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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Islands - Endurance Dojo

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Welcome to the first of The Island levels.

This level is named "Endurance Dojo".

On this level you generally go leftward, which is different than most. Push the stairs down to your left and then collect the four prize bubbles, RED KIMONO, WOODEN WIG, NINJA SCARF, and NINJA SKIN.

Go past the gong and grab the hanging lamp. Use it to swing rightward to grab the GEISHA sticker.

Swing left using the lamps. Swing up to the prize bubbles, RED CHARM and GOLD CHARM.

Swing left on more lamps. Collect the RED LANTERN and WOODEN TOWER PLATFORM near the gong.

Carefully jump leftward onto the fan platforms. It might take some practice to get good at it. Collect the SAMURAI FAN prize bubble.

You'll also get a BLUE WAVE FAN.

Jump off the fan platform.

Attempt to land on top of the green wheel fabric (If you don't land on top, grab onto it instead.)

Then immediately jump left and collect the WOODEN TOWER PLATFORM. This might take you a few tries to get.

Continue left to the next gong. Grab the prize bubbles on either side of it, EGG SUSHI and PRAWN SUSHI.

Run over the thin boards. Don't jump, stop, or slow down. Unfortunately, these boards will sometimes end up making you fall to your death. When you're close enough to the left platform, you can jump to it, just so you don't have to prey the boards keep you up.

Now run across another set of thin boards. When you come to the last boards, jump to the top of the green fabric wheel (again, if you don't make it on top, grab onto it instead.)

You'll get the DOMINO PLATFORM. Immediately jump leftward, grabbing the hanging lamp. Use it to swing to the TILTING KANJI PLATFORM. Drop down to the gong.

Jump onto the tilting platform on your left and destroy the enemy. Grab the EGG SUSHI MONSTER.

Then continue to the tilting platform on your upper-left. Pop the enemy and grab the PRAWN SUSHI MONSTER.

Get on the tilting platform to your upper-right.

Use it to get to the upper-right platform and collect PINK CUPCAKE and TRIPLE CONE.

Jump to the block on the left to get the MOSHI MOSHI LOGO.

Go to the gong on the platform to your left.

Jump left and grab the green wheel fabric. If you grab the fabric too early you it'll spin the GREEN & GOLD PATTERN out of reach, so be careful. Then swing to the next green fabric wheel and take the SALMON SUSHI.

After the next gong, you'll reach some spinning platforms. Grab the BLACK & GOLD LEAVES on the first platform.

Continue jumping leftward along the spinning platforms. If the platform you're on is about to spin, you can jump straight up and try to land on it after it completes the spin.

Then continue left, grabbing the GREEN MOSAIC on the last spinning platform.

Grab the red fabric to have Sensei pull you to the upper platform.

Run across a bridge to your left, then climb up onto some this platforms.

Jump rightward across these thin platforms and then grab the lamps to swing right.

Drop off the second lamp, onto another thin platform to collect the STRAIGHT WISKERS.

Continue jumping along the thin platforms, collecting the TALL PRAWN SUSHI MONSTER and the BLACK & BLUE TIE.

You'll reach a larger platform. Grab the ROTATING WHEEL PLATFORM, then jump up and grab the red lantern.

You'll swing to your lower-left automatically, grabbing the JAPANESE ANGRY EYE and PLAY stickers.

Go back to your left and defeat the sushi monsters. You'll have to get up on a block to jump high enough to kill the tall one.

Next, you'll come to a fabric wheel. Step on it and grab the fabric. You'll spin around to the bottom of the wheel.

You'll find a sticker board here. Select your Geisha sticker.

Place the sticker on the board. Some small platforms will appear, holding SHORT FENCE, BLACK JAPANESE TEXT, and PINK SUNDAE.

Now collect the ROUGH STONE BRICKS before continuing down the wheels.

You'll reach a gong and some more domino boards. This part felt like a matter of luck to me sometimes. Just run at full speed over the boards and prey.

Jump off the last boards, landing on a platform with another gong.

Jump to the tilting platform on your left, defeating the enemy.

Jump onto the tilting platform to your upper-left, then the next one on your upper-right.

Jump to the platform on your upper-left. Use the trampoline on it to bounce to your upper-left.

You should find a Co-Op area. Have one player jump on the platform hanging from chains. The other player should pull the lever to send them upward.

Have the upper player go in the hamster wheel. They can collect the PINK UMBRELLA TOP, WOODEN CANE, and FRIED EGG from inside the wheel.

The lower player should get on the blocks.

Both players should run left until the lower player escapes the blocks and grabs the PINATA CLOTH, PINK MICROCHIP MOTIF, and the SALMON SUSHI MONSTER.

Now you can have both players run to the right to escape this area.

Drop down from the Co-Op area and head left. Jump off the top-left of a tilting platform to reach some more spinning platforms.

Continue along the spinning platforms. You'll reach a gong and the start of a race.

It take some tricky jumping skills to complete the race. Jump on the lowest rock platform, then continue jumping to the rocks on your right, collecting SHORT ROCKER PLATFORM and LONG ROCKER PLATFORM. Then you'll have to jump to the higher rock platforms leftward, collecting DOUBLE ROCKER PLATFORM and QUADRUPLE ROCKER PLATFORM.

You'll complete the race if you make it over the final rock platform.

Go left and jump on the trampoline, landing on a platform above.

Jump over to the green fabric wheels, working your way to the lower-left.

Get on the platform with the gong and a lever.

Pull the lever rightward to move your platform up. Grab the ISLANDS INTMUSIC from a block on the left, on your way up.

Go across the bridge. You'll reach a gong. Get on the small platforms to the right. Collect the RED FLOWER BUTTON.

Continue rightward along the small platforms. You'll reach a large platform that holds JUMBO FLOWER BUTTON, a Challenge Key, DARUMA DOLL FACE, and GIRLY GOODIE TWO SHOES. Notice there is a sticker board here, we'll have to do that after completing the next level.

Now go back to your left and go downward along the fabric wheels.

At the bottom of the last wheel, you'll find GREEN FLOWER BUTTON.

Go down the ramp on the left. You'll see another sticker board and some prize bubbles. These will have to wait until we complete the third level in this area.

For completing this level, you'll receive DUNGAREE DRESS and ESCAPED CONVICT.

For acing this level, you'll get JAPANESE FESTIVAL ROBE.

After completing the Sensei's Lost Castle level, you'll be able to do the second sticker puzzle. Select the Japanese Samurai sticker from you menu.

Place it on the sticker board and grab the CLOCKWORK BOX, LONG FENCE, and WAVY BEIGE MOTIF from the lamps that appear.

Once you complete the Terrible Oni's Volcano level, you can place the third sticker. Select the Japanese Stork from your menu.

When you place the sticker, the ramp will raise. This allows you to get the COAT HANGER, GRAB-SWING PLATFORM, and the LEMON GRAPHIC.