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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Chapter VI: A Dame, a Dork and a Drunk

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"When you start many highly equipped enemies enter the office kill them and at the left cabin Golden Gun MD-97L 1/3 and at the right side in Victor's cabin you will find Clue 1/5 Rodrigo's Emails and Clue 2/5 File on Fabiana

Here you will face four enemies its not that difficult. In the centre there is a model on the table which is a Clue 3/5 Architectural Models.

"In the next office you have to fight few more enemies and help the technician to reach the server room.

"When the system reboots Rodrigo locks him down and at the right near the wall you will find Golden Gun MD-97L 2/3 pick it up and move out.

While passing from the corridor at the right side of the wall you will find a Clue 4/5 School Pictures

"After the cut scene a pick up truck drives towards you aim the driver and kill him

"Then you have to face other enemies it might be little difficult but proper cover and use of slow motion will do.

"A special enemey enters with two other normal enemies eliminate them first then kill him try to aim the head aas it will damage the most.

"When he is killed look around the display tables to find Golden Gun MD-97L 3/3

"Then head towards the elevator and after the cut scene in which Rodrigo is dead then when you regain your controls follow the keys to disarm the enemie and kill him.

"Clue 5/5 Dead IT Guy is found on the floor.

"In the way you will have to kill two more enemies and follow the path.

"Then near the cabinet you will see three enemies eliminate and push the cabin to escape which will end the chapter.