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Little Big Planet Walkthrough The Islands - The Terrible Oni's Volcano

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This is the final level in The Islands area, "The Terrible Oni's Volcano"

Jump onto the second red lantern you come to. Swing to collect the JAPANESE PATTERN.

Continue to the right. You'll talk to Sensei, who will tell you to get into the flying machine.

Grab the middle red fabric to go upward. Along the way up, you'll find JAPANESE SUN and ORNATE BRIDGE. Once you get those, head to your upper-right.

You'll find a temple. Grab the LONG VASE on the left.

Also grab the WOODEN PAGODA on the temple.

Land the flying machine, then walk left to go down below the temple.

You'll come to a jumping ninja. Pop his bubble, then grab the SQUARE BLUE BUTTON.

Now head left. Go under the spikes, right after they go up.

Go down the stairs and kill the next two ninjas.

Let the trampoline bounce you up between the spikes.

Pull the lever at the top. It'll create a path for your flying machine.

You'll now have stairs going back up as well.

Get back into your flying machine and head rightward. You'll see a sticker board, but we'll have to come back to that later.

Continue until you reach another temple. Grab the GOLDEN WOOD you find on it. Afterward, land the flying machine and walk left to go under the temple.

You'll come to some spikes that drop downward. When they go up, run right and grab the SPIKE TRAP.

Continue left, past a spike trap and get the ILLUMINATED SCREEN.

You'll see a sticker board. Place the Sakura Flower sticker on it.

You'll receive RAINBOW TREE and PRETTY LEAF.

Drop down, when the spike trap won't kill you.

Go into the background and take the JAPANESE SAMURAI 2 sticker.

Jump over the fire pit and avoid the spike trap in the process.

The next fire pit is a bit more tricky because of the spike trap directly after it. Try to jump over just as the left spike starts going up.

Use the trampoline to launch upward, past the spikes.

Pull the lever.

Get back in your flying ship and head to your upper-right. Collect the BEIGE WOOD and DRAGON TOOTH, shown in the picture.

Keep heading to your upper-right. In this picture, you'll see two more prize bubbles to collect, BOUNCY CLOUD and POINTING GRANDMASTER SENSEI.

Eventually, you'll reach the entrance to a volcano. Let your ship descend into it.


As you descend further, grab the KIMONO OUTLINE.

Then, a little lower on the right, collect the WOODEN BUTTON and BLACK WAVEFORM.

Land your flying machine at the bottom and head left for a Co-Op area.

Have one player get to the red button on top. Step on the button to stop the falling fire rocks. The other player can then jump the gap.

Have the player that jumped the gap walk left and then jump up onto the platform that has another red button. Have them grab the WHITE WOOD.

Now step on the button and the other player can jump the gap.

Continue left. Have one player stand at the lever and the other player get on the cart. Pull the lever leftward to move them left. Careful they don't hit the fire rocks.

When they get to the very left, have them grab the JAPANESE COIN and CREAM MARBLE BUTTON.

Exit the Co-Op area and head right. Jump over the fire pits when the rocks aren't jumping out of them.

You'll come to a spinning rock with some fireballs going around it. Jump over the fireballs and get to the upper-right platform.

Jump to the upper-left platforms.

On the far left, you'll reach a sticker board. Select your Pink Warrior Mask sticker.

Place it on the sticker board and you'll get DARK WOODEN BUTTON and BONSAI POT.

Head rightward. You'll find another spinning rock, holding many more fireballs. Jump between the gap in the fireballs to reach CERAMIC and RUSTIC VASE.

Now jump to the upper-right, between the fireballs again.

You'll reach a boss battle, The Terrible Oni. This one is pretty easy.

Oni will throw fireballs and swing his sword. If you stand on the right side of the upper platform, nothing will ever hit you.

After Oni throws a set of fireballs, run to the left and pull the lever rightward. After Oni swings his sword, run back to the safe spot.

When you eventually get the fire-breathing cat to the right side, he'll defeat Oni for you. Collect the DAGGER, WIND UP TEETH, WIND UP TEETH-TOP, and the WIND UP TEETH-BOTTOM.

For completing the level, you'll get PING HAIR WITH FEATHERS WIG, THE ISLANDS, and FLYING MACHINE.

Now replay the level and get to the sticker board we passed before. Place the Bouncy Cloud sticker on the board.



For acing the level, you'll get a JAPANESE FESTIVAL HEADBAND.