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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Chapter I: Something Rotten in the air

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"At the biginning of the mission you will face few bandits, eliminate them by shooting (head is the best aim) by following the instruction on keys given on the screen to fire and move.

After killing them move towards the end to the corridor. There you will find Golden Gun-Pistol PT92 Part (1/3) collect it by pressing the key given.

From the door of the corridor you will face few more bandits eliminate them and enter.

You can also jump in slow motion (Space key) and aim easily.

Enter the apartment and on the table Painkiller is found which helps to increase the health (TAB button). A magzine is found on the table which has the clue's about the mission. Then move towards the balcony.

"From the balcony you will notice a hostage is held by a bandit. Max Payne starts slipping from the balcony now aim at the enemie and kill him be careful as you can hurt the hostage also.

After killing him you will fall in a swimming pool.

After entering the new roof eliminate the bandits at your left. you can take cover to some objects (press Q)

You can also jump or climb on short walls and objects (press E)

After killing all the enimies look around to find the Golden Gun : Pistol PT92 Part (2/3)

At the end of the corridor a bandit enters suddenly from a door a small tutorial in slow motion is played while killing him. It also indicates that he was the last enemie in that space.

Enter the door and move downstairs, you will be headed towards the parking area.

"After the cut scene some bandits enter the area, take cover and kill them all.

"you can pick up the weapons felt on the ground (press F) and also drop your weapon (by pressing Num

you can switch between weapons by scrolling the mouse

"After killing them you will find a switch board to open the gate.

"Few more enemies arrive after passing them search for Golden Gun Pistol PT92 3/3 found at the corner of the parking marks.

"move towards the exit and you will find a clue. Then march towards the path which will take you to the upper level.

"Here you will have a chance to shoot first. Use slow motion for easy kill and you can also blow the cars.

"A van starts moving which has a hostage. Shoot on the tyre of the van which will end up stopping it.

"When the van stops shoot the enemies coming out of the van. and move to the back door of the van.

"after this slow motion mode starts. Aim the two enemies coming to kill and protect the Rodrigo Branco