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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Chapter X: It's Drive or Shoot Sisiter

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"This chapter starts up in a junk yard of busses you need to protect Fabiana by killing the enemies and in the open half cut bus you fill find Golden Gun

"After that two enemies attacks from the top of the building using snipers.

"After a small cutscene you will be attacked by many enemies so take cover near the concrete blocks and fire the oil machine to eliminate them easily .

"You will also face a sniper on the top.

"Move to left corner of the area to enter a cabin where on the desk you will find Clue 1/2

"After the area is cleared return to Fabiana then a cut scene is played and you will enter into a workshop, fight the enemies and at the left there is small room which has Golden Gun M4 Super 90 Shotgun 1/3

"you will enter into another bus bulding workshop from a paint shop where you will be attacked by enemies.

"After this you also face few enemies at the double door then search around to find on the table Golden Gun M4 Super 90 Shotgun 2/3

"Then with the help of Fabiana you will be clibing up and reach a place where yu can see few enemies entering the bus station, shoot them and get downstairs.

"Enter the downstairs and enter the bus to collect Golden Gun

"After a cut scene you will enter in a office where enemies present.

"Enter this cabin at the end to find the last fragment of the weapon

"When you move to the downstairs on the right side a poster is attached at the center examine it for finding the Clue 2/2 Ad Campaign Poster. Then enter the room where the last enemy was hiding and pick up the last part of a weapon from the ground Golden Gun FAL Rifle 3/3

"After this when use a control panal a thug aims at Giovana save her and this will end up the scene.

"After the cutscene the you will standing in Foot board of the bus which is drive by Giovana, you will be taking out enemies air at the explosives to kill them fast.

"In tunnel you will face enemies on your front.

The bus will collide and Fabiana will proceed towards the upstairs for the helicopter and Max will have to face the enemies from the backside of the bus which will end the chapter.