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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Chapter II : Nothing but the Second best

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"The mission starts with a slow motion where you need to point the enimies and kill them.

"Pick up the weapons if required and move to the next location as stopping at one place will fail your mission as the intruders escape with the hostage.

"Walk up the stairs and get into the door.

"Suddenly few enimies on dance floor and at the top stage windows shows up kill them and climb the stairs.

"after climbing the stairs you will find a clue placed on the desk of the bar and opposite to it you will find a VIP body as a clue.

"VIP Body Clue.

"You will find a Golden Mini-30 Part (1/3) behind the desk.

"Climb up the stairs and kill the bandits in the balcony

"Two Bandits appear pass them and move towards the door.

"You will notice normal people being killed by the bandits.

"Take cover beside the sofa and play safely. Always keep an eye on people hiding behind the objects.

"You will find a Pain killer inside the area of the desk.

"You can also shoot through the glasses and hurt the enemies.

"Killing the final enemie in that area takes place in slow motion and you can also slow it down countineously (press right click)

"Enter the door from where the enimies entered you will find a clue of Torn Fabric.

"Enter the double door and at the right you will find a way to kitchen.

"Kill the enemies coming in the way. And look around to find a Portugues Newspaper Clue on the desk of kitchen.

"Go towards the Brown colour double door.

"You will enter into a Chinese style restaurent where the enemies attacks you from side windows and front.

"Look around the windows to find Golden Gun Mini-30 Part (2/3).

"Take the pain killer on the desk and always monitor the health and use painkillers according to it. Move towards the door which will lead to balcony.

"Move towards the elevator.

"In the cut scene the elevator string is collapsed by the attack and the elevator falls. Max Payne escaped in time and will catch the helicopter.

"After gaining control you have to shoot the people on landing field which has a laser sight which is easier to use and protect Giovana.

After a while you will be securing running Giovana, Always kill the person whoever is near to Giovana first.

"Protect her from the persons at the Bill board.

"Giovana tries to enter the building which is locked from inside but a bandit comes out from the door and you will be taking a shot to kill him.

"After the person dies Giovana enters the building.

A thug fres a RPG from the landing area shoot the RPG missile to clear the area

"Max drops on the helipad and pick up ammo and weapon as required.

"Get down the stairs and in the middle you find 2 painkillers placed in the medic box mounted on the wall.

"Eliminate the bandits on the terrace and be carefull about persons hiding behind the AC units. After killing all of them search near the stairs to find the Golden Gun Mini-30 part(3/3).

"Move towards the Iron foot bridge where you will encounter few bandits.

At the other end of the bridge you find the last piece of Golden 38 Revolver part (3/3)

"Take cover at the edges of wall and eliminate other bandits in the pah.

"Head to the door where Giovana headed.

"Get down the stairs and on the turning you find Clue Giovana's neclace.

"The chapter ends when you find her down.