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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Chapter V: Alive If Not Exactly Well

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"Go near to fence to get the Clue Clue 1/6

"Shoot the lock of the gate to open the door.

"You see two people loading the van you can shoot the block near the wheel which will slide the car backward killing them both silently.

"Shoot the persons in the gate and enter the building from the side door.

"You will see few enemies in the storage room, take cover and shoot them from the window.

"After killing them search the table for Clue Clue 2/6

"When you get out of the room from the shutter you will see three enemies sitting opposite to you.

"Climb the containers to find Golden Gun

"Following the path you will enter a room where you see Clue 3/6 Video Camera also you will find some painkillers and ammo around.

"After exiting the warehouse move few steps forward and search right side for Golden Gun

"Climb up the stairs and enter the other store house from where you shoot the enemies and fall on the ground.

"Climb up the stairs for Golden Gun

"Then enter the control room on ground floor and examine the new clue Clue 4/6 Branco Family Photo and press the button in the room to open the exit.

"In the way to next warehouse you will find ammo in the middle then enter the building you may face bandits at the entrance also so be careful

"After killing all of them search under the stairs foor a

"Move to the opening in the ground floor for Golden Gun

"Climb up the stairs and move for the next encounter.

"This is little difficult as there are many enemies and granides involved.

"Get into the hut shown in the picture for another part of Golden Gun

"Operate the console in the other room to remove the barrier of the bridge.

"Move towards the bridge and avoid patrol boats as it will make you loose lot of health and ammo.

"Continue the march and ignorre the right gate and move towards the left side for the final

"You just need to reach he gasoline station at the end.

"Passos will pick you up from the waters and you will now start eliminating the bandits coming in the boats.

"Be careful about the bandits at the sides the easy way to kill them is to shoot the explosives near them.

"You will face few vehicles and boats and finally you end up loosing your boat damaged and the kidnappers escapes which will end up the chapter.