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Intro Stage

The first enemy in the game is the Cannon Driver. It's legs are destroyed by your crashed bike thus allowing you to finish it off by dealing with one cannon instead of two.

The Bar Waying serves as a barrier. Shoot it until it is destroyed.

This is a Scriver. It attacks by hopping towards you nosefirst.

This is a Scrambler. They try to latch on to you when above you.

Don't land in the mangled robotics. They will damage you.

When next to a wall, press the Jump button to hop up it. Do this to get this large Life-up.

The Scramblers are manufactured here but if it is empty, you can use it for a ride.

This Hanged Arm will try to drop you into a mangled robots but guide to the right and scale the wall to safety.

The Slidame will try to close in the walls on you. Scale the side to get to the top where safety is.

You can kill the Slidame before it pulls the walls completely together.

Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0 is the intro boss.

It takes four charge shots to defeat it. Watch out for its backhand attacks.

You also got to watch out for its claw when it jumps.

The X-Hunters discussing their plot.

Password for end of intro stage.

Wire Sponge - Wire Hetimarl

Scale up this wall at the beginning of the stage.

Inside this hidden passage is a Heart Tank.

The first enemy is a Croak Hopper. It is a small frog on top of a big frog and they both shoot bullets.

The weather begins to heat up. What you see here is a Weather Crystal. Hit with certain weapons to change the weather. Warm weather comes from the Speed Burner but with it being default here, Croak Hoppers will overheat and die automatically.

The Sole Solar charge up a beam and fire either a laser or a missile. You can stand on them to use as a platform.

There are spikes below so don't land on them.

Here is a Croak Hopper who is about to die automatically from the heat.

Now it is raining. Ride this platform upward.

That way you will reach this wall here.

Then jump to the right and get on top of this area.

The Croak Hoppers hop up and down and the smaller frog can become detached and any damage to it weather weapon or body contact kills it.

Further ahead is the first E-Tank.

Head to the lower left to get the 1-up.

At the end are some elevators.

Ride up the elevator and the Scrivers try to hop on you.

Be sure to get off the elevator before it reaches the spikes.

Sky Farmers drop eggs that form a Rightod or Sabottein.

This is a Rightod. It spawns during rainy weather from Sky Farmers. They summon lightning to strike you.

Aclandas have two different attacks. They're tails lob explosive grenades and their claws shoot triple beams.

Wire Sponge uses his vines for grappling hooks and attacks.

His main weakness is the Sonic Slicer which you don't have. He will sprout thorns that can be shot away.

When he spins his whip, he blocks bullets.

Sometimes he will throw the vine to attack.

Ocassionally, he will hop forward all over the place.

This is Wire Sponge grappling a wall and pulling himself towards it.

After taking severe damage, he turns red and angry and summons lightning all over the place.

Wire Sponge defeated. Mission Accomplished.

You got Strike Chain.


Wheel Gator - Wheel Alligates

This is a Tiranos. It fires bullets from its snout.

Use these lifts to reach other places across the spikes.

Be sure to jump off and land on this one.

This is a Disk Boy 08. It will move its shield aside and attack with spiked disk. A charge shot will flip its shield in the air and leave it defenseless momentarily.

Get inside the ride armor.

Use it to destroy this wall.

Once on the outside, go on a rampage.

Other enemies use ride armor like this Rideloid-G but yours is stronger.

Once back inside get on this ride to go up.

Avoid getting hit by the Disk Boy 08's disks and get off before the spikes get you.

Always keep your Buster charged as you will see a lot of these Tubamail-Ss jetting in.

Another elevator ride with Disk Boy 08s

This is the Tubamail-S Generator. Destroy it with charge shots to keep it from generating more.

You don't fight the X-Hunters yet but if you did, this is the room where one would have been.

There is a hidden item here.

Destroy this Cannon Driver blocking the gate.

Arm your Strike Chain and prepare to face Wheel Gator.

