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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Chapter XI: Suntan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed

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After getting up from the bed ,in the corridor two enemies are present.

After killing them search all the cabins, In passos you will find Clue 1/8 Passos' Bed and in Marcelos cabin you will find Clue 2/8 Notes on Max

When you return to the kitchen at the left you find this small passage which has Golden Gun Super Sport 1/3

Exit the freezer room and enter into the left passage from which you move on to the control room and engine room.

In the engine room after an encounter the engines will caught fire . In order to stop that and open the door you need to shut off fuel supply by closing the two valves beside the engine.

At the back side near the water on the deck of the ship you will examine blood which is Clue 3/8 Blood Trail

Stop in the middle of the stairs which will take you to the upper board and eliminate the person on the top.

then move to the right corridor before entering in, at the dead end you will find fragment of weapon Golden Gun Super Sport 2/3

As you regain your control afteer the cutscene, eliminate the thugs near pried wall and examine the round table for Clue 4/8 Discarded Newspaper and then near the wall Clue 5/8 Pried Wall

Then you will find three cabins in the way, In the first cabin you will find Clue 6/8 Daphne's Passport and in the second only painkillers.

In the last cabin you will attack two enimies but the third one is hid in the toilet so dont let him surprise you and at the right before entering the toilets you will find Clue 7/8 Daphne's Jewelry Box

You will be heading to upper level from the stairs.

Clear the upper level open area and enter inside the ship.

From the door take support of the left balustrade and attack the opponents it will be easy if you explode the vehicle present there.

from the balustrade at the right end you will find a way, you can play the piaono which is optional and collect the painkillers present on the round table and move towards the stairs for the upper level.

Before climbing the stairs you will have to eliminate the opponents at your left.

On the stairs you will face a enemy and on the top helipad also a enemie is present take them out.

When you move to upper level be careful about the opponents hiding behind the tables beside the doors.

The automatic door will open and two enemies surprise you.

Kill the enemies in the way and before the steps at your left you find a portrait which is actually a safe, shoot the portrait to open it and find Golden Gun AK-47 1/3

After the cutscene you will take cover behind some objects and target the opponents present on the top side of the building.

The back side of the loading vans have ammo and weapons so collect them as required, After clearing the enemies on the ground before entering the block move to right railway track to find Golden Gun AK-47 2/3

Be careful about the enemies coming from the stairs.

Just after entering the upstairs of block surprise the enemie present at there.

When you slide on the rope by taking protection of the dead enemie at the other side.

After eliminating all the enemies check the right side of the area to find last fragment of weapon Golden Gun Super Sport 3/3

From the right there is a door from which you have to enter the building.

At this semi curcular table there is control to open the gate which leads to the inside of the building.

just inside the gate you have a chance to kill enemie easily and take the stairs.

At the upper level a enemie will attack you, and from the left side windows few enemies attack you.

At the right closed downstairs are present look out for the fragment of weapon Golden Gun AK-47 3/3.

Enter the room where few objects are placed for display from which you will find a way.

Climb the stairs and in the middle you will have to kill an enemie and also you will be finding few painkillers.

At the left from the mirror windows kill the enemies attacking you.

In the hall shown in the screen find the Clue 8/8 Visitor Center Display then when you move to the last point a cutscene is plaed which will end the chapter.