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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Chapter XII: The Great American Savior of the Poor

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The chapter starts with entering the building and when you move forward a cutscene is played in which corpse are thrown in the Gurney examine it to find the Clue 1/6 Gurney

In the small storage room at your left you will examine a crate for a Clue 2/6 Ammo Crate

After a cutscene you need to take out the two enemies with your silent gun as sound will drive more enemies towards you.

After eliminating the enemies heres a small room at your left shown in the screen enter it to find the Golden Gun RPG 1/3 and on the table you can pick the granade launcher.

Use the granade launcher carefully which can take out many enemies at a single shot.

Use the control box to enter into the other room.

Kill the enemies when you enter the room and move towards the corridor as you will find Golden Gun FMP G3S Rifle 1/3 at the place where you killed the enemy in the corridor.

Then move to the room at you left to find Clue 3/6 Wall and the photocopy Clue 4/6 Passos' ID Card then move to the right passage.

In the cooridor kill the three enimies by shooting the gas cylinder.

While mving to the new corridor at your right you will find a big hole in the wall enter it to find Golden Gun RPG 2/3.

After the cut scene take cover behind the objects and collect the painkillers on the table, shoot the enmies present near the pool behind the glass door.

Behind the table in the starting location collect the fragment of weapon Golden Gun FMP G3S Rifle 2/3

You will face few more enemies at the other end of the pool.

On the way of killing enemies the newspaper the magzine on the table for Clue 5/6 Newspaper article

After the cutscene when you enter the big room at your right behind the sofa chair you will find Golden Gun FMP G3S Rifle 3/3

After the cutscene enter the armory again to find Clue 6/6 Donation Receipt then plant the C4 explosives on the coloumns.

Kill the enemies entering from the metal gate and enter the gate to move to the upperlevel

When you climb up pick up the sniper and eliminate the opponets on the other building.

Kill the enemies near the upper metal gate and look around to find the last fragment of weapon Golden Gun RPG 3/3 on one the balcony.

After the cutscene Max activates the detonator and from here ou can't stop at any place for long time else the building will collapse.

Kill the enemies near the helicopter and on the same level.

There are two enemies on the steps kill them and climb the stairs, first go right to pick up painkillers and then move towards left.

When you get on the last roof face the enemies on the top and after this a cutscene is played which will end up the chapter.