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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough "Chapter III: Just another day at the office

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"When you gain back your control your arm is injured by a sniper

"This will end up when you finally reach Medic station.

"You will start by hiding behind the short wall. Kill the enemies entering the room.

"Look around the cabins to find Painkiller and a Clue of Victor Photo on the wall.

Call the elevator and at the left side of the elevator you will find Golden gun part.

"When you reach the level follow Passos

"Passos introgates the man wounded on the chair and then few enemies enter the area.

"After finishing the enemies enter the recording room for Golden Gun M10 part(1/3).

"Move to the othe r location a person comes out of a side room shoot him and check the room for a painkiller.

"after moving up the stairs a cut scene is played and eliminate the three enemies then turn right to find out the Golden Gun M10 part(1/3) placed on the table.

"Move quickly towards passos and avoid the sniper trying to kill you.

"In the hall way few enemies are present on the balcony and on the same level.

"You will notice a Clue Blood Stained Hallway on the coloum right side of the path.

"Enter the door at the right end of the hallway and on elevated lane a bandit appears.

"You will be entering the control room where three enemies are present after that Passos will take the sniper and Max will jump out of the window to head towards stands.

"Kill the enemies in the stands and go to the bottom of the stands near the tribune you will find Golden Weapon M10 2/3.

"At the other end there is a stair at the right, An enemie is present on the stair kill him safely.

"Search the VIP chairs to find the Golden Gun M10 3/3.

"At the end of the trophy room you will find the Clue Soccer Star Memorial.

"A the right of the memorial there is a double door enter throught it.

"Call the elevater and move on.

"When you come out of the elevator you will have to kill the bandits coming from the down and end of stands.

"Now you have a sniper and now you should protect Passos from the bandits .

"When you kill the final enemie on the stairs Pasos enters the building.

"A sniper is present in the control room and few enemies are present at the top of stairs kill them and climb up the stairs and go to the right side to find the golden gun.

"At the end you will find Golden Gun M82A1 3/3.

"After entering the Iron gate and killing two bandits you need to climb a ladder.

"After climbing the ladder you walk carefully on the ramp killing the enemies do not miss the people at the right side, as the ramp has no protective sides you may fall easily.

"Max slides from the top of the control room and kills the sniper in the window of control room.