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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Chapter IX: Here I Was Again

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"When you gain control move along the path you will enter a room where a dead body is found on the ground examine him to find the Clue 1/3 Dead Gang Members

"When you move on near the road you see two thugs fighting with UFE agents you can kill them.

"At a point after a cutscene when you come down to te lower level you will have three UFE agents to kill and search the near by are to find Golden Gun

"When you resume exploring the slums two UFE agents arrive.

"Examine the Clue 2/3 Dead UFE Member lying to the right of your path after killing the other UFE agents.

"When you enter a apartment in the bathroom you will painkiller and Golden Gun M972 SMG 1/3 part present on the floor

"After entering the other compartment you have to encounter the UFE agents on other side of the building.

"Jump ut of the window and follow the path a cutscene of helicopter is played in which the enemies are to be eliminated in slow motion and you will fall from the floor.

"When you pass this open gate and get down the stairs search the left side of it for Golden Gun M972 SMG 2/3

"You can surprise the UFE agent and take them all easily using slow motion and examine the dead civilian for Clue 3/3 Dead Residents

"After the cutscene when you begin at the new location search the grass at our left to find Golden Gun DE .50 Pistol 2/3

"When you come across a gate shown in the figure before uing the stairs search the left area where you will see Golden Gun M972 SMG 3/3 beside the trash.

"After a cut scene move along the wall using the side mvement key and cross the area.

"After this a shoot out will be followed between the two blocks connected by a bridge, cross the bridge and enter the room.

"Behind this steel bar window there is a Golden Gun DE .50 Pistol 3/3 on the ground.

"at the left while getting down shoot the two UFE agents.

"Follow the on screen instructions to kill the enemy this will end up the chapter by saving Fabiana and Marcelo is burned by the enemies.