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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Chapter VII: A Hangover Sent Direct

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"Foloow the kid to get into the party where some weaponed theives takes your weapons and they push you in the garbage.

"Follow the path and at a left a green window in which you can have a conversation for Clue 1/9 Ex-Cop

"Max will be sitting of sofa after a conversation with the cop few enemies attacks and you have to kill them.

Then look near the sofa from where you started to find the other clue Clue 2/9 Photo of Serrano

"At the middle cabin you will find Golden Gun

"When the cut scene begins with a hiding tourist and unlocks a clue Clue 3/9 Tourist Clue.

"Keep on moving forward you have to kill few enemies coming in you way also watch balconies for enemies.

"climb up the stairs and follow the straight path.

"You will come across a locked door beside the door a Clue 4/9 Lower Gang Spray Tag is found break the lock and get in.

"Max hangs on the steel rope fire and kill the enemies on the ground.

"In the small room kill the thugs entering from the door at the cornor there lies Golden Gun Sawed-Off Shotgun 2/3 also you need to kill other thugs from the window pick the weapon with scope which is easier to aim other side.

"On the ground behind the barrels you will find Golden Gun

"You will reach a rusty gate move towards it and a small cutscene is played look around for Golden Gun SPAS-15 Shotgun 2/3. Go little further and look at the graffiti on the wall on the right what gives you another Clue 5/9 Middle Gang Spray Tag.

"After getting down this wall find the

"Before using the stairs on the wall Clue 6/9 Shrine to Claudio is found and kill the enimies present there.

"before entering the door on the ground you will find the Clue 7/9

"Follow the path and you may face few thugs in middle .

"You will reach in front of a small house where you will be attacked by many enimes they also use granades so be alert.

"Enter teh room and examine the drugs Clue 8/9 Bag of Oxidado on the desk.

"When you regain back control after the cutscene you will see a logo on the wall which is the last Clue 9/9 Upper Gang Spray Tag

"When you enter the gate a cut scene is played after which some thugs attack you from windows and other locations.

"Near the gate in the figure adjacent to banana tree for Golden Gun Sawed-Off Shotgun 3/3.

Move towards the building which has high security.

"When you enter the building a cut scene is played in which Giovana is killed and the chapter ends.