Be sure to stay on the walls and only jump off when the Spin Wheel.

Failure to do so will result in Wheel Gator jumping out of the oil and chomping on you for major damage.

When Wheel Gator pops up, hit him your Strike Chain. This causes him to dive back into the oil. Another attack that is not shown here is him spinning horizontally and creating a spike in the wall.

You got Spin Wheel.


The X-Hunters appear on the map.

Overdrive Ostrich - Sonic Ostreauge

Shoot down these barriers to make them lean.

You can make good dash jumps off of them. This is enemy is a Crash Roader. It will just try to run you over.

The Aclanda is the only other enemy type you will fight besides Crash Roader and the soon to be seen Road Riders in this stage.

Normally I would have went to Bubble Crab's stage next but I detoured to Overdrive Ostrich to get an important part later on. I also fight a X-Hunter here. Use the Spin Wheel to break these rocks to get to the X-Hunter.

The fight is beyond this gate.

Meet Violen.

Bubble Splash is his actual weakness but we don't have that. Watch the trajectory of his mace tail and blast him with charged shots.

When Violen jumps, watch out for his sparks.

When he is defeated, Violen retreats.

You got Zero's torso.

Make your way down defeating the Crash Roaders.

Get on a Ride Chaser and ride over the spikes.

There are a lot of Road Riders. Shoot them as they come.

Jump over this sand blaster.

Then turn back and crash into it then go back and get another Ride Chaser and crash into it once more to destroy it.

Get another Ride Chaser.

Use it to knock this barrier down and go back for another one and use a dash to get on the upper level.

Do not crash into the spikes. What you want to do is time your turnaround to get the Heart Tank safely.

When you get to here...

Use Spin Wheel to clear the blocks.

You get the leg modification parts. Now you can dash while midair.

Crystal Hunter is the weakness weapon but you don't have it so just move forward.

A missile is launched.

But Mega Man X destroys it successfully.

Overdrive Ostrich likes to do a lot of dash attacks.

Ocassionally, he will jump into the background and run in the shadows.

From there he will try to jump into you.

Another attack he has is the Sonic Slicer which is hard to avoid. Stay in-between them.

You got Sonic Slicer


Bubble Crab - Bubbly Crablos

This is a Bat Bone type G. They home in on Mega Man as usual.

Use the Spin Wheel to get the 1-up.

The Fisherns act like torpedoes. Kill them quickly.

The Sea Canthler is on the loose.

Use the Sonic Slicer to cut it to pieces if you like.

Avoid the laser by jumping high since water makes you jump higher.

It will only fire the laser if the searchlight touches you.

The Sea Canthlers path opens the floor below.

Watch out for Jelly Seekers as they try to shock you in the water.

This is another gate is probably where the Sea Canthler would have ended up.

Jump to the left and then to the right.

This is a Barite Lastar. It fires in three directions.

This is a X-Hunter room.

Meet Agile.

He tends to attack by sending large sword beams ahead. You will see this attack again in Mega Man X5 against Zero but varied.

He will only fire it hight or middle.

Magnet Mine is his weakness but none of those here.

His other attack is to dash across the screen.

Agile has been defeated.

You got Zero's legs.

There is the gate to Bubble Crab.

Arm your Spin Wheel and get ready for Bubble Crab.

If you hit him with the Spin Wheel, you will reset his attack pattern.

His Shield protects him from most attacks but Spin Wheel pops the bubble and hurts him.

He will jump up with his claws if you are higher than him. Use that advantage to manipulate the fight.

You got Bubble Splash.


Wheel Gator and Bubble Crab Revisited

With the leg enhancements, you can go here and air dash to the left.

There is a Light Capsule.

This contains the arm enhancements to power your charge shot further. Exit out the stage.


With the charge Bubble Splash, you can jump even higher underwater.

You need to reach this platform here.

Get on this wall and jump from there.

There you go.

It leads to a Heart Tank.

