump over the spiked cacti to collect the LARGE CACTUS and MEXICAN ROCK SCENE. When you stand on the pillar of rocks, they will sway. Jump when the pillar leans the direction you desire.

The last spiked cactus will have RED WOOD and ORANGE WOOD behind it.

You'll find some fabric blocks up ahead. Jump up and grab on, pulling them to the right. Collect the BROWN STRIPY FABRIC prize. Push the blocks toward the spiked cactus to your right, with the largest block up against it.

Behind a cactus in the background, you'll find a THIN CACTUS.

Jump onto the fabric blocks and jump over the spikes, collecting the ROUND CACTUS.

After the next gong. You'll find a red button. Jump on it to destroy some explosives.

A cylinder on fire will roll toward you. Stay on the button and jump over it when it stops.

You'll find another red button to the right. Jump on it to destroy more explosives.

Two more cylinders on fire will roll toward you. Jump to the lower ledge to avoid them.

Continue up the path. You'll come to a cow. Push the cow off the ledge. Collect the SANDPAPER prize bubble.

Go down where the cow fell. Take the Survival Challenge key from around the cow's neck.

Climb back up to where the cow was and continue to the upper-right. Collect the HILLSIDE VILLAGE object.

Step on the next red button you come to.

Quickly run/jump downward from the cylinder that appears. Careful not to jump onto the explosives below though. A prize bubble will follow the cylinder down the hill. You'll get CHECK FABRIC from it.

Now we will do the Co-Op area. Push the striped ramp rightward, until it falls into place.

Pull an explosive to the right, but don't get too crazy with it, or it'll explode.

You want the explosive and the sackboy who pulled it to sit in the second cart.

Have the other player pull them rightward.

You'll go over a pit and continue on up to the top of a hill. You'll see a WEATHERED GREEN WOOD sitting to the right.

Have one player hold the cart at the top of the hill. The other player should jump forward, onto the button, to get out of the cart.

That player then should pull the lever rightward. The ramp above will come down.

Release the cart and it will climb up the ramp and stick in the upper-left. Whatever you do, don't press the button on the floor yet.

Have one of the players drag another explosive into the first cart, and remain in it.

The other player needs to drag them to the right, over the pit.

You'll notice that this cart seems heavier and you can't get it up the hill. Have the player in the cart jump out and both players should pull the cart upward.

Once the cart is at the top, one player can let go and go flip the switch, making the ramp come down.

Release the cart and it will start climbing the ramp. When it is halfway up the ramp, flip the switch the other direction. The ramp will raise and the cart will go into the upper-right corner.


Lower the ramp with the lever and collect the prize bubbles.

Go back to the explosives and get on the platform above, continuing to the upper-right. You'll come to a colorful fabric block. Push it against the explosives and collect the MEXICAN SHUTTER and the COLONIAL DOOR. Jump on the red button to blow up the explosives.

The explosion will reveal a WHITE WINDOW.

Jump up the steps in the rock and collect the DARK WOOD. Jump forward onto the red button to explode the house under it.

This will reveal a LONG COLONIAL DOOR.

Jump to the upper-left, on the yellow flowered platforms. You'll find a MEXICAN DOOR prize bubble. Collect it and hit the red button under it.


Drop off the left edge of the building to collect the MUSTARD COLONIAL MOTIF.

Go back to the upper platform you jumped off. Now jump off to the right, onto a cat pinata. Collect the CAT PINATA.

The pinata will break open, revealing CRIES IN THE WIND and a Challenge Key.

Now jump or swing onto the bank building to your right. Collect the NARROW ROOFTOP and COLONIAL BALCONY prizes.

To the right of the bank, you'll see a ramp. Grab the RED OCARINA from behind it.

Jump on the red button found after the next gong. This will reveal a rocket ship. Jump on the rocket ship.

Grab on with R1. As soon as you do, you'll be launched. Try to collect the ROCKET CART prize as you go by it.

Continue rightward, past the jail. Eventually, you'll come to some scorpions bouncing up and down. Carefully move past them grabbing the BLUE PAINT, RED PAINT, and WHITE PAINT bubbles.

Pull the fabric block to the right, next to the explosive cart, and use both items to jump up to the ledge on your right.

Use your Popit menu to select the Orange Bird sticker.

Stamp it on all five birds. If you miss there will be an explosion. Collect the CACTUS BODY, ANGRY SKULL, WEATHERED WOOD, CORNMAN, BORDER BIT, and WINDOW SEMI CIRCLE

Go back to the explosive cart and pull it leftward.

After passing the scorpions, jump on the cart and then jump up to the BLACK RUBBER SCORPION, BIG SPIDER, and MEXICAN VASE prizes. Continue to pull the explosive cart all the way to the left.

Stand in front of the door for a bit. The explosive cart will be detonated. Collect the revealed prize bubbles, BANDIT TOY SOLDIER 1, BANDIT TOY SOLDIER 2, PENCIL, SQUARE COLONIAL MOTIF, and WIDE ROOFTOP. A hole in the ground will open up. Enter the hole.

You'll find a jetpack and some explosives. Grab an explosive. Carefully grab the GREEN FACE as you climb upward.

At the top of the cavern, you'll find IMPACT EXPLOSIVE EMITTER and RED PAINTED WOOD.

Drop the explosive onto the blocked path below.

After a second hit you should be able to continue on.

Move the metal plate covering, what looks like foam.

Drop an explosive (found to your right) onto the foam to destroy it. Enter the area for another Co-Op challenge.

Have one player hold the red button. The other player should grab explosives and drop them down the left path.

Once you clear the left path, you'll be able to get PATCHY EYE, SMILEY SUN, RINGMASTER TROUSERS, WARRIOR SWOOP, and FEATHERED HEADBAND.

Leave the Co-Op area and continue right. You'll need to carry explosives past the fast moving wooden spikes. The method that seemed to work well for me was to get close to the spike, while getting low enough to rest my explosive on the ground. As soon as the spike lifts, go diagonally to your upper-right. This seems to prevent some of the swinging the explosives like to do.

After you make it past the spikes, drop the explosives on the blocked part of the passage. It's possible to break through it two hits, but it could take you four.

Once past the blockage, collect the SOMBRERO HAT prize and remove the jetpack.

Soon you'll come to a cart. Grab the IRON MINE CART prize in front of it.

Jump in the cart and grab on. It'll take you to the end of the level.

For completing the level you'll receive FRINGED DRESS and RED FLOWERS.

For 100% completion, you'll get BOOM TOWN CONCEPT and BOOM TOWN CONCEPT WITH FRAME.

This level can be a bit challenging to ace, but if you do, you'll get COWBOY BOOTS and LEATHER GLOVES.