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Metal Gear Rising: Blade Wolf DLC Walkthrough VR - Africa

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The game starts with Blade Wold receiving a call from Mistral. The DLC is a backstory for Blade Wolf, from his training to right before he met Raiden. You don't really have to do the tutorial for Blade Wolf, he moves the same way as Raiden, minus the fact that he's slower and less flexible. The only main difference between them is that Blade Wolf can't automatically jump through obstacles like Raiden can with ninja run.

After Mistral finishes briefing you for the mission, head forward and hug he wall on the left side, then wait for the first soldier to proceed across the pedestrian lane.

Slowly get behind him, then assassinate him. Like Raiden, Blade Wolf can also go into blade mode and chop up his enemies, he can also acquire electrolytes to fill up his health and FC.

Go back to the left side of the street and go all the way down. Just keep yourself right beside the wall and the soldier wouldn't notice you. Turn right at the end of the path and assassinate the soldier that's on the right side of the barricade.

Now go back to the left side and get behind the last soldier that's patrolling the area and kill him. You should also try to aim for cutting their arms and heads since you do get BP that you can use to upgrade Raiden's body in the main game.

Head for the barricade and go into blade mode, then start chopping up the mesh and jump through it.

Approach the limo that's sitting on the intersection and your target will appear. Go into blade mode and start chopping him to end the VR mission.

After the mission you'll be given a choice if you want to go through a tutorial for Blade Wolf, you can do it if you want to, but you'll do just fine without it. Either ways it's up to you.