There is also an E-Tank nearby.


Flame Stag - Flame Stagger

This Beetron tries to ram you into the rocks.

Ride on top of it and it will rise and thus lure it to the top.

Get the item here.

Then get the 1-up here.

Go down the right side and blast away the Barite Lastars.

Ignore the 1-up and make a break upwards.

Destroy the Bar Waying quickly and get the Heart Tank before the lava catches you.

You made it outside and the volcano just erupted.

Lure the Beetron to break this wall here.

Meet Serges.

He is weak to Sonic Slicer which I did not use in this fight.

He attacks by laying mines and shooting orbs while he backflips.

Serges retreats too.

You got Zero's head and all of his parts have been collected.

The Morguns will light the steam on fire with their tails. Beware of those.

Arm your Bubble Splash to take on Flame Stag.

Flame Stag likes to hop along the walls.

He will also do some dashes.He will toss you up if he catches you. Use Bubble Splash on him.

His fire attacks consists of throwing a fire down and throw one one.

After most of his energy is gone, his flames turn blue.

You got Speed Burner.

All Zero parts obtained and Dr. Cain discusses holding off the X-Hunters.

Wheel Gator Revisited Again

Remember where there was spikes in the stage on the wall? Stand here and due a dash jump.

Use the Charged Speed Burner to reach this Heart Tank.


Morph Moth - Metamor Mothmeanos

This is a Hanged Reploid. Shoot the head first to destroy it. Shoot the body to keep the head intact and it will spit fire. Attack the noose first and it will come to life. If you tried to pass under it, it will drop then attack.

The junk will rise up and collect on the ceiling.

Use the Spin Wheel here.

You get the body modification unit.

This enables you to use the Giga Crush.

This is a Garakuta Robot. It will break into parts when shot and reform if not defeated fast enough.

Go up these platforms.

The midboss is the Pararoid S-38 and Old Robot. You want to attack it while the Pararoid S-38 is out but you can only attack it when it is let out of the Old Robot. You can't attack it before you fight the Old Robot at the start.

The Old Robot attempts to jump on you.

Now it's time to attack Pararoid S-38. The Speed Burner kills it instantly but I decided to conserve it to use on Morph Moth.

If you failed to kill it, it will return and fetch another Old Robot.

This is a Pararoid V-1. Unlike the R-5 version. It does not have wings. They try to jump on you.

Climb the ladder and watch for Disk Boy 08.

Beyond him is...

where you would fight an X-Hunter.

Another fight with Pararoid S-38 and Old Robot.

The Spin Wheel works just as well.

Defeat this Cannon Driver blocking the gate.

Arm your Speed Burner to face Morph Moth.

Morph Moth starts off as a cocoon. Use Speed Burner to damage him in this form.

He takes a bit of continual damage from one hit.

When the string becomes detached, the cocoon will spin along the ground and kick up junk.

After enough damage, the larva rises up.

Morph Moth full form comes out and sparkles dust. This serves to slow you down.

More Speed Burner should due him in.

You got Silk Shot.


Magna Centipede - Magnu Hyakulegger

This is a Barrier Attacker. It forms a shield that protects it but gets shattered easily. Finish it off when its shield dissipates.

Avoid the searchlights.

Get in front of these blue parts as much as possible. The searchlights don't shine here.

It's better to dash into this spot and out. You don't want any Bleckers falling down anytime soon.

Dash jump up to this spot to avoid this searchlight then come down when safe.

As long as this Blecker is still here, use a charged Speed Burner to reach it and hop up the wall.

There is a Heart Tank here.

Soon Installers will fall into place. You can only destroy the blue ones.

Don't let them crush you.

Use a charged Speed Burner to reach this wall and climb up.

You get an E-Tank.

The Chop Register comes to life. Like those graphics this sword has. The sword repels bullets and actively tries to attack you.

Use the wall to avoid the straight thrusts. To defeat it, use a charged Sonic Slicer or even a Giga Crush to destroy it.

