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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Wilderness - The Bunker

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You're almost there! Proceed to The Bunker level. This is probably the toughest level in Little Big Planet.

Knock over the general and jump on his head to reach the RUBBER TONGUE and PINK PIN.

Use the platform to bounce yourself up to the MULTI-SPEAR and BLACK BOOT prize bubbles. Watch out for the electrified spikes that come out the side of the platform.

Pop the enemy up ahead.

Avoid the electrocutors. I find it's easiest to just wait for the first one to drop down and then run all the way to the right.

Jump off the third electrocutor to reach the gong, then pop the enemy.

You'll come to a spinning wheel with a few entry/exit points. Get on the ledge of the entrance and ride it up a little ways, then jump to get on top of the wheel.

You'll find BARBED WIRE and ROTATING IRON BRIDGE on top of the wheel. Once I got the hang of it, I found it easier to go over the wheel, instead of through it.

Run over some twisting platforms, then collect the TWISTY PLATFORM bubble.

Now you'll come to an enemy that will change from having a bubble on top, to having an electrical shock. Bounce off the enemy's bubble to reach the FLIP-FLOP ENEMY bubble.

Now you'll come to some more twisting platforms.

Run over them and grab the fabric in the middle to keep from falling.

Before we tackle the next rotating platforms, let's move into the background to the right of the gong.

You'll be able to jump up onto the snowy hills in the background and collect the CAMOUFLAGE bubble.

To the left, you'll find the ROTATING HEMISPHERE as well.

Now, back to the rotating platforms. I liked to jump into the platform just as it was finishing its counter-clockwise movement, then run and jump to the next, while collecting the Challenge Key.

A generally stayed near the left side of the second wheel, so when it spins clockwise, I could usually land safely. Sometimes when you land, jumping helps a lot.

Now get out and climb up the snowy hills in the background and head to the upper-left.

You'll find a sticker board that you can't complete just yet. You'll need the Power Fist sticker, found on the next level.

Continue leftward to find a Co-Op area. Have a player get in the lower-right wheel and pull the lever.

Then that player can get in the lower-left wheel and pull that lever.

This will allow the other players, hopefully 2 of them, to get in the upper-right wheel.

Pull the lower-left lever again to allow one of the upper players to get to the upper-left wheel. If possible, a player should remain in the upper-right wheel as well.

The player in the upper-left wheel will collect EGG CARTON SIDE. Have them press the button to remove the wall from the lower-right prize bubbles.

Flip the lower-left lever to reach the SOLDIER'S HELMET, DECAYED METAL PLATE, and COLLAR & TIE.

Flip the lever in the upper-right wheel, allowing the upper-left player to exit the wheel and collect DOG TAG, CARDBOARD HAT, GREY CAMO, and MELLOW SUN.

Continue on with the level, moving rightward. You'll find some electrified spikes to avoid. Run under the first one when it is up. Jump over the second one when it is down.

When the third one retracts, jump onto the ledge above it, then jump back to the left to grab the EGG CARTON FRONT.

Again, jump over the third spike when it retracts, this time keep going past the fourth spike.

Wait for the fifth to go down, then jump over it.

You'll find some more enemies to pop. Use the middle one to bounce up to the IRON SCAFFOLDING BASE.

Then use the third to bounce up to the snowy hills in the background. Collect IRON SCAFFOLD, 427 MOTIF, and GREEN TARTAN PATCH.

Get onto the green platform, moving back and forth over the electric floor. When it moves to the right, jump off. Collect the TIN CAN.

Platform rightward, avoiding the electric cylinders rotating around.

Pop the bubbles on the enemy.

You'll come to another rotating wheel. Use the entrance to push you upward.

Then jump off and collect the SPINNING ELECTRIC PLATFORM and 1008 BOTTLE TOP.

Get back onto the top of the wheel.

Jump off it, to the upper-right, to collect RED BOTTLE TOP, OLD BOTTLE TOP, RED CLOWN NOSE, and the STAR BOTTLE TOP.

Drop down and grab the ROTATING BARBED WIRE CAGE.

Get in the wheel and let yourself fall down the hole below it.

You'll find a moving platform. Grab the EGG CARTON BACK from the left, but don't touch the electrified object on the left.

Head right, avoiding electrified spikes. Grab the FREE RANGE EGG and 5 COIN.

Jump over two electrified cylinders, then you'll come to a few more electrified spikes. Get the SACKBOY COIN.

Next, you'll see a cracked TV and an enemy vehicle. You can just run in front of the enemy and pull the lever on your right.

You'll free the scientist. Grab THE SCIENTIST object, and proceed into the wheel on your right.

This wheel has three levels to it (besides the center), expect to die a lot. Drop down to the first level, onto the fabric. You can grab onto it if needed.

Platform rightward, avoiding the electrified ground. The fabric platforms will get smaller and smaller. Drop into the second level, grabbing onto the fabric.

You can let the wheel spin you while you hold on, letting go when you're on the upper-left corner of the wheel.

You'll bypass the electrified ground that way and just can navigate the rest of the way to an arrow pointing to the final level (and thankfully a gong is here.)

This is the tough part. Jump over electrified cylinders. Soon you'll come to cylinders with platforms above them. You'll need to jump from platform to platform. If you fall off a platform, it can be hard to get back up again, so be warned. On the last platform, you'll find WHITE SPECKLE CONCRETE. Drop down the hole in the bottom of the wheel.

Hold right when you hit the ground, because you'll be on a conveyor. Jump over the electrified cylinders and dodge the electrified spikes, collecting GREY RUSTY METAL and BLUE CONCRETE.

For completing the level, you'll get BOX ROBOT BODY and NEON WIREFRAME. Good job!

If you mange to ace this level, you'll get a NEON HELMET. Amazing!

After completing the next level, come back and place the Power Fist on the sticker board.

The platform will raise up, bringing SPIRAL DOODLE, FACES IN CIRCLES, and RUSSIAN BORDER into reach.

Press the button to the right to get four more prizes, BLUE SHELLSUIT, YELLOW DAMASK, RUSSIAN BANNER, SCARY HEAD, and METAL SPEAR.

For 100% completion, you'll get BAD WITCH CONCEPT WITH FRAME and BAD WITCH CONCEPT.