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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Temples - Great Magician's Palace

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This is the final level of The Temples, "Great Magician's Palace".

Go rightward. You'll see some fast dropping blocks. They vanish fairly quickly, so run across them and jump to get the GOLD EARRING and SMALL MAGIC BRIDGE.

Ahead, there will be more dropping blocks. This time they come in different heights. Run forward on them, jumping when needed. Collect the YELLOW MOTIF.

As you go, also collect the MEDIUM MAGIC BRIDGE, INDIAN MOTIF, and ELEPHANT MOTIF. Be careful not to drop down between the tallest two blocks, you won't be able to get back out without dying.

The next set of blocks actually appear as you walk toward them.

Get high enough to jump on the upper ledge. Grab the GOLDEN SUN and SHEHNAI from the top of the left structure.

Run behind the building on the right to collect the LARGE MAGIC BRIDGE and SUN & MOON.

Drop back down to the blocks that appear for you. Go right until you reach a gong. Drop down to the right and collect the MAGIC FLOWER BRIDGE.

Jump to the third block. You might die, but at least you go the prize bubble.

Continue right. You'll find some blocks that are moving downward.


Further right, you'll find more fast falling blocks that you need to run on before they disappear.

Grab the PING STRAW along the way.

Soon you'll come to a fire pit. Use the lever to move the block dropping machine right.

Hit the button with your head to have it drop a block.

Do this all the way across the fire pit. The last spot will need two blocks for you to reach the right ledge. Take the MECHANICAL MAGIC BRIDGE and proceed.

More disappearing blocks I'm afraid. Jump rightward across them.

It gets a fair bit tricky, but nothing you haven't done before!

Go all the way to the right edge and then jump onto the row of block and run leftward. Jump to collect the OVAL JEWEL and SACKBOY SYMBOL.

Get on the upper edge. After the gong, jump across the pits, avoiding for the fireballs.

Your next obstacle is fairly tough. You now have falling fiery blocks that you have to run between. Grab the CREAM HANDKERCHIEF and ORNATE ARCH as you go.

You'll come to an empty pit. Press the button on the right wall.

Blocks will start to fall. Watch the pattern of the first three that fall. They will continue to fall in that pattern until the pit is filled.

When you reach the top of the pit, grab the COBRA TAIL. If you died when the blocks were falling, you'll have to replay the level to get this.

Go leftward to reach a Co-Op area.

Have one player press the buttons on the walls, which will drop blocks. The other player should climb the blocks as they drop. You have to be quick because the blocks disappear after a while.

Once a player on top touches the gong, the lower player can commit suicide to get up easier. Either that or the top player can press buttons to drop blocks for the lower player to climb up. Have one player run along the bottom and have another player run along the blocks that appear.

After a bit, you'll both reach safety.

Now have the top player jump across the gaps, while the lower player follows, jumping on the blocks that appear in the pit.

Then the bottom player will jump onto platforms, making platforms appear for the top player. When you reach the right side, you will get NEW DEHLI DAWN, GREY TRAINERS, GREY SIDE PARTING WIG, GOLD COIN CHAIN, CARDBOARD MASK, and CARTOON EYE.

Leave the Co-Op area and head right. Jump over the fire pit, avoiding the fireballs that spit up. Grab onto the hanging fabric.

Swing into the FIRE PIT SWING.

Swing over to the gong, avoiding the fireball. Jump rightward, collecting the FIRE PIT DOUBLE JUMP.

Jump into the first window to grab the CURVY COBRA BODY.

Pull the bottom fabric block leftward.

Then pull the top fabric block leftward as well.

Jump onto the fabric blocks to reach the middle window. Collect the GRAB BRIDGE and BLUE ELEPHANT.

Above, you'll see some sticker boards. Select your Cobra Tail sticker.

Place it on the bottom board.

Then select the Straight Cobra Body sticker.

Place it on the next two sticker boards.

Finally, pick the Cobra Head sticker.

Place it on the board and collect BROWN FELT, GREEN FELT, and TEMPLE INTMUSIC.

After the next gong, you'll find some pits with fireballs shooting out of them. Two sets of four fireballs will be shot. Wait until the fourth fireball is out of the way and platform rightward, collecting the GREEN TASSELS, FIRE PIT TRIPLE JUMP, and GOLD SWIRLY CHAIN.

You'll find the Great Magician again. Under his box, he'll reveal a burning triangle, a burning coal, a block, and nothing.

When he reveals a block, push it to the right.

Jump off the box to get the Score Challenge Key.

When the magician puts its box down, jump on his hand. He'll life you up, jump onto his head and get the GREAT MAGICIAN'S MAGIC BOX.

For completing the level, you'll receive a GREEN SWIMSUIT and THE TEMPLES.

For acing the level, you'll receive CHICKEN WINGS.