Fall down the right side to avoid the searchlights. I failed to do so here.

Dash like crazy to avoid the falling blobs of blocks.

If you are fast enough, you will reach here but since all X Hunters are defeated here, you won't fight one.

Don't let the analyzer touch you because that will change up the upcoming mini-boss's appearance and method of attack.

I got scanned only once and thus the Raider Killer turns from green... blue. Instead of aimless shooting, it aims it shots at you. Had I got scanned 1 or 2 more times, Raider Killer would have been red or purple respectively and try to pounce on you (red) or uses a shield (purple).

The Spin Wheel is a good weapon to use.

The alarm goes off regardless so Installers will come in like crazy and all red core floors will collapse.

The boss is just ahead.

Arm your Silk Shot and prepare to take on Magna Centipede.

Fire your Silk Shot the first chance you get.

This destroys his tail and takes away the ability for him to poison you.

Magna Centipede will constantly reappear and disappear around the room.

Sometimes he will stand upside down.

You got Magnet Mine.


Crystal Snail - Crystar Mymine

When you reach this spot, drop down here but slide down the wall. You can't do anything here just yet, this pic is to show you where you be going after... obtain the ride armor.

Go back to that pit and hang to the left to land here.

Arm your Strike Chain just in came you fail to clear the jump. What you do is perform a sliding jump while in the Ride Armor off the edge of the platform and then jump out and use your momentum to land on the platform and use an air dash for more length. Use Strike Chain to grab the side if that fails.

There is a Heart Tank here.

Ride the platform back to safety.

Get the Ride Armor back. This is a Refleczer. It fires shots at a 45 degree angle that bounces off walls.

Leave the Ride Armor here and head to the right.

Duck into hear as the crystal slides down and breaks this crystal blockage.

With it destroyed, you can go back for your Ride Armor.

March forward and destroy the crystal blocks.

Leave the armor and scale the wall.

The midboss is Magna Quartz.

It sends eyes out that shoot laser balls.

Use Giga Crush if you have to do major damage.

Get moving quick because the green crystal can crush you against a wall and kill you.

Do a sliding jump to reach this life up.

You need to run away from this one and get it to break the blue crystals here which also slows it down.

In this room, you can charge up your Silk Shot to make powerups appear.

Now you are just got to dodge another type of green crystal to avoid then head to the boss.

Whenever he is hit by a Magnet Mine, Crystal Snail will be stunned out of his shell and slide into a wall.

He will then jump back into his shell after a few seconds.

The shell will spin rapidly sometimes and rocket towards you.

If he hits you with Crystal Hunter. It will freeze you into place.

You got Crystal Hunter.

X-Hunters base located.


Morph Moth and Crystal Snail Revisited

Freeze the Diskboy with Crystal Hunter and use it to scale this wall.

There is a Heart Tank.

In Crystal Snails stage, this is a series of pics to mark the spot to fall.

Fall down here.

Slide down the wall.

There is a Light Capsule here.

This enhances your head piece.

It shows you where secret spots are.

Password. You now have everything.

X-Hunter Stage 1: Violen

Make your way downward.

Watch out for Scriver and get the 1-up.

Get rid of Scriver and ride this platform.

The Slidame is out to crush you again.

The next closing walls has uneven walls.

The next section you can kill Slidame easier.

Don't let the Hanged Arm get you.

You want to go up. The down path is from the alternate route.

Another closing uneven wall section.

The first X-Hunter is ahead.

Use Bubble Splash on him.

The attack pattern against Violen is the same except there are two blocks that alters the path of his mace tail attack.

He also can land on the block and attack from there. Ocassionally, he will raise his arms to change the block formation.

Violen has been destroyed.


X-Hunter Stage 2: Serges

Watch out for Fisherns while in the water.

There are a lot of Barite Lastars in the water.

They then to appear in a zigzag pattern.

