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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Temples - The Dancers' Court

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Proceed to The Temple.

Enter the first level, "The Dancers' Court"


To the right, you'll find some cats. Pull on the grabber to lower the ramp. A prize bubble containing a FLAME-THROWING CAT and some cats will fall.

Jump on the cats to get up to the ramp, and then jump on cats on the ramp to reach the prize bubble on the hanging platform. This will give you a CAT.

Swing from this hanging platform to get on top of the Shopkeeper's head, where you will find a SHOPKEEPER.

Pull out the stairs to your right and climb them.

Jump on the swami's head and he'll spring you upward.

Land on the left ledge to collect TOWER and PALACE CURTAIN.

Now bounce up to the right edge and get on the blue platform.

When the platform reaches the top, jump rightward, onto another blue platform.

Keep jumping to blue platforms as you go right. Jump over any fire beams you encounter.

The last moving platform will take you downward. Run to the right to reach the next gong.

Run between the dancer's legs as she lifts up.

Jump over to the alcove in the right wall before she crushes you. Collect the TEMPLE here.

Jump onto the dancer's back and grab the BLUE YOGA DANCER in the upper-left of the room.

Jump off the dancer to the platform in the upper-right, containing a gong. Jump to the moving blue platform on your right.

Continue to jump from platform to platform, heading rightward.

Soon you'll encounter some dancers moving their arms up and down. Jump on their arms and let them lift you up, letting you collect the PRINCE ARM, BLUE DANCER, and the FABRIC HAIR WIG.

Stand on the snake at the next gong. When the diagonally moving platform gets close, jump on it.

Continue to platform between moving platforms, heading right. Avoid the fire beams.

Eventually, you'll come to platforms rotating on a wheel. In the lower-right corner you can grab the FOUR ROTATING PLATFORMS object in an alcove. Then let the rotating platforms take you up to the gong.

Jump onto the platform to the right of the gong.

Let the platform take you all the way right. When it starts coming back to the left, walk off the platform and land on one below.

Jump onto a rotating platform. It also tilts, so be careful.

Jump to another rotating and tilting platform. Jump off at a gong.

Next you'll jump to some platforms that move up and down.

Time your jumps to avoid hitting the fiery walls between them.

To the right of the gong, run rightward, through the crushing platforms. Just keep running right as they are opening and you should be fine.

From the last platform, jump onto the top of the previous platform. Now every other platform will burn you, so jump over them.

Jump on the snake you encounter.

Jump off its back to launch up and collect PRINCE FACE and COBRA HEAD.

Now get on the rotating platforms. Each wheel has a rotating platform that has a prize bubble on it. They are 12 TEETH COG, 18 TEETH COG, and 24 TEETH COG.

At the top of the upper wheel, you can jump to grab the 36 TEETH COG. If needed, jump to the platform on the right, which contains a gong. Then jump back on the rotating platforms and jump to the upper-left to reach a Co-Op area. You'll need all four players for this.

Have three of the players get on the lower platforms, one on the left, two on the right. Have the remaining player step on the red button on the floor.

Have the right two players get on the highest platform they can reach. The left player should jump on the button to raise them up. Then one of the two players should step on the red button in the middle, collecting BLUE DANCER HEAD in the process. This will lower some more platforms, allowing the other player to platform up and collect the remaining three prize bubbles, BLUE DANCER ARM, BLUE DANCER LEG, and BOUNCY RUBBER SNAKE (from the top of the snake on the upper platform.)

Leave the Co-Op area and continue rightward. You'll come to a dancer that lifts her arms. Get on her arms and use them to jump up and collect BLUE BOY DANCER, GREEN PATTERN WOOD, and BROWN PATTERN WOOD. Then jump up to the gong on your upper-right.

You'll begin a race. Drop onto the yellow platform that moves rightward.

Jump over the fire beams.

Jump onto the platforms, then drop back off them on the other side, landing back on the yellow platform.

Careful, the second platform has a fire beam in front of it.

When you get on the snake, use it to spring up and grab the TIGER sticker.

Drop back off onto a yellow platform. Jump over the fire beams. The jumps can be a bit tricky.

Jump onto some more platforms.

Then drop back onto the yellow platform.

Jump into the alcove on the next platform, then jump to the upper-left platform, then upper-right.

Drop back down onto a yellow platform, then continue going over more platforms.

You'll come to a wall, which will stop you from continuing on your yellow platform. Let it drop you down below, then jump to the upper-right platform and wait for another yellow platform to come, jumping on it.

Jump onto the large platform with the gong on it.

To the right of the gong, you'll see some sticker boards. Select the Tower sticker.

Place the sticker on the four thin towers, some larger, some smaller.

Then pick the Temple sticker and put it on the board.

GIRL ARM, GIRL FACE, and GIRL BODY will drop down where you can get them.

Carefully drop down the platforms, avoiding the fiery ones.

Eventually you'll come to a snake-like wall. Use it to bounce you to the SARA SAMA sticker.

Next you'll find a fiery snake. Time it so you run under the snake's wave.

Jump into the background where you see the prize bubble BIG WAVE SNAKE.

Then continue leftward.

Grab the RUBBER SNAKE, under the godess.

To the left you'll find THE GODESS' PARLOUR.

For completing the level, you'll get GREEN GOGGLES and DOTTED LINE.

For acing the level, you'll get a CHICKEN BEAK.

Now replay the level, stopping at the sticker board above the cats.

Place the Prince Face sticker on the board.

This will allow you to move into the background and grab the ORNATE COLUMN and CARDBOARD ARCH down below.