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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Wedding - The Wedding Reception

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We are now starting The Wedding levels.

The first level is The Wedding Reception.


Go to the right, through the skull, jumping from the mouth to avoid the spike pit. Next you'll come to some platforms that have prize bubbles on them. Pull on the basket material in the middle to yank the bubbles down. Collect the BASKET, BEVEL CONCRETE, RED & GOLD CUTOUT WOOD, and TEETER PLATFORM.

Jump onto the red platform to your right. It's a bit bouncy. Time your jumps so you can collect the PURPLE GLASS, BIG STAINED GLASS WINDOW, and RED GLASS that are out of reach. Careful not to fall in the spikes below the bouncy platform.

Go rightward. If you end up on the lower platform, just jump into the butler when he opens his mouth, but only when it isn't electrified (every other opening.)

After the next gong, jump onto the platform to collect the LITTLE BUTLER and quickly jump to the right.

Next you'll come across some balloons. Grab onto the basket and let them carry you up to the CONFUSED SKULL, SKELETON HAT SWITCH TRIGGER, RED CROSS, STANDING SKELETON, BALLOON LAUNCHER, SAINT STICKER, and GREEN SKULLS.

Then you'll come to a large room with some bungees. Grab onto the first one and hold to your lower-left to enter a hidden passage. Collect the SKELETON TALKING HEAD, BOWLER-HATTED SKELETON, TILTING STAINED GLASS WINDOW, and the SKELETON HAND.

Continue rightward. You'll come to an indent in the ground with prize bubbles above. Step forward, onto the red button to get launched up to the bungee. Use the combination to collect HUGE EYE SWITCH TRIGGER, GREEN GLASS, SKULL BUNGEE CORD, BROWN GLASS, and BLUE GLASS.

Continue on and you'll find a skull that will bounce you to an upper platform. For now, continue to the right instead.

Use the second butler to bounce you up and get the SPIKED SCREAMING SKULL.

To your right, you'll find a Co-Op area. Have one person pull on the lower sack. The other player should then be able to grab onto the next higher one.

Then, while one player is holding onto the second sack, the player holding the first sack should be able to release and grab the third sack. Then the second player can release and jump onto the platform.

Have the player on the platform grab onto the sack hanging from the skull. You'll reveal VOLVER A COMENZAR, STRAW, and FARMER'S CAP.

Now let the skull bounce you to the upper platform.

Use the Huge Eye sticker on the skull's missing eye.

Collect the FUZZY SCRIBBLE that falls through the skull's head.

Jump into the skull's mouth on far right.

You'll bounce upward. Use the bounce to collect the SCREAMING SKULL on the platform to the upper-left.

Now let the skull bounce you to the upper-right.

Ride the skull's jaws upward like an elevator.

As the upper skull is close to closing it's mouth, jump to your right. You should hopefully get a boosted jump to the upper platform.

Jump over and get the SKULL LIFT prize, then get back onto the upper platform again.

Jump right along the skull heads to collect BOW TIE, PLASTIC NOSE, PLASTIC EAR, and GLASSES.

In the future, you can just jump from mouth to mouth on the skulls.

The far-right skull will bounce you upward. Jump at the right time to get enough of a boost to get on the platform to your upper-right.

Creep to the right edge of this platform and fall off, while holding leftward. You'll fall into a hidden tunnel, collecting RED COFFIN, BIG CHIN SKELETON, HALF MOON, TOP HAT, and CALAVERA THE WRESLER. Then use one of the skulls to your right to bounce you back up onto the platforms above.

You'll need to bounce high above each platform to collect YELLOW FLOWER, YELLOW DANDELIONS, WOBBLY LEGS, SPRINGY ARM, and WHITE FLOWER.

If you jump high enough on the final spring board, you'll collect a Challenge Key.

Continue rightward over a bridge. You'll come to some more skulls to bounce you upward. Bounce off the lower one and grab the LARGE BALLOON.

Bounce up to the left platform and grab the PSYCHO BUNNY, PURPLE SKULL TORSO, and PURPLE STUFF.

To your left, you'll find DISCO'N'TINUED, WAVY DAVY SKELETON, and a Survival Challenge Key.

Now go back to your right and use the skulls to bounce you up to the SMALL BALLOON and MEDIUM BALLOON.

For completing the level, you'll receive the FAIRY DRESS and RAINBOW DOT.

You can immediately replay the level and use the Skeleton Hat sticker on the cardboard cutout of it.

You'll reveal two skulls. The left one will have LOWER TEETH and the right one will have a PLASTIC MUSTACHE.


For acing the level, you'll receive a WOODEN SWORD costume.