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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Savannah - Burning Forest

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This is the second Savannah level, Burning Forest.

Get on the rocks behind the monkey and head left.

To the left of the teeter-totter, you'll find a key.

Keep going left. You'll collect COCO WOOD.

Go back to the right, jumping over the pits and then using the monkey to help you swing over a larger pit.

You'll come to some buffalo. Get on the back of one of their heads.

When you reach the end of the line of buffalo, jump up and collect the AMAZING DIAMOND sticker.

To the right of that, you'll find BIG SNAPPY CROC and ZEBRA FABRIC.

Head leftward, riding on the back of some buffalo.

You'll see a prize bubble you can't reach yet. Keep going left with the buffalo.

When you reach the far left, jump on the platform and grab the WOODEN BUFFALO. You'll need the Cat Head sticker to get the other bubble, plus the one you couldn't reach on the way here.

Go back to the prize bubble you couldn't reach, and head right.

Jump on the back of some buffalo.

Before the buffalo get eaten by the crocs, jump and swing to the upper-right platform.

Swing across more crocs.

Grab the swing next to the monkey.

Continue swinging to the upper zebra balls. Swing leftward onto a branch.

Collect the GREEN ROPE. Continue left along the branches.

Collect the DANGLY MOTIF.

Left further, grab the LARGE RED VASE.

Head back to your right and get on the giant croc head.

Collect the BEAR NOSE and SHIELD 1.

Go to the right. Use the Stylized Antelope sticker.

You'll get a CRAZY EYES sticker.

Now, climb into the large croc's mouth. In the lower-front corner you'll find a PIGEON HOUSE.

Continue right. Jump on the creature's head to bounce high enough to collect the FEATHERY SPIKE object.

Swing over the crocs to get to a Co-Op area.

Have one player stand on the red button to open the door. The other player should pull the zebra block under where the door closes.

Now both players will be able to go past the door. Have one player hang onto the zebra circle, while the other player jumps up and gets TIGER NOSE, ANTLERS, and MAHOGANY WOOD.

Go left and drop down between the crocs.

Swing over to the CARDBOARD SUPPORT.

Drop down between the crocs, then head left.

Select the Amazing Diamond sticker from your Popit menu.

Place it and receive ROCK THE JUNGLE and STRIPY.

Now go right. Get on top of the upper-right croc and collect the CROC KING.

Make your way downward, between the crocs.

Swing to your right over more crocs and collect the ATTITUDE FACE.

Upon completion of the level, you'll receive GREEN CHECKED and BLACK & PINK DRESS.

You should have 91% of the items so far.

If you ace the level, you'll also get a Moustache.

After completing the next level, come back and use the Cat Head sticker.

Once you place it, grab the BUFFALO EMITTER.

Head right. Now you'll have swings over the buffalo. Swing rightward.

From the last swing grab the SCARY ORNAMENT.

Once you get 100% completion, you'll get the BIGCAT CONCEPT and the BIGCAT CONCEPT WITH FRAME.