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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Chapter XIII: A Fat Bald Dude With a Bad Temper

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Wait till the first enemie comes near to you and do a melee attack to kill him smoothly.

Kill the other two enemies in that area and a cutscene is played in which the prisoners also escape.

Before entering to an enterence look around to find Golden Gun MPK SMG 1/3

Stick towards the corner of the wall and kill the two enemies.

Search near the showwers to find the fragment of the gun Golden Gun LAW 1/3

look around near the place entering into the cells at a corner end you can have a conversation with a prisoner which will unlock the clue Clue 1/7 Tourist

Clear the enemies in the room taking cover behind the piller and enter the right cabin to find the Clue 2/7 Prison Log.

then in the same cabin use the control box to open the exit.

A armoured tank will attack you wait till it completes a round and stop for a while , then move to the other concrete block and pick the RPG gun.

Shoot the armoured vehicle with RPG then the few enemies will appear at the bottom.

Use the granade launcher to eliminate them easily them beside the box in the screen you will find Golden Gun LAW 2/3

Use the stairs for entering the upper level where you can surprise the three enemies.

In the same area behind the short parapet wall you will find fragent of gun Golden Gun G6 Commando Rifle 1/3

In the gym take proper cover and kill the enimies and enter the changing room to find Golden Gun MPK SMG 2/3

When you enter the other area eliminate the other enemies and enter the kitchen to collect Golden Gun G6 Commando Rifle 2/3

In the main corridor search the small office to examine a Clue 3/7 Promissory Note

Here you will face many enemies rushing at you search the area carefully as it has two collectibles the first fragment is found in an open office Golden Gun G6 Commando Rifle 2/3 and the second fragment you may find in the small conference room, on the table under the projection screen Golden Gun MPK SMG 3/3

Enter the control room at this stage many enemies enter let them move little nearer to you and then attack.

Use the elevator to move to the 5th floor.

On the fifth floor in the office you will face enemies use slow motion to kill them soon.

Here search the area carefully to find two collectibles, One is a laptop in one of the left rooms Clue 4/7 E-File on Da Silva and the second is a folder in the middle room on the right Clue 5/7 Political Folder.

When you enter to the other room first enter the rostrum and move all the slides to find the Clue 6/7 Slide Show.

From the double doors move to the other area and move on by elminating each enemy on the way.

From there when you move towards the stairs, shoot the mesh of the ventilator to move to the other stage

When you get down from the ventilators you will see a person operating a computer eliminate him.

After a cutscene move towards the other room and kill te enimies in the room.

Here you will be sliding on a object and take out the opponents on the other block.

From there you will enter a aresnal take cover and kill the three enemies.

Before coming to the control center you will find Clue 7/7 Flak Vest

Follow the path which is a shooting training area and be carefull in this area as it has sudden turns and enemies.

In this area behind the stacks of bag you will find the fragment of weapon Golden Gun LAW 3/3

At the double ddoor a single person enters and surrenders it is your wish to kill him or leave him.

After a small cutscene you will enter a area where you will face many enimies use proper slowmotion and cover to kill them safely.

After a small cutscene two person enters from the bottom kill them immediately by taking cover and from the top their boss will attack, when he gives a gap while shooting, shoot the celieng above him to drop material from above.

After this he will fire standing so take a shot and kill him and a cutscene is played which will end up this chapter.