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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Chapter XIV: One Card Left to Play

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After regaining control you will be moving on the conveyor belt of airport luggage and attack the opponents present in that area.

Secure the area and also take out the enemies moving on the top ramp again climb up the conveyor belt at the end you will find the collectible Golden Gun Rotary Grenade Launcher 1/3

Move to the upstairs and clear the enemies present there.

At the right passage you will find the other fragment Golden Gun Rotary Grenade Launcher 2/3 then move to the other area.

After a cutscene you will start by killing a enemies follow the corridor path and take proper cover behind the objects and elimnate the opponents.

Enter the passengers washroom and search the cabin for Clue 1/1 Ex-cop and the showers for Golden Gun Rotary Grenade Launcher 3/3

From the washroom you will enter into the terminal which has a large space where you can kill enemies easily.

When you move to the next terminal on the top balconies at the left end you will find Golden Gun RPD 1/3 and on the ground level behind a small desk you will find Golden Gun RPD 2/3 and painkillers.

Exit the terminal by using the control panel.

After a short cut scene jump in slow motion and take out the three enemies approching towards you.

Go to the bottom level using the excalators.

At the subway station kill enemies by taking cver behind the piller and go to the control room at the other end of the station.

After using the control panel a train comes to the station which has few enemies, Kill them and enter the train.

When the train moves along with it another train on the other track with enemies attacks you, eliminate them and use the weapon present in the middle compartment also pickup the painkillers and ammo, Always take a headshot or else if they are missed by only injuries the scene will continue in a loop.

Then from a helicopter few opponents enters the train kill then after this a short scene is played and Max jumps into the other trai.

When you enter the other train eliminate the enemies in this train and move to the end compartment of the train to find last fragment of the weapon Golden Gun RPD 3/3

After the cutscene the final fight begins where in the bullet time you have to shoot the granade thrown by Becker.

Shoot the enemies and the vehicles coming towards you then Max will jump from the stairs at the left.

At this stage shoot the granade coming from the Becker which will make him fall away and then you will kill him.

After killing Becker you will move towards the runway to stop Victor, you will be having a granade launcher and explode the vehicles which comes in the way.

When you finally take out the aurmored vehicle Max will head towards the plane which is about to fly

When you crash the plane, Victor comes out and is arrested which will end up this chapter.