Hand onto the sides of these platforms to stay off the spikes.

Do the same for the other side.

Wait for this one to pass under you.

Then get to the right.

Wait for this next one to come down and ride it up through the spikes.

There are torches so avoid them.

Cling on the opposite side to avoid the flames but use normal wall hops to avoid the spikes.

Clear these Bat Bone Type Gs.

Charge up your Speed Burner.

Then use it to clear the spikes.

Use the Spin Wheel on these blocks.

Destroy the Cannon Driver below.

You have to destroy those four pods to reach Serges.

But a Giga Crush destroys them all in one shot.

Use charged Sonic Slicers to defeat them as they come from below and hit him.

You are safe on the platform of his machine.

It's hard to hit him head on but you can use normal Sonic Slicers too.

Serges has been destroyed.


X-Hunter Stage 3: Agile

Take on the Disk Boy 08s as you see them.

To get the items above, use the Strike Chain.

Guide this platform upward.

You got a full lifebar here but here are three life-ups for your E-Tanks.

Use the charged Speed Burner to get over the spikes. Get the energy and go back.

Ride this platform to the top.

Lure a Bat Bone type G here and crystalize it.

Use it to reach this ladder.

Clear all enemies first.

Try to cling to this wall.

Jump a little to the right and use a charged Speed Burner to land here. Destroy these guys.

Use a charged Speed Burner but don't hit the spikes.

As you fall, use an air dash to the left before you land on the spikes.

Slide down the wall.

You will eventually go through.

If your lifebar is full, a Wily Capsule appears here.

You get the Shoryuken.

Use the Shoryuken motion to perform it. It is (left, down, down-left then shoot if facing left). The opposite directions if facing right.

Use charged Speed Burners to reach these platforms.

Another good weapon to use though not here is the Crystal Hunter.

Time to take on Agile.

Attack him with Magnet Mines. When he forms platforms, try to be under him to avoid the platforms falling on you.

Agile also sends missiles.

When you successfully dodge the platforms, the stage scrolls down.

As you can see the spikes appear to be gone but falling in that gap still kills you instantly as if they were there.

Agile is now destroyed.


Sigma Stage 1: All Bosses

No enemies here. Just climb to the top.

The left teleporter is gone so enter the right.

Each pod contains one of the eight bosses. I will list all changes only.

Use Sonic Slicers on Wire Sponge. His death is gruesome.

As he falls apart.

Bubble Crabs fight adds spikes on the ceiling.

Flame Stag's fire is blue from the start.

This is Overdrive Ostrich after being hit by Crystal Hunter. He always responds with Sonic Slicers.

All eight bosses defeated. Sigma sends a message.


Sigma Stage 2: Sigma

You are back in Magna Centipede's stage.

This is what a Beckler looks like with the alarm in effect.

Sigma and a fake Zero prepare to fight. Failure to obtain Zero's parts resulted in this being the real Zero.

What's this?

It's the real Zero.

Zero sends you after Sigma.

Through the hole you fall.

I didn't use it in this fight but Sigma's weakness is the Sonic Slicer.

Sigma sends out five sparks in various directions.

Ocassionally, he will blink out and reappear and try to ambush you.

Avoid his swipes as they will bounce you across the room.

His last attack is a electric barrier. Scale the wall to avoid it.

Sigma is defeated but it's not over yet.

The first appearance of Sigma in wireframe form. Use Strike Chain on him.

Avoid the lasers coming from his mouth.

Sigma will send enemies to attack you. Like these Scrivers. All do yield powerups when killed.

As Sigma takes damage he changes colors. He has no lifebar so the color dictates the damage.

A Fishern and Tiranos.

A Tubemail-S.

When he turns Red his is almost finished.

He will disappear and reappear in random spots. Don't let him reappear on you.

If he does then shoot him as much as possible.

Sigma is down and out at least until Mega Man X3.

Sigma's final message for the game.

X escapes the base.

The End.