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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Wilderness - The Collector

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This is it! Time to fight the final boss battle!

Unfortunately, there's a bit of a walk to reach the collector. So if you have to start over a lot to win or ace the level it can be annoying, but luckily I think this battle is easier than many of the levels.

The collector will hover in the air, moving left and right. After a bit, it'll pound downward, which is the perfect opportunity to pop a bubble on the side of it!

Then pop the bubble on the other side.

Now the collector will start shooting electrified barrels in a predictable pattern.

Like before, just pop the bubbles as it slams to the ground. Once you pop both bubbles, you'll be on to its second form.

The platform will rise. You'll be able to pop the left bubble on the collector, even before the second form starts attacking.

The collector will toss out a couple of robots to get in your way. Just jump on their bubble as soon as you can.

After you've taken care of the small robots, get in front of the collector's wheels. It'll pound the ground with its fists. Pop the bubbles on the side of the fists.

The collector will send out more robots. Defeat those. Eventually, the collector will start pounding the ground with its fists open, revealing bubbles inside. Get under the open area of the fists and jump to pop the bubbles within, defeating the second form.

Now the third form will begin. Stick to the front of the collector as much as possible. Pop the bubbles on its sides.

The collector won't like this and will fly up in the air and try to stomp on you. Avoid the stop and get in front again, still attempting to pop any bubbles you can reach.

The collector will drop some electrified barrels down the screen. I found these easier to dodge than they appeared to be.

Eventually, the collect will drop a box.

Pull the box in front of the collector and use it to jump and pop the bubble under its neck.

Then, when it spreads its arms, jump off the box and pop those bubbles too. The collector will be defeated.

Chase after the collector and grab THE BATTLE ON ICE audio object along the way.

For completing the level, you'll receive THE COLLECTOR, THE COLLECTOR'S POD, and THE COLLECTOR'S BOSS. Congratulations on a job well done!

You won't get anything for 100% completion this time.

For acing the boss, you get YELLOW HEAD.